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10 reasons for sending email campaigns for a clothing store

Published by Zaqueo Echeverría on March 22, 2017

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Today we will see 10 reasons why boutiques should create email marketing campaigns. The owners of physical stores often forget about online marketing, although this type of strategy can be very useful to their business.

Let’s see some examples:

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Try to become an expert

If your customers need advice on what to wear for an special occasion, wouldn’t it be great if they could think of your store, if they could ask for your advice?

Being considered by everyone as a fashion specialist would be important to generate enough confidence for your customers to be convinced to buy again in your store, because they would be sure that they will be well attended and leave it well dressed.

It would be easy to become an expert if you send newsletters to your customers on a regular basis. You can send them articles that talk about the Paris Fashion Week, or you can teach them how to successfully match a gray skirt.

Selling the stock of the previous season faster

I have been working with many fashion stores during my career and I can ensure that with rare exceptions, after each season, the sales strategy will usually become a race against time with a single goal: don’t leave any clothes from last season in stock. In fact, it is preferable to buy fewer products and take the risk of running out of stock during the end of the season, than being left with a lot of clothes that will never be sold again.

To achieve this, stores usually fill their windows with the word “X% off!”. However, this is only effective if your customers are in your store, but we should keep in mind that all the stores will do exactly the same as you. It’s a very limited visibility. Being able to get directly into the inbox of each one of your customers guarantees much greater visibility, because you don’t have to compete with the store next door. Your customer will see your products in the comfort of his home or work and he will not have a quantity of other products from other stores  making competition in your newsletter.

It is easy if you use the appropriate means

Sending newsletters is not such a complex process as it may seem. You actually need only 2 things: To collect email addresses from customers And send them content regularly.

  • Collecting emails. It is a task that can be done in many ways and this depends on the ambitions of each trader. For example, you can collect email addresses on your own website, in your physical store, or you can collect email addresses from users who buy your products to send them information in the future. If you do this correctly,  over time, email marketing can become your primary source of income. And what is the work required to do this? Practically none.
  • Sending newsletter. An email marketing campaign can be sent very easily, if you leave it in the hands of professionals. A professional can create your online campaign in a short time, with all the advantages of this type of strategy.

Recovering circumstantial clients

A clothing store is a drop of water in the city. A small percentage of people will know the existence of your store, and probably the majority of your customers are people who frequent this region of the city. But occasionally, someone you’ve never seen  before will enter through the door and buy from you. However, in the next months, he will no longer remember your store. Worst of all, this may happen even if he has an interest in your products, he will probably not remember your existence because your store is not in a place which he usually goes to.

If you had requested his email address, you could stop having just a circumstantial customer and have a regular customer. If you send him, for Example, emails with products he may be interested in, you will have as much or more influence than the shops of his neighborhood.

You can anticipate seasonal sales

One of the most interesting things you can do with email marketing  is to ask your customers what items they are interested in buying from  your store. You can give them the choice between different types of products or between products of the same type. That way, you will be able to know what products you should buy for the next season,  but more importantly, you will offer them the possibility for users to give their opinion about their favorite products, which is very important.

Email marketing campaigns don’t pollute

It is fashionable among companies to impress their customers by showing them that they are “friends” of the environment. There are even companies that no longer offer their tickets printed on paper, they just send it by email. Printed advertising is not environmentally friendly, since its purpose is only to inform, and when its purpose is reached, the paper is discarded. Complaints in this regard have already reached  the European Parliament, due to the amount of paper wasted, which generates tons of garbage per year.

Email marketing is an advertising medium that doesn’t generate any kind of garbage, as the user receives all the information in a virtual way. In an ever-growing world with more and more people worried about these issues, a clothing store can advertise in this way, showing its users that it respects the environment.

It is the most effective advertising method

An US company called Monetate conducted a study in 2016, and it turned out that the conversion rate of an email marketing campaign was of 3%. Much better when compared to offline advertising (2%) or social networks (1%) of traffic. We don’t want to compare it with the low rate of advertising in traditional media, such as radio and television.

The targeting capability of an email marketing campaign is so much better than other systems, that you could sell clothes generating selective filters, such as size, age, favorite colors, purchasing power, the personal interests  of each customer, professional activities, etc.

Imagine that you have two customers whose tastes are different, one of them likes long dresses and the other one prefers short dresses. The conversion rate would be much better, if you could offer each of them what she wants, right?

Much cheaper than print advertising

If you think about the complexity and the money you would spend for creating, printing, and posting pamphlets by correspondence, and compare it to the cost of sending an email marketing campaign for thousands of subscribers, you’ll get an idea of the advantages, not only in terms of monetary costs, but also of invested time. The human resource needed for each type of campaign is very different.

A campaign for 10,000 people can take up to two weeks, if a physical structure is used. If we wanted to send the same campaign for the same number of people using email, all this could be done in less than a day if you have an experienced team.

In addition, we should be aware that campaigns printed on paper, usually are sent indiscriminately and therefore you will spend much more money and time to get in touch with each customer. With email, your mailing list can be filtered by the recipients’ tastes, gender, purchasing preferences, etc…

You can measure campaign results

When you are advertising in traditional media, whether static (posters, showcases) or dynamic (leaflet distribution) you are indiscriminately trying to tell people about your business. And let me tell you that not everyone will be interested in the clothes you want to sell.

If for example you sell children’s clothing at a high price, the market with which you will work is very small. And if you use indiscriminate advertising (for example, a banner on a highway) most of the people who will see your advertising will be people who are not interested in buying these products. You have no control over the campaign, and you’re paying for people who are not your ideal customers to see your brand. This is why indiscriminate advertising is expensive, in Comparison with their effectiveness, and only the big brands can spend money on this type of advertising.

However, an email marketing campaign can be studied. If it is well-planned, most people who receive the email,  will be people who will be interested in what you can offer them. In addition, you can track the behavior of your  subscribers. Therefore you can ask them specific questions, such as did you like these new pants we added to our product list?

It has great acceptance among fashion consumers

According to a survey conducted by Mapp Digital’ s in 2016, it was found that 82% of women like to receive offers by email or newsletters from shops where they usually buy from. Don’t be afraid to send emails to your customers thinking that this can generate rejection, because if the content you are sending is interesting enough, they will be happy to receive your email marketing campaigns.


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