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6 tips for creating a virtual store

Published by on April 7, 2020

Is it worth creating a virtual store? With so many options and sales platforms, many entrepreneurs are afraid to spend money investing in a corporate sales website. First of all, the answer to this vital question is definitely yes. Why? You certainly have no doubts about the importance of the Internet in our lives. Still, […]

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What is PDCA and how this method can help you manage your digital marketing strategy

Published by on April 2, 2020

Digital marketing can be a challenge, even for those of us who have been crossing this path for several years. For example, it may be difficult to understand certain concepts, or perhaps you don’t know what different acronyms mean, where correctly the best strategies can be applied and what is the best way to improve […]

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Agile methodologies and new work profiles

Published by on April 1, 2020

Professional relationships are changing dramatically and, with that, the way of managing companies and their workers. Organizations are flat, work on projects, leadership has changed, and people are working  remotely from the most unsuspected places. The way we work and interact with colleagues is also changing. That means companies have to adapt to this new […]

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10 marketing actions that will mitigate the adverse effects of a crisis

Published by on March 30, 2020

Crises arise when you least expect to face any problem. These situations can rarely be predicted, as well as their effects. However, there is something that can condition the severity of the consequences; the actions that each company implements in response to any adversity. Ideally, these actions should be included in a risk plan and […]


Up-selling and cross-selling: how to implement them in your email marketing strategy

Published by on March 19, 2020

Every e-commerce business is constantly trying to increase its sales, but the real challenge is figuring out how to do it effectively with minimal investment. A smart and well-executed sales strategy can make a big difference. Email marketing offers many opportunities to boost purchases in your ecommerce site, one way to get the most out […]

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