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Review your newsletter’s spam report while creating it

Published by Mailrelay on July 10, 2013

Until now to check the spam score of your newsletters, you had to click on newsletters, select the message you wanted to check and click the Spam Report button. Although this was not such a big deal, if you needed to check the spam score when you were editing the newsletter, you had to save it and check the spam score outside the online editor

Up to now, the process could become tedious if the system detected a problem, especially if you were not very sure of what to do to solve it. In these cases, it was necessary to open the newsletter, edit the message, save it and check the spam report.

We wanted this process to be much more comfortable, so that you could check the spam score of the newsletter while creating it, therefore our technical team added the Spam Report button within the online editor. The only requirement is that the report has to be used in a newsletter that was saved at least once, or that already was edited, since it is necessary to save the message at least once before checking the spam report .

test spam en 1

Within the editor , you can check the spam Report of a newsletter by clicking the spam Report button. If it shows 0, you don’t need to do anything, but if the report shows an error, you should solve the problem before sending the message.

In this case, just edit the newsletter , by double clicking on it or on the Edit button. Within the editor you can see the Spam report button:

test spam en 2

You can change contents, add more text, ETC. to correct whatever is necessary. If you need to re-check the score, simply click the Spam Report button again:

test spam en 3

If even after trying to make a change you could not solve the problem, you can make other changes and review the score of the message again, by clicking the Spam Report button:

test spam en 4

Once the report shows that there is no problem, you can send the newsletter to your contacts.

We hope this new feature can make your life easier!


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