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10 tips to succeed with email marketing

Published by Elena Peciña on May 24, 2017

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Are you looking for the perfect combination of email marketing + digital retail + sales + engagement?

The retail and e-commerce industry is increasingly integrated and marketers are taking advantage of new digital marketing tools for planning their sales strategy.

What is the secret of this recipe?

Nothing is impossible if you bet on a strategy based on:

  1. More audience segmentation: Separate, customize, and subdivide.
  2. Impress your subscribers with a video; you can already include videos in your newsletters using a tool like Viwom.

The present and future of email marketing should be geared towards:

Create a customized, efficient and experiential buying process. Your goal should not only be to increase a higher return on investment (ROI), but you will have to create branding and foster customer loyalty.

Would you like to see the tips we have selected for you?

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► Targeting: The Secret of Success

Is the customer always right? Maybe not.

Does the customer have the power? Absolutely.

And retailers know this, so your marketing strategies should always be focused on your customers.

This is what we call “customer centricity” in marketing jargon.

It is about investing time in segmenting our customer databases based on some parameters that will allow us to offer them content, products, and more personalized services.

Buyers are increasingly looking for products tailored to their needs and customized based on their age, gender, location, product type or size.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers! Why would you want to receive an email with hundreds of winter clothes, if you live in an area with hot weather throughout the station?

By targeting our mailing list according to customer preferences, we will prevent subscribers from losing interest in our brand, in our email campaigns and stop reading our messages.

At Mailrelay, we can help you target your subscriber list with advanced filters that will allow you to separate your subscriber list into smaller and more personalized groups.

► Responsive design

More people are buying online, which means companies are adapting to new consumer habits.

Anyone can connect to the Internet from anywhere using a mobile device that can be purchased at a much lower price than a desktop.

Therefore, retailers are altering their approach to adapt their business model to these new customers.

It’s no illusion! In the future, most people will buy using a smartphone.

You just need to look at Google; they started penalizing websites that are not responsive, which clearly demonstrates that they believe that in the future, pages that have not been adapted for mobile browsing will not be relevant to their users.

You are certainly doing your best to make it easier for visitors to read the texts in your site, to optimize your images, you are creating promotional videos, a visible registration form, and an attractive purchase button. If you are doing this on your website, why not do it in your email marketing campaigns?

The mobile open rate is already 51.87%.

If we cross-check this data with purchases made through these devices, the percentage reaches 31.20%, value that gives us a clear conclusion:

If our email marketing campaign is responsive and our subscribers can read our message from any device, with a button to buy with just a few clicks, we can increase our sales in the future.

Could I give you a hint?

Get in touch with email marketing professionals at Mailrelay as they have the right solution for your business, or search for information to create responsive video email campaigns.

2.1. ´Responsive Design Testing´

Don’t forget to run a Responsive Design Test to preview the results to detect problems and find the appropriate solutions for any errors.

►Attention to your product

So far, the three most commonly used Call to Action (CTA) were: images, buttons, and text. However, with the new technologies, we can already create video CTAs.

Yes, that is already possible! It looks very interesting… but, how can we do that?

As we discussed in previous articles, Viwom is the only technology that allows you to integrate video into your email marketing campaigns. No other option will allow the video to be played automatically when the user opens the email.

And not only that but now Viwom has surprised us with a new feature that will allow videos to be converted into CTAs.

That way, your campaign’s CTR will skyrocket, reaching 280%, as Viwom customers claim.

►Think of a good title for the subject of your newsletter

As a successful headline is fundamental for attracting readers, an email should be presented with a compelling subject.

Objective: Convince your subscribers to open your message. To do this:

Simplicity + Conciseness + “magic” words like “Video”

The subject line should not exceed 50 characters.

Use keywords related to the content of your email. Your subscriber should be able to identify the topic of the message even before opening it.

It is advisable that the subject line does not exceed 50 characters.

Don’t forget that users will only see the first few words, so you should be brief and concise.

Open rates are KPIs (Key Performance Indicators or Quality indicators) that are difficult to predict, but if you add the word “Video,” you could increase it by 10%.

Always avoid toxic words (for example: “Free,” “Buy now” to prevent your campaign from being considered spam.

You can also use emojis to attract the attention of your subscribers. You can add emoticons to the subject of your campaign with Mailrelay.

Remember that: The subject line will be instrumental in improving the conversion rates of your email marketing campaigns.

► “Choose an anti-spam sender”

Anti-spam filters will always check the senders of the messages to evaluate if it could be considered spam or could be delivered to the inbox.

How to defeat them?

A common mistake to avoid is to send from info@ noreply@ news@ since your emails may end up in the spam folder.

Choose a name that inspires confidence and is related to your industry.

We also advise you to indicate the email address from which the email was originated, because although it is not visualized at first glance in the message, if the user moves the mouse over the “sender’s name” he can see it.

Likewise, if the subscriber views the source code of the message, the email will be displayed.

► The power of the video has arrived.

80% of Internet traffic will be generated by video in 2019, according to data published by Youtube, Wow! Awesome data, right?

Video email is a powerful and much more interesting medium than text, since you can display the products from all angles and explain all the details with images and sounds.

Choosing the best place and duration will be vital so that buyers don’t skip or ignore the video. To prevent this from happening, we advise that:

  1. When your subscribers open the email, your video should be displayed immediately.
  2. Duration. You should not include a movie, but rather a short, concise video that appeals to viewers’ emotions.

6.1. Content Snack

Short ads

According to a study published by Animoto, viewers react better when watching videos of about 60 seconds or less.

This video model has another advantage for smaller devices (as in smartphones), because the video will be displayed on 100% of the screen.

New consumer habits have revolutionized the way we consume video and Millennials are accustomed to short, high-quality videos with a good amount of entertainment.

► Video & template

We can use video branding to build trust and enhance brand image, but this strategy is not as effective at achieving conversions and sales.

If you want to convince your target to click the buy button, you should create a video with content related to your product.

As we’ve seen, we can turn the video into a clickable CTA, yes, that’s possible!

Or add another link directly to the description, with more details and a purchase button.

►Release time: 3,2,1 “

When and how do I send the emails?

This question is asked by many marketers when they are planning their email marketing strategy. It is important to preconfigure the days, hours, as well as all the “technical” features.

Choosing the right time is crucial for your emails to be more effective.

Some say that the ideal day is Tuesday and Thursday because these are the days when more people are in front of the computer, and there is a better predisposition to read emails.

We should avoid sending emails on Monday because our subscribers probably will have many unread emails and our campaign could be lost between several other messages.

The same thing happens on Fridays when everyone is in a hurry and most subscribers will probably skip many emails to finish other tasks before the weekend.

Fortunately, the widespread use of smartphones allows us to be always connected and read the emails anytime from anywhere.

8.1. Video email marketing

If you bet on a video campaign, you should:

  1. During working hours: set the ‘mute’ option (without sound), or add a nice smooth background melody; otherwise many subscribers will probably choose to close the email immediately.
  2. Out of working hours: You can use sounds to send even more content, but you will need to stimulate other senses to capture attention and reinforce the message you want to include in your video.

► Create Buzz Viralising Your Emails

What is buzz? It corresponds to a viral marketing technique that aims to convert a product or brand into a unique experience. You need to convince your subscribers to talk about it!

Creating an unforgettable video is not easy, but if you can do it, the result can be fantastic as many people would share your content, increasing its reach exponentially.

To help increase your chances, always add buttons to your social profiles for your subscribers to share your emails.

► Cross-selling by email

The behavior of the digital consumer is unpredictable but in most situations, whenever we buy something, we are more likely to fall into temptation and end up buying a related product.

It is what in marketing is called cross-selling if the product that you are offering is personalized, much better!

For example, let’s assume you want to buy a new dress. You are only thinking about buying a new dress and are sure about what you are looking for. However, after buying the product, what would you do if you received an email with a related product, maybe a shoe to complete a fantastic look at a very good price? You probably would not resist and would end up buying this product, especially if the promotion will last for only a few hours.

Teaser: Record a 5-second video of each product that you will include in your newsletter. This video will be displayed immediately with a “buy now” button.

Lights, Camera… Action!

Contrary to some predictions, email marketing is more alive than ever and never stops reinventing itself with new tools like video.

Brands once again relied heavily on its power of attraction, its innovations, to increase ROI and circumvent adblockers.

What do you think will happen in the future? What will be the new Tendencies? Which one would you bet on and why?

Please share your opinion with us!

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