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How to create a Christmas Advertising Campaign on the Internet

Published by on November 29, 2016
Cómo lanzar una campaña publicitaria navideña en Internet

In the business world, the last months of the year are used to try to balance the budget and increase sales as much as possible. For this, the Christmas advertising campaigns are a great option to give greater impetus to your business. So, you will agree with me when I recommend that you need to […]


How to create a professional newsletter that doesn’t look just like another ad?

Published by on October 11, 2016

One of the topics related to email marketing that I like to address in my own blog, is how to create newsletters and integrate these emails as another communication channel within our online marketing strategy.

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Radiography of a perfect newsletter sent by a hotel

Published by on September 27, 2016
Cómo es la newsletter de hoteles perfecta

How should you create a newsletter for a hotel? The tourism sector, especially for hotels has advanced with giant strides in the world of online marketing, but it is behind in the use of professional copywriting both in web pages as in email campaigns.

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Creating the best images for your newsletters

Published by on September 22, 2016
Crea una imagen para newsletter perfecta

Creating a good image for your newsletter is important, not just because it may be the first  thing the subscriber will see,  but also because it helps to convince the user to keep reading your email.


Automatic system to renew monthly plans and packages

Published by on August 23, 2016
Renovación de cuota mensual y bonos

It is already available on the Mailrelay panel a new option that many customers requested. You can now configure the automatic renewal option, which will allow our software to renew your limits and generate a new invoice, when you need more credits, or don’t have subscriber limits.


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