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How to prepare an effective HTML sales email?

Published by Mailrelay on September 7, 2017

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Today we are going to prepare a small HTML sales email, with all the elements needed for creating an efficient HTML newsletter.

This article is, in fact, the continuation of an earlier post titled as How to create a  seller email, in which we analyze the content, the message that should be included in a sales email.

In the previous article, we talked mainly about the content that would have to be included, the questions you should answer to create a sales email and how to structure it correctly.

If you didn’t read that article, I recommend you do that before you start with this one.

If you have already done so, we can continue with the article today!

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# How was the sales email?

At the end of the previous article, we saw an example of an email.

When finished, it looked something like:

►Example of a Sales Email

Subject: Send newsletters efficiently and increase your sales (1 .- Solution for the  problem)

Mailrelay is a powerful tool that allows you to send and manage your contacts, create beautiful designs and send your newsletter, with advanced statistics of all your campaigns. (2. How the problem can be solved)

Email marketing is one of the online marketing tools with the highest return on investment (3. Why the product is useful for resolve the problem) and Mailrelay is especially effective because:

  1. It provides the best features even for free accounts 2 It has a  team of professionals in email marketing
  2. Free autoresponders
  3. Advanced Statistics
  4. Ease of use
  5. Smart delivery to improve delivery rates

(4. Why is it better than other products)

More than 93% of users positively value our technical support service. You can enjoy the best technical support, even For free accounts (5. Why it is an effective solution for the customer)

Create your free account now, and you can send up to 75,000 emails for free every month

For a list of up to 15000 subscribers (6. What is the price)

Send your free email marketing campaigns and see for yourself the advantages of our system. (7. How can you measure its effectiveness)

No compromise and no risk (8. And if the customer can’t get the expected results)

As an example of the content of a sales email, it was fairly complete, wasn’t it?

Now let’s see how to create the email design.

# Preparing a simple HTML email

As you probably know, I’m not a fan of using overly complicated email templates.

I prefer clearer, more straightforward designs.

They don’t require many complications, they are easy to edit, and therefore when the subscriber receives it, he will know what he should do with the email.

Without thinking about what he should do.

If users have to think about what to do with the email, you are on the wrong path.

So what we are going to do now is insert the content of the example that we saw earlier, in an HTML email.

And for that, I will follow the steps that we saw in the article:

Creating a simple HTML newsletter

I recommend you read that article as well, as it has relevant information which we will use today.

In the previous article, we have seen all the codes that you can use in a newsletter. Now, let’s see how you could create the email using the HTML, with an email created to sell more.

Following these indications, I have prepared a design like what you can see in the following image:

  1. Reviewing the example

Looking at that example, you will see that it answers the questions that we saw in the previous article:

  1. What product or service solves the problem?
  2. How will the problem be solved?
  3. Why is our product or service efficient in resolving the problem?
  4. Why is it a better solution for the customer than competitive products?
  5. Why is it an effective solution for the client?
  6. What is the price or cost of the product or service?
  7. How can you measure its effectiveness?
  8. What happens if the client doesn’t like it or doesn’t get the expected results?

► And although it doesn’t look visually fantastic, it has some advantages:

  1. It can be read quickly (Most people don’t have time to read a long message)
  2. The email goes straight to the point
  3. It has an easy-to-read structure
  4. And a clear and visible call to action

If what you want is to create a sales email, you don’t have to do anything more complex.

Of course, there are more complex HTML email templates, but I would only recommend using one of them in case it is necessary to show the product in detail.

That is, if the customer needs to see the product, it might be necessary to include more images.

But adding images doesn’t mean that we should complicate the design, see for instance:

Another example of email in HTML

That email answers other questions than those we have discussed before.

Because it is aimed at people, who have already bought it.

And therefore, it is not necessary to have to give more advanced explanations.

However, as you can see it has a simple structure.

No complications:

  1. Logo
  2. Image
  3. Text describing the product
  4. And a call to action

In that case, less is more.

Basics for preparing an efficient email

Well, let’s look at the aspects that I consider fundamental:

Use HTML when contributing something to the design: To include images, a logo and to create more visible buttons

But use as much text as possible: don’t replace everything with pictures. The text is necessary for correct delivery of the message and to convey the promotion or information

Use lists: for the most important concepts to be clear, such as a list of features or advantages of the product you are offering

The call to action should be visible: this is fundamental, the call to action should be as visible as possible

Answer the customer’s questions: so that he has the necessary confidence to buy, you must respond all his questions and doubts

But keep the message simple: if you notice that the email is too long, leave the less relevant information for the landing page

With this, I believe that we deal with the most important points.

Would you like to add another one?


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