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How to Integrate Content Locker Pro and WP Subscribe Pro with MailRelay?

Published by Micheli on August 1, 2017

Building an effective email marketing list should be your number #1 priority since it allows you to sell products directly to your customers. If you have not begun building your email list, you are making a grave mistake. Although, if you are already building your email marketing list, you need to embrace the right techniques and tools that will skyrocket the number  of subscribers who join your email list every day.

Building an effective email marketing list takes time, but with the right tools; you can quickly and easily accelerate your list building by a hundred times. Content  Locker Pro and WP Subscribe Pro are two highly valuable list building plugins that will increase your list from zero to hundreds and thousands of subscribers within a short time.

Content Locker Pro and WP Subscribe Pro are among the most popular WordPress plugins for efficient list building. Both plugins are actively used by thousands of  professional bloggers who want to significantly increase the conversion rate of regular visitors to loyal customers.

Content Locker Pro, in particular, gives you the opportunity to grow your social media followers and increase the sharing of your content as well as build an email  marketing list. Content Locker Pro has been extensively used by several bloggers who have reported a sharp increase in the number of shares their content received. It is thus the most efficient WordPress  social list building plugin in the industry.

WP Subscribe Pro remains the most valuable list building WordPress plugin that delivers the highest conversion of regular website visitors to buying customers.

It has a broad range of useful features that work perfectly to optimize your visitor’s subscription experience. WP Subscribe Pro has been recommended by leading professional bloggers as an excellent list building  plugin.

Integrating both WP Subscribe Pro and Content Locker Pro with MailRelay is very easy. Both plugins are designed to seamlessly integrate with MailRelay, and it takes  a few minutes to set them up. The following are step by step guides of integrating each of these plugins with MailRelay.

How to integrate Content Locker Pro with MailRelay?

Content Locker Pro is a premium plugin by MyThemeShop which helps you to get more social shares and email leads in return for viewing particular content on your   WordPress website.

In this post, we will learn how to integrate the MailRelay mailing service with Content Locker Pro so that you can generate and save email leads that are generated  when a user sign ups using social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc. or their email to view the locked content on your website.

Please follow the following steps for the same:

Step 1:

Login to your WordPress Dashboard

Step 2:

Hover to Content Locker and click on “Settings.”

Step 3:

Click on “Subscription Options,” click the drop-down to “Add Newsletter Service” and select “MailRelay” from the Mailing Service drop-down.

Step 4:

Enter the necessary details such as the API Key, Host Address etc. Select the appropriate list from the mailing service which you want to use to save the leads.

Save changes in the end.

You can get the API key on your Mailrelay panel, clicking on Settings -> API key -> Generate API key. Your host is your account without http://

Step 5:

To save the emails, enable the “Save Email” option for each of the required service. You can make the changes by going to the “All Lockers” section and then enable the “Save Email” option for each of the social accounts and email. This would save the email address which the user will use to sign in to their social account to unlock the locked content on your  website.

Here is another snapshot for the same:

Step 6:

To check the integration, create a test “Sign-In Locker” to lock the content.

Step 7:

Preview the post. Add a test email to sign in via Email and unlock the content.

Step 8:

Once you have unlocked the content, go to “Leads” and check whether the test email that you had entered is recorded or not. If the lead is recorded, congratulations,  the MailRelay integration is working fine with the Content Locker Pro.

So that’s how you can record more leads using the Content Locker Pro along with MailRelay. Later on, you can use the leads for your email marketing campaigns.

How to integrate WP-Subscribe Pro with MailRelay

WP Subscribe Pro is a premium WordPress plugin by MyThemeShop which enables you to record your subscriber data and grow your email list.

The plugin can integrate with many mailing services like MailRelay, Sendgrid, and MailChimp etc.

Now, you will learn how to integrate MailRelay with WP-Subscribe Pro. The integration is simple and takes a few steps to setup.

WP-Subscribe Pro enables you to integrate both, the widget and the pop-up form with the required mailing service.

Please follow the following steps to integrate the WP-Subscribe Pro widget with the MailRelay service.

Step 1:

Login to your WordPress Dashboard

Step 2:

Hover to Appearance and click on “Widgets.”

Step 3:

If the widget is not available, first add the widget from the “Available Widgets” section to the required section (Sidebar or Footer) and then follow the below steps.

Go to the WP-Subscribe Pro Widget and select the service as “MailRelay.” Enter the necessary details such as API Key, Host Address, etc. Save the settings in the end.

Step 4:

Now preview the website and check by entering the necessary details in the front end. You have successfully enabled and integrated WP-Subscribe Pro widget with MailRelay.

This will successfully pass the subscriber details to MailRelay through WP-Subscribe Pro.

You can also integrate the service for the WP-Subscriber pop-up form too.

To integrate the service with the pop-up form, please follow these steps:

Step 1:

In your WordPress Dashboard, hover to “Settings” and click on “WP-Subscribe Pro.”


Step 2:

Enable “Popup” and click on “Popup Content.”

Step 3:

Select the service as “MailRelay” and fill the other necessary details such as the API key, Host Address etc. Save the changes in the end.

Step 4:

You can check the same using the popup form on the front end.

That’s it.

You have successfully integrated WP-Subscribe Pro pop up form with MailRelay.

Finally, you can now begin building your email marketing list with both Content Locker Pro and WP Subscribe Pro together with MailRelay.

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  1. Juan Ramón Navas

    Dos pegas que considero importantes.
    En el momento en el que un usuario envía su correo electrónico y este se incorpora en nuestra base de datos o en Mailrelay (incluso aunque no active su suscripción), es necesario que haya aceptado nuestra política de privacidad (LOPD) porque ya se realiza un tratamiento de datos.
    Además estos plugins no permiten solicitar el nombre del suscriptor, clave para enviar correos con al menos un saludo personalizado.
    Un saludo!

    30/10/2017 - 21:48:34 Publicar una respuesta
    • Mailrelay

      ¡Toda la razón Juan! Vamos a tratar los temas de la nueva legislación más en detalle, y efectivamente estas cosas ya no se van a poder hacer. Al menos en España, el contenido sigue siendo útil para otras legislaciones, eso sí.

      31/10/2017 - 08:11:16 Publicar una respuesta
  2. Yeison Manrique

    Recomiendo implementar estos Plugins para los sitios Web. Permiten obtener nuevos clientes.
    Yeison Manrique
    Ing. Sistemas

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