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How to encourage users to purchase from you using discount coupons and special promotions

Published by Xabier Prada on July 13, 2017

cupones descuento

The internet is a showcase that offers you the possibility of opening your doors to millions of customers. This is true, but what no one tells you is that, like you, millions of stores are also opening  their doors to the same public, competing at all times with products, services, and prices.

Contrary to what it seems, creating an online store or selling your online services is not an easy task. Many customers visit your online store to see what you are offering, but you have no way of knowing  their opinion and their impressions about your products.

In a traditional store, there is always a more direct relationship, with a seller trying to persuade the customer to buy something. If the seller does his job well, he will try to explain to the customer   the differences of the product, its advantages and why the customer should buy it in this store and not in another one, even if the product is more expensive than on other stores. If the customer is reluctant to buy it, the seller can always make an offer to try to convince the customer and not lose the sale. This is a significant advantage, as good dealers will be able to convince their customers to spend more money on the products they are selling.

On the internet, this direct relationship with the buyer doesn’t exist, so you will have to use other means to encourage purchases.

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Discount coupons, the best weapon to completing a sale

Many people believe that online shopping is impulsive, but this is not always entirely true. If you could trace how many times your customers accessed your site before making a purchase, you would be   surprised to see how much people can be unsure, especially when buying more expensive products or services.

To encourage the purchase, the best option that exists today is the creation of promotional coupons.

When your customers are not sure if they should buy a product, if they are going to use it or not, if they can afford it, a discount coupon can become the ultimate boost to lead the user to finalize the purchase process. The person is already interested in buying the product but is not yet sure about buying it from you. Maybe the customer is not sure he should spend that much money on the product you are offering. But this client wants to get the product, so if you offer him a discount coupon, explaining that he can   buy it for a lower price, he will be even more tempted and likely will end up paying for it.

Sectors where coupons work best

If you want to create a promo for a product, for instance on a smartphone, you won’t have the option of offering a large discount, because, given the competition that exists in online sales and the price you already paid for the product, the margins tend to be very tight.

However, if you want to do a special promotion or offer a coupon for a service or an info product, for example, you could offer more aggressive discounts, because you usually didn’t buy what you are offering; you would only be making less money.

Main sectors where to apply promotional coupons:

► Products

As we just explained, virtual stores usually can offer small discounts, due to tight profit margins.

These discounts tend to focus on getting new customers. Usually, the idea is to try to create engagement with them and perhaps sell them other products later, working with email marketing or with cross-selling.

► Plans with a monthly subscription

Undoubtedly, these are one of the business models in which discount coupons work best.

This sector has an advantage because its income is recurrent, keeping the client active and paying their monthly or annual fee for the service being provided.

In this model, the price for attracting new customers is usually high, but you can work with different strategies because next month you will receive more money from the same user, since the customer will pay a subscription fee.

Hosting companies, for example, offer advantageous discount coupons for new customers as they know that if the service they offer is good, the customer will accept to renew the contract the following year and pay the standard price.

cupones descuento hosting

Mailrelay, for example, offers up to 75,000 free emails for new accounts, with the confidence that all customers with free accounts will, one day, purchase a paid plan when they need to work with a larger package.

► Infoproducts

Info products, so popular nowadays, are perfect for creating promotions based on discount coupons and bonuses.

The usual way of offering them is for a limited time, that is, you could take advantage of the launch of a new info product to offer an irresistible discount to leverage sales during the first few hours  or days. The prices are progressively increased, so the users will have to buy the product as fast as possible, because the longer they wait, the more they will have to pay for the same product.

Undoubtedly, it is the most powerful promotional tool for this type of products that many users are creating.

If you are a content creator when launching an info product, you will have to work hard for some time while you are creating your course, but later, when you are selling it, almost 100% of the amount paid by your customers will be profits. As you don’t have to pay for each info product you are selling, you can create promotions with great discounts whenever you want to increase the number of sales.

► Services

Finally, another industry that works hard on discount coupons is undoubtedly the service industry.

If you are offering services in low seasons or when you have a lower labor demand, you can take advantage to offer discounts to your customers and increase your revenue in these difficult times.

How to offer discount coupons

The way to offer coupons and discounts may vary depending on your needs. However, we will give you some suggestions to help you:

► Specialized Platforms

If you are willing to offer the coupons permanently, the best option is to make your coupons available to your customers on specialized websites where they can find the best coupons for each store.

When your customers reach the last step of the shopping cart and find the option to insert a coupon, if they have any doubt about whether or not to finalize the purchase, they will be much more tempted to click the button to buy, because they will know that they can find a coupon and Save some money. It is a critical psychological factor that offers very good results.

► Pop-up when the visitor is leaving the page

cupones descuento popup

Another widely used strategy is to display a popup with a coupon when the user moves the mouse to close the browser. If he has not yet completed the request, the popup will offer him a coupon. This way you will have one last attempt to persuade him to close the deal.

► Retargeting

If you install the Facebook pixel in your online store, for example, you can display ads with special promotions on the social network, with reminders about the products that customers visited and a special promotion for these items.

Email marketing

By working with email, you can send special promotions to your users whenever you want to create a new marketing campaign.

The first promotion should always be sent for abandoned carts. If a customer abandoned the purchase before paying, but he typed his contact info on your site, you should try to convince him to return to his abandoned shopping cart, motivating him with a promotion for a limited time.

On the other hand, if you have a contact database in your company, you can always send them special promotions at specific times, when you are interested in selling more.

How to increase your contact base? Very simple, offering a discount coupon for visitors who agree to subscribe to your newsletter, as do many companies.

descuento zalando

As you can see, coupons are a potent tool for increasing your sales steadily. You can also use them to increase your revenue at specific times when you are not selling enough to pay your bills.

If you are not yet using that strategy in your business, don’t wait, try and analyze your results.

Xabier Prada

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