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Checklist for a successful email campaign

Published by Mailrelay on July 18, 2017


Do you have to send an email marketing campaign? So check out this list of essential points for your newsletter to be a success.

You should not send a campaign without testing it.

There is a process you should follow, and a checklist you will have to keep with you.

Even small adjustments can help to improve the results.

That, step by step, is what we are going to talk about today in this small guide.

Let’s get started?

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► Check the technical settings

Although this is the first step and you probably have already reviewed them, if this is not your first campaign, before sending a newsletter, you must confirm that the technical settings are correct.

So we can have the best results possible.

What should we check?

There are many things, don’t worry, namely:

  1. SPF
  2. Custom Domain
  3. DKIM

Reviewing SPF and DKIM is very easy, just send a test email using Mailrelay to a Gmail account.

After receiving the email, you can open the message, and in the menu, just select the Show Original option:

gmail mostrar original

By clicking on this screen, you will see another screen.

In this screen, you will have information about the status of the DNS settings:

estado configuraciones emailing

This makes it very easy to know the status of these settings. If they are not configured correctly, you can use these resources:

  1. Setting up SPF
  2. And DKIM
  3. Custom domain
  4. If you have questions about these settings, you can contact our support department.

All settings are necessary, if one of them is correct, it doesn’t mean you should not check the other ones as well.

It is the primary factor that will affect the success of your email marketing campaign.

Once the settings are correct, it’s time to move on to the next step.

► Analysis of previous campaigns

This is very important, so you don’t miss opportunities, as you can make small adjustments to improve your results.

For example, reviewing the advanced statistics of a newsletter:

mejores horas emailing

We can see what time the message received more clicks.

From this information, we can try to adjust the time the campaign will be sent, or try other options to get better results.

Remember that in Mailrelay, you can set the time your newsletter will be sent.

It is also important to review the links.

enlaces emailing

Calls to action and links are crucial.

In the previous image, you can see the secondary CTA  for an email marketing campaign.

It is interesting to test and make changes so that you can know if there is a possibility of further improving the results of the next campaigns.

► Campaign Goals

Before each campaign, you must define your goals, which can be highly variable:

  1. Promote blog content
  2. Send important news about the company
  3. Create a survey
  4. Sell products or services
  5. Etc.

The options are many and varied.

But we always recommend that every email should have a unique purpose.

It’s much easier to work with content and layout following these steps:

  1. Create design and content more focused to achieve the goals of the campaign
  2. More targeted calls to action
  3. The results are more measurable

It usually simplifies the process and is easier to get results.

► Target the audience

Maybe you want to send the content of your blog to all your subscribers.

This is a natural segmentation, especially if your blog is about a particular theme, or several closely related, (as in the case of a blog related to online marketing).

However, there will be situations where it is best to segment the database:

  1. In case of different contents
  2. When creating a campaign to recover inactive subscribers
  3. For those who work with e-commerce, it would be important to segment by category
  4. For interests
  5. For the same sending frequency

The segmentation must be related to the goals of your strategy, so your email marketing campaigns have the results you expect.

contenido que vamos a enviar

► The content you will send

Once you know your goal.

And the target audience.

You can start working on the content of the newsletter.

In the article:

► How to write a seller email step by step?

We explain in a clearer way all the steps for creating a newsletter.

But we can summarize the steps in these 8 questions based on a problem or need of your potential customer:

  1. What product or service solves the problem?
  2. How will the product solve it?
  3. Why is the product or service useful in solving the problem?
  4. Why is it the best solution for the customer than similar products created by the competition?
  5. Why is it an effective solution for the customer?
  6. What is the price or cost of the product or service?
  7. How can your clients measure its effectiveness?
  8. What happens if the user doesn’t like it  or can’t get the expected results?

In this way, it will be possible to orient the contents of your newsletters correctly.

And this should not be done only in sales emails.

Any article from your blog that you wish to share may also answer to these questions.

► Preparing email design

We have the goal, the targeting, and the content.

The next step is to create a design for the newsletter.

I recommend you don’t complicate too much and prepare something simple, using a template.

It’s easy to edit a template; you just need to replace the text and images to create your newsletter and you can get good results.

Try to focus on the goals of the newsletter.

Remove all items that don’t contribute at all to understanding the message and are not critical to achieving the purpose of the newsletter.

► Run tests

Before sending the campaign to the mailing list, it is essential to send the email to different accounts, to make the necessary changes. When the campaign has been sent, you will no longer be able to make any other changes to the message.

The more tests you run, the better, so you can check:

  1. How the email will be displayed on multiple email clients (as you may notice small variations)
  2. Whether or not it will land in the inbox.
  3. And if the desired message will be transmitted (when reading the email, you may have to make changes to the text to make the message clearer)

Ideally, you should test with different email clients and devices.

► SPAM Test Evaluation Tools

In addition to sending test emails to other emails, you can send them to tools that can generate a newsletter SPAM report.

For example:

  1. Mail-tester
  2. Mailrelay Verifier
  3. Mailrelay’s spam score system

It is important to get as much information about the campaign as possible, whether it will be considered as SPAM, or if there is any other problem that may be affect the results:

valoracion de spam

The fewer problems, the better the chances of getting good results in your email marketing campaigns.

Therefore, it is important to review everything before sending the newsletter to your database.

►A/B Tests

This is another of the most important features offered by Mailrelay to help you get good results. You can do A/B tests with:

  1. Subjects
  2. Senders

So you can send the final newsletter using the information about which version of the subject or sender works best:

test a/b

It’s an extra help to maximize the results of your campaigns, because you will have additional statistical data with information about which subject or sender works best, and you can send the newsletter with the best results to the rest of your subscribers.

► Delivery speed

This is a setting that almost nobody checks, but it can also be useful for improving the results.

It is about changing the delivery speed.

In the Settings menu -> sending speed, You can reduce this value and check the results.

In general, if you don’t need your  emails delivered quickly, I recommend using a lower speed.

Try it!

In short

If you follow these tips, it will be easier to create successful email campaigns, using a methodology that has already been tested in campaigns of various styles.

Just apply these techniques which will help you achieve your goals.

I hope this article will be helpful!

Jose Argudo

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  1. pablo

    saludos José como puedo personalizar el email o newsletter para que aparesca el nombre de las personas receptora del correo. Ejemplo: Saludos José

    24/07/2017 - 19:31:34 Publicar una respuesta
    • Mailrelay

      ¡Hola Pablo! Para eso debes utilizar la etiqueta [name], por ejemplo: Saludos [name] y así al enviar se sustituye.

      25/07/2017 - 07:57:10 Publicar una respuesta
  2. Edgar Rosell

    Hola José, yo si creo en los mailings, pero lo que no se es a cuantos correos se pueden enviar con tu plataforma ?, cual es el costo ?, y donde me recomiendas conseguir correos actuales de los gerentes de marketing, gerentes de compras en Perú.
    Saludos y gracias por la información

    22/07/2017 - 00:11:32 Publicar una respuesta
    • Mailrelay

      ¡Hola Edgar! Puedes ver los detalles sobre precios en la página de precios 🙂 La mejor forma de conseguir correos de gerentes creo que puede ser bien en Linkedin o bien en AdWords

      22/07/2017 - 08:22:31 Publicar una respuesta
  3. Juan F Maza

    Hace poco os descubrí buscando una aplicación de mailing para un cliente. La verdad que estoy encantado con el programa y la facilidad de uso y sobre todo, con el apoyo de los articulos y tutotiales.
    Muchas gracias y buen trabajo

    20/07/2017 - 09:04:38 Publicar una respuesta
  4. Ismael Castilla

    Hola Jose, gracias por tus post, cada uno de ellos son un máster.
    En unas semanas iniciaremos una serie de campañas de email. Todos los email contienen un link que redirigen a los lectores a un post (como haces tu) y ese post contiene un formulario para que deje su teléfono y podamos llamarlo. Este formulario lo haremos con mailrelay y aparte de poner en marcha el autorespondedor y almacenarse los datos en la base de datos de mailrelay quiero que llegue a mi email un correo electrónico notificandome que alguien dejo su teléfono y así llamarlo rápidamente.
    ¿Como puedo hacer esto con mailrelay?
    Muchas gracias por tu respuesta

    19/07/2017 - 16:35:13 Publicar una respuesta
    • Mailrelay

      ¡Hola Ismael! Si son emails nuevos si te llegará el aviso (lo puedes poner en configuración), pero si ya son existentes no hay notificación.

      19/07/2017 - 21:41:49 Publicar una respuesta

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