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How to create a backup of all your subscribers?

Published by Noé Soriano on August 21, 2014

Many customers contact us to ask how they can create a backup of the subscribers uploaded on the panel. It is interesting to save a backup of your contacts, as Mailrelay is not an storage platform and is not designed for it. For instance, the system could have an interruption of service for maintenance or technical issues that can result in a loss of data and you having to create a new account.

Obviously in these cases or in other situations, like if you had to export your subscribers to another system, it will be very useful to know how to export your contacts to create a backup of your mailing. Let’s see how you can do that.

The first thing you have to remember is that in Mailrelay subscribers are stored by their status. You are sending to the active mailing, but it is also important to download the other lists, as you can use them in the future. For example it will be a good idea to export opt-outs and users who marked your newsletter as spam, as an internal list, as well as bounces that are leading to failure, so that your sales team can contact these users and try to ask them to update their contact information and email address.

To download the list of subscribers by category, go to Subscribers and select each one of them, actives, opt-out, Bounces (you can discard the rest). Click the Export button and select the options all fields and Add headers to the file. Now, you have all the data stored in the system and each field identified, including the groups of subscribers. This will allow you to restore your mailing, if for some reason you need to restart your account.

How to create a backup of all your subscribers 1

Finally you sould not forget to export subscribers that are listed in the spam reports area, for technical reasons, these users are listed on another section, for identification of the provider.

Just go to Spam reports/all and click the Export button:

How to create a backup of all your subscribers 2

Now you must save these lists, remember to keep the spam reports as well, so that you don’t have any problem with your sender score reputation.

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We hope this article will be useful!

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  1. Mailrelay

    ¡Gracias por comentar Maite! Yo siempre digo lo mismo, una copia de seguridad más no hace daño a nadie 🙂

    27/08/2014 - 17:41:58 Publicar una respuesta
  2. Sergio Alonso

    Muchas gracias por esta entrada.
    Nuestra base de datos es cada vez mas amplia y si la llegaramos a perder seria un duro golpe el no tener ninguna copia de seguridad. A partir de ahora podré hacer mis copias de seguridad de contactos periodicamente.

    22/08/2014 - 13:59:18 Publicar una respuesta
    • Mailrelay

      ¡Muchas gracias a ti Sergio por comentar! Efectivamente es una buena práctica hacer copia periodica de los contactos ¡nunca sobran copias de seguridad!

      22/08/2014 - 14:01:50 Publicar una respuesta

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