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New link to forward your newsletter

Published by Mailrelay on May 20, 2014

Today we present a feature that many users have asked us, an option to add a link that allows subscribers to forward your newsletter.

This is the typical link Forward to a friend you certainly found in many other newsletters.

How to work with this feature in your email marketing campaigns? by e-mail?

In fact, this process is very simple, let’s see how to use this feature with an example. The first thing you need is a newsletter, so click on the menu Newsletters->Create newsletter, but you can also edit an existing campaign.

Let’s use the following newsletter as an example:

Enviando mensagem via rss 1

As you can see, we’ve already added the text Forward to a friend, therefore you only would have to select it with the mouse and click the insert hyperlink button:

Enviando mensagem via rss 2

By doing this you will see the following popup:

Enviando mensagem via rss 3

In it, among several options, select Other and type in the URL field this tag, [forward_url], then you just need to click the button Accept.

But before, if you wish to change the link color, for example, to white, to stand out from the background color, you can click the Advanced tab:

Enviando mensagem via rss 4

In this tab, you see a style option. In it, type color: white; and click accept.

By doing this, the link will be changed to white:

Enviando mensagem via rss 5

Now, just send the newsletter, as the process has been completed. When your subscribers receive this newsletter, if the user clicks the link Forward to a friend, he will see a screen similar to the following:


First it is necessary to enter the information about the recipient, its name and email.

And after that the name and email of the subscriber who is forwarding the newsletter.

There is space to write a message and finally a captcha code (Validation) to send the message.

With all the correct information added, the user only need to click Submit and the system will notify when the newsletter has been correctly forwarded:

Enviando mensagem via rss 5

Including the option to send to another friend.

How will this email arrive in the inbox? with this layout:

Enviando mensagem via rss 8

In this email, the user will receive the link and the message sent by the subscriber, if the user clicks on the received link, he will see the newsletter:

Enviando mensagem via rss 8

As you can see, it is an easy way to enable your subscribers to share your newsletters, so they can share news, promotions and products, helping you get to promote your company to more people.

Are there other options?

Yes, beyond what we have already seen, you also have the option to edit the template with the message that will be sent.

This can be done by clicking Opt-in->Customer Support:


On this screen you can edit the template in plain text:

Enviando mensagem via rss 11

As well as in HTML format:

Enviando mensagem via rss 12

Be careful with the codes in square brackets (eg [name]) as they are necessary for the proper functioning of the email.

With this, we reviewed all options in this new feature.

What did you think of this feature? Will you use this link on your newsletters?

Other links that you can use in your newsletters are the unsubscribe links.

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  1. Conchi

    Muy interesante para llegar a más personas. Gracias por seguir innovando y compartiendo. Un saludo

    20/05/2014 - 16:14:47 Publicar una respuesta
  2. Andres Felipe Rodriguez

    Excelente mejora, muchas gracias por crear esta herramienta y ayudarnos en alcanzar nuestros objetivos de mercadeo

    20/05/2014 - 16:07:15 Publicar una respuesta
  3. Mailrelay

    ¡No te olvides de dejarnos tus comentarios, opiniones etc!

    20/05/2014 - 11:57:34 Publicar una respuesta

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