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Technical preparation of landing page and website for email campaigns

Published by Noé Soriano on June 4, 2015

Technical preparation of landing page

The creation of a landing page should be done very carefully for any email campaign, especially when we try to get new subscribers. That is, when there is a great variety of aspects to be tested, verified and optimized in detail: position of the form, calls to action, data testers, etc.

Unfortunately, many companies neglect the most important aspect of this strategy: where the landing page is hosted and what services are provided by the hosting. And that’s the most important because if it fails, the campaign will be disastrous, because all users will see when they click on the links will be an error page like this:


As this image shows, it is something that can happen even to large companies, therefore we need to plan well our email campaign, especially if a large volume of emails will be sent. The email marketing software doesn’t cover all these aspects. Furthermore, in these cases the cost of the campaign will be much higher. Many email marketing managers lost their jobs when a email marketing campaign failed due to an error in the hosting server.

There are several problems that can occur on a server which is hosting the landing page, we will see some of them in this post. Before that, let’s look at why they occur and how we can predict this type of incidences.

Basically, this may be due to a high and unexpected number of visits. High, because the number of visits will greatly increase after you send the campaign, unexpected because usually, the number of visits is not very high when you send a normal campaign, or for a small group of contacts.

Knowing this, it is easy to see that these failures could occur mainly when the company needs to send a different email campaign, the database increases very fastly, or the delivery speed is significantly increased, etc. It also could occur when the first campaign is sent, that is when you start to work with email marketing and you don’t have empirical data on the server, as it wasn’t tested.

We already know what are the causes, but how can we predict and avoid these problems?

Generally, before sending an email campaign to a larger number of subscribers, it is recommended to contact the webmaster or IT manager so that problems can be avoided, and to make sure all the resources and necessary adjustments are made to support the traffic.

You can even give him some predictions,  based on the delivery speed and normal percentages of click rates using this simple formula:

APPROX number of visits PER HOUR =   ((Nº emails you will send /100) * usual persentage of clicks) / (Nº emails you will send / delivery speed per hour) * If usually your emails are opened immediately by all subscribers, (Eg, when the campaign is sent overnight) simply remove the second part of the formula in which case, you need to explain when the users will visit the website or landing page.

** It also applies to views, rather than clicks, changing the corresponding data to calculate the calls to action, when the images are hosted on your web servers.

With this information the IT manager or webmaster can take the necessary steps to avoid the following problems, so that you only need to work with the email marketing software to create the campaign:

  1. That the server cannot support all of simultaneous visits, it could crash, displaying an error for all users who try to access it later.
  2. That the monthly traffic limit is consumed and a warning of Exceeded quota is displayed.
  3. That the hosting disk space is used due to the number of logs.
  4. If a form is used and the company is using localhost as smtp, it will usually have a limit of emails per hour and you could lose many suscriptions. For example in shared hosts, this limit is of 100 emails per hour and if this limit is exceeded, no emails will be sent until the next hour).
  5. the access could be blocked by the firewall of the server which could interpret the multiple visits of hundreds of ips as an attack.


It is very important also to review other relevant technical aspects, for example:

  1. Check if the IP your server is using is not blacklisted, as this could affect both delivery rates as well as the confirmation emails you may need to send, if you are using a subscription form.
  2. Check that the landing page is compatible with all devices and browsers and does not use elements that could be blocked or not work correctly (Such as Adobe Flash).
  3. Check that the website code contains no problem of security, as the antivirus could display an warning message.
  4. Confirm that the SSL certificate is up to date and properly configured to prevent any warning from been displayed.

Remember that to use an email marketing software and send a campaign for a very large mailing list, it is recommended to send an initial pilot campaign sending for example for 10 to 15% of the total subscribers to detect potential problems that could affect your campaign.

Whenever you are preparing a critical campaign that cannot fail (due to costs or inability to resend it, for example) it will also be a good idea to use traffic simulation tools to test the servers, as well as warning systems to notify the webmaster as soon as there is any problems with the server.

Here are some very useful:


Loadimpact: (simulator to test traffic on websites on demand).

Webpagetest: (review system for the detection of )

Pingdom: : (monitoring system for servers, websites and with crash warning).

These are some of the techniques you should use to work with an email marketing software to send your campaigns without any headache.

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