How to send newsletters with Mailrelay and Sendblaster

Published by Mailrelay on March 20, 2012

To send massive emails with mailing programs like the email system SendBlaster, you need an SMTP server that doesn’t have hourly sending limits. All shared hostings and ADSL providers have hourly sending limits, even though it is almost never specified in the service terms and is only stated in the clause that allows the operator to limit our account’s resources in order to not saturate the specific server.

Paying for a server to use SendBlaster, in addition to being very costly, has enormous disadvantages since anti-SPAM filters immediately block sent messages and the server IP address. With Mailrelay SMTP Mail, this problem is solved with very low or free sending costs (up to 25,000 emails per month).

Using the Mailrelay SMTP server to send newsletters with the massive email program SendBlaster will also provide you with the following benefits:
– High email penetration in Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, etc. (thanks to our agreements with these providers).
– Automatic subscribe and unsubscribe forms with email confirmation (including a link in messages sent through SendBlaster).
– Error and bounces monitoring. With each message sent through SendBlaster, errors and bounces will be recorded in the administrator panel.
– IP and domain reputation with real time reputation monitoring.
– SPAM control standards: SPF, DomainKeys, Sender ID Microsoft, etc. (they improve the effectiveness of Mail Marketing with SendBlaster).
– Administrator support in real time through chat, email, and tickets.
– Instant up-scaling: up to several million sent messages per month.
– Includes personalized reverse IP for receiving servers that require it.
– Complete sending logs and records.
– Valid with all versions of SendBlaster, SendBlaster Free, SendBlaster Pro, SendBlaster 2, etc.

How to use the Mailrelay SMTP server with SendBlaster for massive newsletter sending
There’s nothing simpler. Mailrelay complements SendBlaster perfectly and it also configures itself as a massive sending server in seconds. When you register for Mailrelay you will receive an email with the configuration information of the unlimited SMTP server for massive mailings associated with your account:
Mailrelay y Sendblaster con SMTP
Mailrelay and Sendblaster with SMTP

1. Request activation of the massive sending SMTP server to use with SendBlaster from the Mailrelay contact page or though our Facebook or Twitter. For security purposes, the SMTP will not be activated until the client requests it. Therefore, before configuring SendBlaster, you will need to make this request.
2. When setting up SendBlaster, choose the option “Use SMTP server” to select our server as a system of unlimited massive mailings and enjoy all of its benefits. Insert the server, the user name and password that you received in the service welcome email (if you copy and paste, be careful not to include a space at the end), activate the box “Authentication required” and put 25 as the port (you can also use 2525 if your ADSL provider blocks the standard port).
Mailrelay y Sendblaster con SMTP
Mailrelay and Sendblaster with SMTP

And that’s it! You can now send massive mailings from SendBlaster with the SMTP server for unlimited sending from Mailrelay.
Mailrelay vs. other SMTP servers
Why use Mailrelay as a massive mailing SMTP server for the mailing software SendBlaster?
Simple—because we are up to 70% less expensive than our competition with excellent results and the best, most personalized customer service in Spanish:
Outgoing messages/month Turbo-mail/serversmtp
10,000 10 10.7 Free
50,000 47.9 50.0 28
100,000 92.1 92.9 48
500,000 353.6 357.1 132
1,000,000 639.3 642.9 208

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  1. Juan Carlos

    He configurado el spf y solicitado la activación del envio por smtp. He configurado con éxito el envio por sendblaster. Mi pregunta es: Cuando realizo un envio y en el asunto pongo [X-MR-Tags: 01] para que registre las estadísticas, tal y como indicáis en vuestra web. No lo registra y llega con [X-MR-Tags: 01] en el asunto. ¿Hay problema con este servicio en sendblaster?
    Un saludo y gracias.

    13/11/2014 - 12:35:05 Publicar una respuesta
    • Mailrelay

      ¡Hola Juan Carlos! Además del envío SMTP también hay que activar el tracking de SMTP, lo acabamos de activar, puedes volver a probar, debería de funcionar.

      13/11/2014 - 14:24:21 Publicar una respuesta
  2. carlos marin

    quiero que puedadn proporcionar los datos como me conecto alpaso apaso la configuracion de sendblaster.
    y mail relay.

    mil gracias

    21/09/2014 - 20:36:21 Publicar una respuesta
  3. Diseño de Pagina Web

    Muy buenooo!!!

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    Como hago para promocionar Boletines Electronicos.

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