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How to plan email campaigns for the end of the year?

Published by Jonatan Botello on September 19, 2017

planificar los correos masivos

How important is it to create a differentiated strategy? Will this help increase conversion rates or is it just a myth?

The answer is yes: it’s important to plan your marketing strategy for those dates. In this article, I will talk about this topic in depth. Would you like tips for your email campaigns for the end of the year?

I have written a post on the Mailrelay blog about sending email marketing and the importance of doing it correctly to prevent emails from being considered as spam.

A correct email marketing strategy could bring you surprising results.

In fact, it could become one of the best alternatives for generating conversions.

Proof of that is the big brands, which are constantly sending email marketing to their subscribers.

However, many small businesses, because they are working with a new strategy, end up not optimizing the processes correctly.

But of course, if large enterprises are doing it, it is because it works for them, right?

The important point is that this strategy may also work for you. And if we talk about sending email campaigns for the end of the year, much more.

But the question is, why planning email campaigns for the end of the year is so important? This strategy is critical to being in front of your competitors and increasing sales.

But how could you plan your email campaigns for the end of the year and when will it be the best time to do it? That question, undoubtedly, is one of the most important ones, because, if you do it too late, certainly you will not get the same results.

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The first steps in planning your email campaigns for the end of the year one of the clearest things to keep in mind is that you always need to do a market study.

And within that same survey, you should also research your competitors.

So your first step is to study your competitors to know what they are doing, how they are doing it and what they want to achieve.

But of course, how to study them if they interact with their subscribers via email avoiding any possibility of Discovering what their strategy is?

Sometimes there is not much mystery to study your competition.

I’m sure you have subscribed to several newsletters because you were interested in receiving information about other products or services.

Well, that is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to study your Competition Through Email Marketing: Subscribing to the newsletter of these companies.

By doing this, you can see for yourself how they approach their subscribers, what titles and templates they use, at what days and hours they send the campaigns and, in short, everything they do. With that information, you can get lots of ideas to plan your strategy.

Also, I recommend that you visit their sites and see how they design their subscription forms, what they say and how they are creating calls to action.

That knowledge will be useful for your marketing efforts.

With that, do you think you already have the information you need to create your email marketing strategy for the end of the year? Of course, you don’t; there are more things to do.

If it were just that, everything would be effortless, wouldn’t you say so?

correos masivos

Prospective as a potential weapon for your marketing actions

In the previous section, I explained the first steps you could follow to plan the email marketing campaigns you intend to send to your subscribers during the end of the year.

And while it’s a useful and commendable method, it is not the only thing you could do to plan your email marketing strategy.

Also, possibly, if you just follow the first few steps, surely you could get conversions, but not in the way that you would like.

Because you would not be expanding your alternatives, which means your strategy could have scarce resources and options to give subscribers what they are looking for. Therefore, if your competitors have better planning, they may have far better results than yours, which apparently doesn’t interest you.

What interests you is making a difference with your email marketing, get more subscribers and increase conversions, or am I wrong?

At this point, an extraordinary alternative that many businesses and online entrepreneurs don’t employ the vision of the future.

They just focus on the present because it is when they want to generate new conversions and, in the past, because they try to think of everything they have learned.

However, although the future is uncertain and you may never know what will happen in the business world, you should always think about the future and try to forecast, as far as possible, scenarios and strategies.

And not just in email marketing, but in all marketing strategies that you want to implement in your company.

But the question is why? I’ll give you the reasons now:

  1. You can create promotions ahead of your competitors.
  2. You can innovate and do different things
  3. Your brand will be remembered before your competitors, so you could reach more potential customers without much difficulty.

But these are not the only major reasons.

There is a reason that could change everything, and in fact, it could make a difference.

If you are forecasting correctly and your subscribers are happy with your proposals, don’t doubt even for a moment that they will speak with other people about the benefits you brought to them, which can increase your email list exponentially thanks to their recommendations.

Consequence: new year, new influences. In other words: You could start the year very well because if you increase your email list, you will have more potential customers. And you know how important this aspect is for your company.

►How to forecast to create an effective email marketing campaign?

In fact, no answer could solve that challenge, because every company has its peculiarities.

Knowing your subscribers is vital. That’s why it’s so important to target your email list: to offer exactly what they want to receive.

In that context, you are the only one who has the solution. However, I will give you some ideas you can use in your planning.

Now, you should think about the following:

  1. What will be the significant events of the last months of the year?
  2. Will there be any discount? In what sectors will this situation happen?
  3. How will discounts and prices be stipulated?
  4. Is it worth offering discounts to your subscribers?
  5. And if it is not possible, what could you do instead?

To make things easier for you, in the last months of the year, we will have:

  1. Black Friday
  2. Cyber Monday
  3. Christmas

Certainly, there will be other events that I am not mentioning in this article, but this is just a guide to let you know that on these dates, if you know how to take advantage of your campaigns, you could increase your email list.

In all these events, you can take the opportunity to send them tempting offers that force your subscribers to act. And it doesn’t matter if you have an online store, a blog, a training website, among other options.

As I said before if you take advantage of these events by creating appropriate strategies for your business model, you could achieve great results.

I am convinced that if you are planning to send email marketing at the end of the year, you will be able to increase your email list.

However, it is possible that even though you have created things correctly, you may not have been able to increase your email list and sure you want to change this situation this year.

If you have a good list and high traffic of visitors on your web page, surely every day you get new subscribers. But of course, maybe at best you have a daily increase in 10-20 customers. And for you, that growth is slow. You want more clients in less time.

If you are wondering: But what can I do to increase my email list quickly, is that even possible? The answer is yes, and I will explain the steps you can take.

facebook ads

Facebook ADS: the key to viralize your email marketing campaigns

Facebook ADS and email marketing can work hand in hand. In fact, the above link is from a post written on Mailrelay, which explains what I just said.

Proof of this is that there are a multitude of advertising campaigns on Facebook where the goal is to get new subscribers.

It is not necessary to earn money directly with this social network because, as this famous phrase says, “The money is in the mailing list.”

But in this context, why? For you to understand better, I will give you two fundamental reasons:

  1. If you sell directly through Facebook, perhaps these customers will never buy again.
  2. If you get leads, they could buy multiple times because they will be on your mailing list.

More than enough reasons for you to do that.

Important: With this, I’m not saying that selling directly through Facebook isn’t a good option, but the other alternative may be more interesting, at least if we focus on the future (remember that, trying to understand the future is critical, and that is demonstrated here again.)

That said, Facebook ADS could be one of your great allies for getting more subscribers and advertise your promotions for the end of the year.

Remember that when creating campaigns on Facebook, you should review:

  1. Copywriting
  2. The design
  3. Call to action

If these three essential factors are not working correctly, all your efforts will be in vain. Don’t forget it.

Also, taking into consideration that investment in Facebook ADS is very lucrative, working correctly with all the aspects of your campaign is essential.

From here, it all depends on you. No one else.

Important Note: You could use other platforms to create online advertising campaigns, but from my point of view, Facebook ADS is The most economical option with the widest audience reach.

Summarizing concepts

At this point, before we finish the article, if you forgot any of the concepts, I will summarize them so that you remember and write them in a notebook or wherever you want, so that your next email marketing strategies will be more efficient.

If you want to send email marketing at the end of the year, please remember that:

  1. You should study your competitors. Find out what they do to call the attention of users
  2. Predict the future, review the most important events of the last months of the year and take advantage of them to increase your sales
  3. Create a campaign on Facebook to increase your email list and thus advertise your products or services for even more potential customers.
  4. If you start the year with more potential customers, it will be easier to increase your conversions

I think you already have the necessary guidelines to plan your email marketing strategy for the end of the year.

If you have never done this, it is normal for you to make some mistakes. In fact, it would be strange if it were not so. If so, you will gain at least some experience, knowledge, and finally, you will discover the formula that works for your business.

But to learn, you must first try to take a chance. That is life, and in business, you will have to test and fail.

Good luck with your new planning, your mailing list, you can be very successful with these tips.

How do you plan to send email marketing campaigns to your company for the end of the year?

Jonatan Botello

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