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Demystifying the limits of your Mailrelay account

Published by Micheli on May 17, 2017

limites Mailrelay

In today’s post, I want to talk about something very important. You certainly already contacted me or one of my colleagues on our ticket system with some questions about the limits of your account.

Therefore, we prepared a very didactic article, with the main questions that most users ask.  If you think we missed something, please leave your question in the comments.

Before we start, it is important to note that this is not the first article that we have published on this topic. In fact, there is an explanatory  infograph with an example of the limits of a monthly plan or free account, which you can read here. But even so, this is a topic that generates doubts, so we created a new article, which will address several common questions from the users of our email marketing software.

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How do I know what my limit is and what has already been spent?

This is the first doubt, many users prefer to check their account, to see how many emails were sent during the month. You can view this information very easily by clicking Statistics -> Package Statistics:

In this screen, we have all the information regarding your limits and what Has already been spent. To make it easier, we are using a free account for this example, so you can understand the meaning of each Information.


Here, we see the following information.


The first value, (39439) refers to the amount of credits used.

The second value (75000) is the total amount of credits in this account. This is a free account, with the promotion for following us on social networks enabled, so it has this limit of 75000 emails.

►Information on the range

Next, we have the validity period of these credits. (Information on the range: [17/04/2017 – 05/05/2017])

The first date, (04/17/2017) refers to the day the system renewed the credits for the last time. The second date, (05/05/2017) refers to the day the screenshot was taken, which means the current date.

But when the limit of a free account is renewed?

Before we check the statistics of this account with the information available on the panel, it is better that we answer this question.

 The renewal date of a free account will always be the day the account was created. This is very important because many users think that the limits are renewed in the first day of the month and the renewal date will not be the same for all accounts, but rather the day your account was created.

If you have a paid plan, the renewal date will be the day that your plan was activated, it will not be the day the package was purchased. Therefore, if for instance you purchased a package on the 17th, but it was paid on the 20th, the renewal date of the monthly plan will be the 20th of each month.

In the case of prepaid packages, this information is not relevant, as the limits are not renewed on a monthly basis, but rather when you purchase more credits. But for monthly plans or free accounts, the renewal date will always be different for each account.

►Start Date VS End Date

In the next 2 fields, we see the start date and the end date. As you can see, these are the same dates indicated in “information on the range”. The most important field, is the start date, which tells us when the account was last renewed. In this case, we see that it was Renewed on 04/17 so the account renewal date is 17th.

With this information, we know that the limits of this account will be renewed on 05/17/2017, the same day this account was created. The end date, as explained before, is just the current date.

►General information

Here, we see the general information about the account usage, with more fields:

Available credits: 35.561

This information is easy to understand, it refers to the amount of available credits, meaning the number of messages that the user can send with the credits available on the account.

►Subscriber limit

Next, we see the subscriber limit for this free account. (Subscriber limit: 15000)

This is the total number of subscribers for whom this free account can send, this limit should never be exceeded.

►Subscribers usage

Finally, we can see how many subscribers have already been used for this account. (subscribers usage: 10.479)

This means that this user sent newsletters to 10477 different contacts. If you click the button to show subscribers, you can see these subscribers who have received newsletters during the billing month.

►Difference between sent and billed emails

This is also a frequently asked question. I personally respond more than 500 tickets a week and I always get questions like:

  • But why do I have billed emails, if my account is free?

The answer is simple:

  •  The system considers the credits as “billed” that you spent for every email you sent, because even if your account is free, you are spending credits (free credits) from the limits you have received according to your current package.

You can spend more credits to send a single email, if this email exceeds the size of 100KBPS, including images, texts and attachments, as explained in our FAQ. This is why in some cases the amount of billed emails will be much higher because you have spent more credits to send the campaign.

►I already spent all my limit, and now?

As we saw earlier, Mailrelay has two limits, a subscriber and a credit limit.

When you exceed one of the limits, for example the subscriber limit, even if you still have available credits, it will not be possible to continue sending.

If for example your subscriber limit is 15000 and you sent emails to 15052 subscribers, the limit was exceeded by 52 subscribers and the system will pause your campaigns. You will only be able to resume the newsletters if:

  •  You purchase a larger package.
  •  You change the “billing dates” if you have a monthly paid plan
  •  You wait until the automatic renewal date of your account.

►Can I delete subscribers to continue sending?


Deleting subscribers, as already explained, will not change the limits that you have already spent and will not change anything, your campaigns will continue paused until you have new limits, following one of the recommendations explained in the previous paragraph.

►Can I get more limits just to finish my campaign?

Many users who have spent their free limit, but still have available credits, contact our customer support to request extra credit.

We can’t add more limits for free, this is a promotion and we already offer the largest free account of the market, we can’t give you more limits.

However, you can purchase a paid package in order to continue sending the campaigns.

If I purchase a paid package, will the system add up the credits from my free limit with the paid limit?

No, when you purchase a paid package, you will no longer have the free limits, but the limit of the package you have purchased.

►So I’m going to lose my free account?

If you purchase a monthly plan, you will no longer be able to use the free account. However, if you have exceeded the limit, but you want to continue sending with the free account in the next months, but you can’t wait for the system to renew it, there is the possibility of purchasing a prepaid package.

With a prepaid package, you only purchase the credits you need for finish your campaign and after that, you can go back to the free account.

I believe this answers most of the questions regarding the limits of your free Mailrelay account.

However, if it is still unclear, or you have other questions, you can always contact our {support department} and we will do our best to help you.

You can view our plans and prices directly on your dashboard by clicking On Billing -> Packages. Or if you don’t already have an account, you can view our {price list} on our website.

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  1. JSA

    ¡Hola! He creado una cuenta gratuita para la empresa y estoy intentando pegar casi 13.000 suscriptores, que son clientes. Según este artículo, se pueden importar hasta 15.000. Sin embargo, cuando trato de importarlos me salta un mensaje diciendo: “No es posible subir tantos suscriptores debido a las limitaciones existentes”.

    28/12/2017 - 13:28:17 Publicar una respuesta
    • Mailrelay

      ¡Hola! Quizá no has seguido los pasos del menú “promociones” para aumentar tu cuenta por seguirnos en redes sociales, revisaló por si no lo tuvieras. Y si lo tienes ya contacta con soporte para que te puedan ayudar 🙂

      28/12/2017 - 13:51:03 Publicar una respuesta
  2. AAB

    Por favor necesito me orienten, realice un envio desde el 19 de octubre a un total, aproximadamente, de 7 000 email, pero se ha pausado el envío, ya revisé las estadísticas del bono y no han superado el límite.
    ¿Qué puede estar pasando?

    25/10/2017 - 15:38:22 Publicar una respuesta
  3. como ficar rico

    Como funciona o seguimento nas redes sociais para ter até 75.000 emails e 15.000 assinantes? Como procedo?

    29/05/2017 - 20:32:10 Publicar una respuesta
  4. John

    Thank you. This is very helpful information.

    19/05/2017 - 11:22:29 Publicar una respuesta
  5. ReC

    Buen artículo, pero creo que falta un mito.
    Hace unas semanas atrás estaba brindando asesoramiento a empresas sobre este tema, y me preguntaron: “¿cómo sé que esa empresa no se queda con los emails que comparto?”
    Me dejó algo shockeado la pregunta.
    ¿Cómo la responderían ustedes?

    17/05/2017 - 14:12:28 Publicar una respuesta
    • Mailrelay

      Jejeje es una pregunta que refleja el desconocimiento de nuestro modelo de negocio, a ver, hay tres cosas:

      1.- La ley no permite que nos “quedemos” con los emails.
      2.- Cualquier persona que nos haya preguntado si vendemos o proporcionamos bases de datos habrá recibido la misma respuesta “NO”.
      3.- No vendemos nada que no sea el servicio de Mailrelay

      Entonces ¿qué uso le daríamos a estos emails? No tiene sentido, y desde luego es algo que rotundamente NO hacemos.

      17/05/2017 - 14:26:31 Publicar una respuesta
      • ReC

        Hola, disculpa la demora en responder al comentario. No quise decir que ustedes hagan eso, quise decir que es uno de los mitos que necesitaría ser desmitificado 😉
        Yo uso vuestros servicios, de todas las empresas me parecen los más confiables.
        Por eso cuando asesoro, también recomiendo mailrelay

        02/06/2017 - 19:30:58
      • Mailrelay

        ¡Hola ReC! Que va no te preocupes, además es algo que debemos dejar claro y nos encanta responder 🙂 ¡Saludos!

        02/06/2017 - 20:59:49

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