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Send an Email marketing campaign to renew a software license, AVG

Published by Mailrelay on December 7, 2015


It is interesting that even in those cases when it would be possible to use another method of communication, companies prefer to use email marketing to get in touch with customers.

This is the case of an email I received from AVG, indicating that my installation of   AVG TuneUp will expire in 30 days.


Why not open a pop-up from the software itself, instead of sending an email marketing campaign?

The software is installed on the system and can display a message whenever necessary. But in fact, of course, many users would close the message immediately, without paying much attention to the warning, apart from the fact that these warnings are considered more intrusive, as they are normally displayed when the user is busy with other tasks, therefore an email marketing campaign  is a more interesting option.

Sending an  email marketing campaign  with an warning has several advantages:

-Personally I think that email marketing is less intrusive, these messages  on the screen end up disturbing the user, (although it is an important warning for the user to  know that he will have to renew the license) an  email can be read at any time, even if you are not in front of your computer (imagine that you are on vacation and your computer is at your home)

-On important issues such as software renewal, we expect to receive a more formal notification from the company. A pop-up, at least in my opinion, is not very useful in this case because once it is closed, the user may forget to renew the license. In addition, there are two important aspects.

-First, if the system simply display a pop-up in the application window, it may be displayed for a person who is not the administrator of this computer, if it is a shared computer, imagine that a child is using the system.

-Also, as previously mentioned, a pop-up is not very recommendable for such an important warning. But when he receives an important email , the user may store it in his inbox, to read the message later, if he can’t do it at the moment.

In general, using an email marketing campaign  to send an important notification has several advantages with respect to a pop-up on your computer.

Let’s take a look at this newsletter.

Reviewing the AVG PC TuneUp newsletter


The subject of the e-mail looks correct.

But after I open the message I can see something I think is not a good option, the email was sent from a “noreply address”


Wouldn’t it be better to send an e-mail to which the user can reply? If I receive this email and have a question, why can’t I contact them directly?

Besides this important aspect, let’s see the points of this email marketing campaign:


What is clear is that it is a standard email marketing message, the only Customization is the name, and this does not even appear in the email header, it is at the end of the message.

I think it could be a little more personalized, indicating the usage time of the current license, for example:

Jose, you have used our services for X months, renew it now

Most people get used to a software and systems and when something has been working for several months, they will not change to other solutions, unless it is really necessary.

Sending an email marketing campaign  without customizing the message is not a good idea, in this case the company has data and information about the user, to send a more “personal” email.

The company could even send information on the volume of errors corrected  or statistics on the improvement in system performance. Of course, one must wonder whether it would be perceived as “intrusive” information  by some users or not. In my case, if they were just sending  data and statistics, I wouldn’t mind, but perhaps other users would prefer to receive a more direct email.

Yes, below we can see an image of the software with all tests in 100%, without any errors, no doubt they are trying to motivate the user to renew it.

The message looks correct, Renew your software now to maintain maximum speed, but after it is changed to “you can have a faster computer”.

I think in the case of customers who will have to renew the subscription, it would be better to just send an email marketing campaign with a message to keep things as They are, this would work better than trying to offer something different (Best performance) because theoretically, if the user already is a customer he already is paying and should get all these benefits.

And then we see the button with the call to action:


For the first call to action I would use a different button,with a message like this one:

“-Jose, renew your subscription now and continue using our system keep your computer protected”

Beneath the call to action button, we have a brief explanatory text, not too long, which is good.

But, as far as possible, I would have added some incentive to renew the license before the last 30 days.

A discount, a longer period of time, something that would help to convince the user to renew it immediately.

Personally, if I still have 30 days, Why would I renew it immediately?

Below, we can see the features of the software (which theoretically you already know):


Why do you think I didn’t like this list of features?

Because it is a list of features and functionalities:


-More space

-Increased battery life


I think it would work better if it were focused on customer issues:

-Use 100% of the capacity of your computer without slow applications

-Don’t delete your important documents, free space

-More mobility, a more lasting battery

-Don’t worry about anything, it’s automatic

Now we have another call to action, I must say it seems appropriate to use a shorter call to action for this email marketing campaign.


Here, the guarantee icon  is a great option because it will increase user confidence in the company and the software.

After that, this email marketing campaign doesn’t have another points that we can analyze, but i think this is enough.

In short, these are points that I think could be improved before sending an email marketing campaign

What other things would you change in this campaign?

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  1. ericka

    Creo que fue un boletin informativo mas que de nexo con el cliente

    11/12/2015 - 14:46:59 Publicar una respuesta
    • Mailrelay

      ¡Gracias por comentar Ericka! Bueno es informativo, pero solo para mi en este caso (o bueno los que tengan la caducidad en la misma fecha), por lo que en parte también es un nexo con el cliente, no es un boletín informativo enviado a todos los contactos. En mi opinión una parte de nexo con el cliente tiene 🙂

      11/12/2015 - 15:55:07 Publicar una respuesta

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