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Social media, e-commerce and influencers

Published by The Social Media Family on May 11, 2017

noticias abril

March was dominated by news on changes announced by Facebook, Snapchat and Whatsapp, as well as the issues with Twitter and its new forms of financing.

We also saw some examples of how brands know how to get the most out of their online stores (Netflix, Zara, and Knee stand out in the third month of the year) and a shower of words like geolocation, meetup, millennials, ETC.

While it is clear that real kings and queens of digital content is the influencers (as stated by La Guide Noir).

This month, some news we already took for granted took a turn of 180º, while there are tendencies that seem to have arrived to stay.

Let’s talk about instagramers, about whether WhatsApp is doing well, or the thousand and one news presented by Facebook.

We will also see new events that all Marketing Professionals should check and the new IAB report on social media, as well as on the new courses offered by Google. What else happened in April?

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While Snapchat was the protagonist of March, this month is being dominated by the most profitable brands managed by Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram, and Facebook.

The “like” platform, in addition to eliminating more than 300,000 inactive accounts announced two proposals that can revolutionize our lifestyle:

►On the one hand, they want people in ten years to be able to write, comment and interact with the mind (the death of the smartphone) as announced by them.

► On the other hand, they will launch a platform called Spaces, which is nothing more than the maximum efficiency between AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Virtual Reality that will allow you to interact with your virtual avatars and your friends

as if you were in the same room!

It seems that this social platform is determined to be the first to conquer this large new market.

All these news were discovered at an event they organized in mid-April, the F8.

In addition to the futuristic environment Mark wants to give his platform, there are some updates that didn’t leave anyone indifferent:

► Stories

The much-discussed ephemeral and live content

► “They added” Ghosts “to the mobile application.

Don’t be alarmed.

This feature only highlights people who have not yet used the app (a kind of public embarrassment 2.0).

► They also added in the instant messaging service (Facebook Messenger)

A button that allows you to raise funds for commercial organizations (until now it was only possible to do that for nonprofits)

This option is only available in the US, but we don’t doubt that soon this type of crowdfunding will be activated for other countries.

And for all those who are journalists, communicators or bloggers, you are in luck.

► They have launched some free courses.

As the utility of their Live tools, the 360º video format

Facebook Spaces

► Instagram is also growing.

And that’s what the numbers tell us: after five years, more than 9.5 million users in Spain already use this system. Around the world, it is estimated that more than 700 million users have already created an account in this platform.

In addition to that, blogs, magazines, and online newspapers are using applications to improve the use of this tool:

  1. Whitagram, an app that adds a white background to our photos to make them square
  2. VSCO Cam editing application that every instagramer has on his/her smartphone
  3. And even applications to change video speeds, such as HyperLapse

But undoubtedly the application that caused a stir among users of this platform is Rubric, an automatic text generator according to the image you want to post (even the computer makes you more creative).

But not all the changes were announced by other companies: Instagram is also offering new features to continue to attract new users.

Or perhaps not so new.

The new function is none other than sending “temporary” videos and photos (you know, those files that we can only see once or that are deleted after a certain period of time) through direct messages.

Yes, Instagram already offered this option. But it was also “inspired” in some functions of another platform used to share images (we are talking about the Pinterest collections):

We can sort our favorite content in different folders:

  1. cooking recipes
  2. desktop backgrounds
  3. Clothing
  4. Selfies

Many users already complained that it would be critical to adding an option to sort content a long time ago, and finally they decided to add it.

These catalogs along with with some tips that many blogs offer (a full biography or the smart use of hashtags, among others) are a springboard to promote our brand, to sell products and services using Instagram.

► And, last month, after talking so much about the problems encountered with the bluebird

We have to retract and say that this social platform still has a great market potential.

A recent study reveals that Twitter has increased by 6% in the number of users in the first quarter of the year compared to last year.

Another very curious news is the elimination of the “egg pictures” of the unused profiles. This avatar was changed and now it will display an image showing a silhouette of a person.

And to be able to penetrate better in the developing countries, they launched an update for their web application (don’t confuse it with the one we can install on mobile devices):

  1. Twitter Lite

It consumes less battery and memory and has almost all the features available on the full version.

What is their goal?

To conquer the areas dominated by WhatsApp and Facebook Lite.

Virtual reality, “mini” versions and applications to manipulate images.

But not only is there news about the social sites we all use, but other platforms have also announced some news that we have to observe closely:

  1. Whatsapp can now be read by Siri. The voice recognition system available on Apple devices already allows us to listen to, respond and interact with this application. On the other hand, in the not too distant future, this application will be a kind of wallet, which will allow us to pay for products or services using a virtual credit card.
  2. Videos are a safe bet for the rest of 2017. We are talking about this in the last article and we reaffirm it now: YouTube is receiving users’ complaint about the regulatory change announced by Google, and the issues with this platform, because in many cases, the recommendations are not displayed based on the channels the user has subscribed to, but are based on other internal parameters.
  3. But YouTube doesn’t have a monopoly on audiovisual content. Vimeo, DailyMotion, Flickr, Maker Studios or Viddler are getting a steady number of fans. The interesting thing about all these formats is their different means of financing: freemium, two types of content or prepaid registration.
  4. Twitter already had enough problems to stay in the market and grow, and now a new competitor is emerging: Mastodon. The mammoth platform that wants to crush the bird. This platform allows you to share 500 characters, and is more restrictive with black humor and haters, though its appearance and functionality are very similar to Twitter.
  5. Sprinkles is the new Microsoft platform released to compete with Snapchat. Filters, emoji, texts, everything is similar to other platforms, but an improvement in facial recognition tells us the age and mood of a person quite accurately.
  6. Linkedin has surpassed 500 million users, divided between 200 countries. It seems that in the globalized and digitized world a platform for professional and social networking as this platform is increasingly needed.


If last month we talked about millennials that are buying online, about the characteristics that every good virtual store should have, this month we will focus on the growth of shopping 2.0.

And if we want to talk about Spanish brands, we have to mention Inditex, which stated that 10% of their income (more than 2000000 euros) come from e-commerce.

Its integrated model of local and online stores (we can find the products available in each story through the app) is now available for all their subsidiaries.

Their inWallet format is also being used by a larger number of users.

And if before we highlighted the use of Instagram as a sales platform, we must say that all social networking sites are creating advertising strategies for directing traffic to stores:

  1. On Facebook, we found an improvement in conversion pixels (mini-programs we can install on our website to collect data on the behavior of our visitors)
  2. Twitter is planning new business models (let’s talk about it next month, but it has to do with options for remote management)
  3. And Google continues to improve its SEO/SEM analysis, in addition to creating other tools like Google Plus or Hangouts.

► “Do you prefer Prestashop or Woocommerce for WordPress?”

Maybe you should check Shopify, as they announced Kit, a new virtual assistant that, among other things, creates campaigns on Facebook, manage other tools and notify you via SMS or Messenger, if there is any interesting news you should know.

But they also  have released hardware that will be very useful for all addicts in the 2.0 shopping experience: a card reader that we can install on our computer to facilitate payment.

It looks like this e-commerce manager, even if they only have paid plans and a commission-based option will give a lot to talk about thanks to its simplicity, constant updates, and 24/7 assistance.


Shopify logo

One of the most populated cities in Spain has changed its logistics to adapt its infrastructure to online business demand.

Barcelona, thanks to events such as the Mobile World Congress, attracted many companies interested in expanding their business.

The Catalan capital is the fifth hub in Europe to attract startups focused on the online world.

Many brands, such as Deliveroo, Glovo or Stripe, are already planning to work in a city as international as Barcelona.

Coming back to the relationship between social media and e commerce, for you to see how this relationship is fruitful, we can summarize this in the following points:

  1. Users follow a brand because they want more information, to gain advantages or because they feel identified with it. That is if you are following a profile, it is because you may be more interested in acquiring the products the company is selling.
  2. We can build a brand image focused on digital sales, thanks to the creation of fan communities that can give us feedback on our products, to improve them, or to launch similar products.
  3. The monitoring and evaluation of the sales service becomes complicated in e-commerce, but thanks to social media platforms, we can monitor what our clients say about us and, most importantly, the complaints against our products.
  4. The possibility as mentioned above of advertising campaigns which redirect users to the products we want to sell. Social media sites are a growing source of traffic that we should not ignore.


Companies and agencies dedicated to digital marketing are increasingly working with influencers in their campaigns.

It is much easier to find someone who already has a known personal brand to promote our company than start from scratch and convince people to test our products or services.

Many companies that spent money on campaigns with models are starting to invest in ads created in partnership with influencers.

If you know how to choose the right influencer for your niche, your campaign will be a success. These people know the best style to convince their followers to trust on your brand; they can help you change your ad so that your campaign has a more positive impact than a message created by a large marketing agency. After all, they talk to this public often and know the best words to convince them to buy.

This is why many media outlets have highlighted what they call “exaggerated commission” to post a photo on their profiles.

We can also find many articles on the advantages of this type of marketing, how to choose the right person or the legal criteria that you should consider before you start working with these campaigns.

influencer marketing

poster “I am an influencer.”

Before you begin working with an influencer, you will need to create a formal contract with obligations and rights of each party, because if you don’t specify exactly the reasons why you are paying this person, that could generate a lot of headaches in the future.

During the last month, we also received lots of information and statistics, as several companies have published studies on consumer and marketing trends. The most important one was done by IAB, known as “Study of Social media for 2017” with very interesting data on the consumption or preference of these platforms, the access and even a small section on e-commerce.

We also have research done by Culture, which showed that 72% of young interviewees consume audiovisual content on YouTube and rarely watch television (50% of them criticized television channels, as they never find interesting shows).

What aspects do we think all marketers should take into account?

  1. Spain is an important exporter of audiovisual content. 72% of Youtube views come from outside.
  2. The omnichannel or the tendency to create content adaptable to different channels, to connect them to offer a deeper immersion for users.
  3. Video as a great bet to explain, offer and create content, whether on platforms like YouTube or by looking at other options.
  4. Thanks to “Creativity Day” celebrated this month, we know that a great reef in this hyperconnected age is the ability to be creative.


Although it seems that this month brands and platforms are saving efforts to launch products and resources in the coming months, most players are working and improving their tools.

Today we saw aspects such as Facebook’s virtual reality tools, campaigns with influencers and the new features being developed by major social media platforms.

Until next month!

The Social Media Family

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