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How to differentiate opt-out requests from different senders and send them by email

Published by Noé Soriano on September 15, 2017

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With this improvement, we can automatically notify opt-out requests to customers/senders, without the need to resend these notifications manually or giving them access to the Mailrelay  panel.


If you send newsletters with only an email address, that change is not relevant.

As always, if you have the email notification of unsubscribe request option enabled on your panel, on “Settings / Email notifications.”

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You will receive a notice when a subscriber requests to stop receiving the newsletters.

The problem was, for example, for an agency or a company with several departments, when they had to send a different email address .

In the panel, you can see which newsletter originated The request, but it was not possible to give access to all these customers, logically. The only option to notify them was by doing it manually, which was difficult for companies sending a high number of campaigns.

With this enhancement, the unsubscribe report will include the sender who originated the request so that you can forward the message to each company.

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To do this automatically, you just need to set up a redirect rule on your email client that will redirect any email received, when the message contains the last phrase of the report, which will be something like:

“The sender of the sending that generated the request was”:

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Before we finish, a few remarks:

  1. For the filter to work, the opt-out notifications option should be enabled.
  2. The process will not function if the opt-out is done using a test newsletter, only for a real campaign.
  3. Always use the last sentence of the report, it may vary depending on the user’s language.

Noé Soriano

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