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How a small business can start sending bulk mailing

Published by Noé Soriano on March 28, 2017

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In this article, we will create a guide with the main information so that small businesses and professionals who begin their journey in the world of email marketing will have tips for sending bulk mailing.

In fact, I always prefer to talk about email marketing because although it is not just bulk mailing, but rather communications with our customers, it is a means of communication to improve the relationship with our subscribers and improve sales.

However, this time, this post will focus on the concept of bulk mailing. It is at this point Where we will start our trajectory.

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What are the points we should check before sending bulk mailing?

One of the first things we should check is:

What kind of bulk mailing are our competitors sending?

It’s a good first step.

Do a little analysis of the competitors that already are working with bulk mailing for a long time in our industry, as this can offer us ideas and different perspectives.

This can also help us locate offers or opportunities which are not being exploited by other companies.

When we are starting our journey in email marketing, a small benchmarking of our industry leaders and competitors is not a bad strategy to start, logically adapting every strategy to our resources.

Plan your steps and define a strategy

It is true that at the beginning we are more in the test phase and trying to get nowledge of the environment, but it is important to set the campaign’s primary goals.

This will help us integrate our email marketing strategy with our business strategy later.

A small interdepartmental meeting can help us identify the goals we want to achieve with our email marketing strategy.

Without forgetting to speak with our IT department, to avoid unpleasant technical problems, or you could overload the website with more visits than expected.

Database or subscribers – Which list of emails should be used for bulk mailing?

Obviously we can send it to our customers and users who subscribed to the blog, forum or website if the company has this mailing list, but for commercial campaigns, some users prefer to use other strategies to get sales, conversions and ROI, they may be tempted to acquire databases to submit the newsletters.

This is where we often make the first mistake

Acquisition or lease (which is called CPM sending to databases of third parties without having access to the mailing  list)  is something that many companies do, but usually it is not done correctly.

The first thing to understand is that it is better to invest in a well-segmented database, although the cost of each email is more expensive, than a larger, but general, mailing list, especially if you work with a vertical sector.

For example, if we buy a general mailing list of 500,000 emails for 1,000 eurs and another segmented of 50,000 for 3,000 eurs.

In fact, we are losing money by purchasing the general mailing list…

At first glance, it seems the cheapest mailing list is 10 times bigger and the segmented database  is three times more expensive, so you could get more sales at a lower cost, but this isn’t true.

I never like to talk about opening rates, because every campaign is different, but we will see an average that can be adjusted for many customers.

A well-targeted mailing list can have an open rate of around 25% of views, while a general in a vertical sector would have an average of 5%. So in the campaign for the general database, we would get 25,000 views while the targeted mailing list would have about 12,000.

Now we’ll see the click-through rate vs open rates, that is, those who opened the email and clicked on the link to access the landing page.

A targeted mailing list will have subscribers who are more interested in the products or services offered by the company, so with  more probability of these users opening the campaign.

This leads to a higher final percentage of clicks.

Conservatively, we can be talking about three times more clicks.

For example, a general mailing list can get 1% and a targeted database could get about 3%. So in our example, the general list would get 250 and the good database around 360.

So we’re getting more sales with the targeted mailing list despite the fact that the general mailing list  has 10 times more contacts.

This should compensate for the additional cost of the targeted  mailing list.

Taking into account that this will happen whenever you send a campaign, we should also add that the campaigns for the general mailing list will be much more expensive, as it has 10 times more contacts. Specifically with Mailrelay, the price would increase by 364 EURos for each campaign sent for this example.

In addition to the acquisition there are other ways to generate mailing lists for commercial email campaigns, like agreements with related forums and blogs, internal Generation, creation of coupons, etc.

My recommendation is to explore other options before opting for a purchased mailing List, even if targeted. There are techniques for creating commercial databases, but in general, its use is not recommended.

Design of the newsletter and the  sender that the company  will use to send bulk mailing

Here usually many companies make another serious mistake, when they start to send emails, because designs are created that can be blocked be some Antispam filters  or they are using a misconfigured sender email address, which causes the same type of problems.

This usually happens because the company wants to start sending email marketing campaigns as soon as possible or due to lack of knowledge, although your email marketing platform should inform you about these problems, to avoid wasting the purchased credits.

It pays to spend some time to create a proper design, avoiding the most common problems that can make the message land in the SPAM folder.

  • Some companies send just a single image with no texts
  • Or they write the whole subject line  in capital letters
  • Don’t configure the SPF record for the sender of the campaign
  • Send using an email that doesn’t exist
  • Etc.

In this article, we can find advice in this regard so that your bulk mailing is not considered as spam.

20 tips to keep your newsletter from being tagged as spam

Another aspect to consider when creating the design of the campaign  is how you will write the message you want to send.

In the initial campaigns, we usually tend to try to give too many information or try to show too many promotions and products in the same email, but your email marketing campaign should be concise, without trying to sell all your products in the same day for the same users.

A good advice at the beginning is to do comparative research and review the other companies that are considered as  reference to see what they are  doing, to try to follow a specific pattern.

Nor should we neglect the subject line  when sending bulk mailing. The subject line should encourage the user to open the newsletter, without being too puzzling or giving all the information at once.

Here are some tips:

>> Recommended Documentation:

* Effective subject for your newsletters

Target and manage the mailing list – How to have loyal subscribers?

Another important step that is often neglected is the segmentation of the mailing list.

It is important to try to separate subscribers by their interest and the frequency of campaigns each user will want to receive.

This will improve the results, which is very important, to start recovering the investment and having more available budget to invest in sales, but it will also reduce the costs because you will not always send the same thing to all the subscribers, thus increasing your sales.

> Recommended Documentation:

  • The importance of targeting subscribers by Active and inactive
  • How to target subscribers based on their interests
  • Segmentation of subscriber list by frequency

Choosing the right platform for sending bulk mailing

This is a key aspect and can make a difference in your bulk mailing strategy. You need to review mainly the basic features, such as the information about the platform, about the available documentation for its tools, technical support as well as making sure that the service you are using is the most suitable for your current needs, so that you don’t spend money with campaigns you could send for free with another email marketing software.


The best advice is to not be in a hurry. Many mistakes can compromise our first email marketing campaign and damage the corporate image of our brand, so it is advisable to take a few hours to study our strategy well and do all the necessary tests.

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