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Online Conversions and Copywriting: 5 Practical tips

Published by on February 9, 2017
Aprende cómo mejorar conversiones

Do you have an online project and you want to sell more through your page? Increasing the online conversions rate of your site depends on many factors, but copywriting is the cornerstone of your sales.


How to capture leads and send them to your Mailrelay account with Optingun

Published by on February 1, 2017

One of the latest plugins for capturing leads which added the possibility of working with Mailrelay directly is the Optingun plugin. A very easy to use system, as you don’t need to install anything else on your blog, and now this plugin offers integration with Mailrelay. Since there is no need to install anything on […]


Would you like to know how I’m getting 1,500 new subscribers per month?

Published by on January 26, 2017
¿Cómo he conseguido 1.500 suscriptores nuevos al mes?

5 years ago I opened my blog,, during the first years, i was publishing content just for fun, “to see what would happen”, but in the last two years, I started publishing content regularly, creating tutorials and this became my job and recently I also managed to get 1,500 New subscribers per month. Do […]


What is SPF and why should it be configured?

Published by on January 11, 2017

Surely you would not think of using your WiFi without a password, would you? Any person could use your connection to access your computer, steal your data, surf the internet, Right? Most people are aware that they need to use strong passwords to protect sensitive information such as Wi-Fi, credit card, etc. However, when it […]

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Tricks for working as an happy and effective affiliate

Published by on January 10, 2017
Trucos para ser un afiliado feliz

There are many different ways to monetize your blog, but this time I’ll talk about how to do this by working as an affiliate. Not only the people who sell products or services can make money  working directly with blogging.


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