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Published by Mailrelay on February 12, 2016

From now on, all the newsletters you send with your Mailrelay account will be sent encrypted using TLS, you don’t have to do anything, it is an Automatic feature which is  being incorporated in your Mailrelay account.

What are the advantages of sending encrypted newsletters?

Sending encrypted messages is a safety measure that protects the messages you send in your email marketing campaigns, so that no one may change or access the content.

Thus you don’t have to worry, as you know that the information you are sending in an email marketing campaign will be read by you and the recipient of the messages, and the content will be exactly what you sent.

Why are we now adding encryption for your email marketing campaigns?

Due to the “Safer Internet Day”, Gmail announced some changes that would be added to their webmail Client, posting them on their blog, in the  Article “Making email safer for you“.

In the article, they explain that the Gmail developers, for some time now are providing email encryption support, and actually they use this technology for the emails you receive and send (Gmail).

But for the encryption really to work, it should be encrypted  both at the source, not just the destination.

Because of this, Gmail will show in different ways the  emails that are received without encryption, for example, if you receive an unencrypted message You would see something like this:


An open padlock indicates that the email is not encrypted, and Therefore, its content might have been exposed and read or modified by third parties.

How can I verify that Mailrelay is encrypting my email marketing campaigns?

It’s easy, when you receive an email, you will see something like the following image:


Firstly, the previous image of the padlock is not displayed, but If you expand the arrow that appears under the name, you will see the information indicating that the email was encrypted using the standard method (TLS).

This indicates that the email was encrypted at the source, and the information you are  getting is exactly as it was sent, no one had access to this content.

With this update,  when sending your email marketing campaigns with Mailrelay you will be completely sure that your messages are totally protected.

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