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How to send email marketing on special dates? Black Friday, World Shopping Day

Published by Mailrelay on November 6, 2017

envío de emails masivos

In this post, you will find a good guide for sending a newsletter on key dates to get more out of your mailing list.

The year is full of business events that we can work with, such as:

  1. Black Friday
  2. World shopping day
  3. Cyber Monday
  4. Christmas
  5. Valentine’s Day
  6. Etc.

The origins of these holidays can be varied, but the sales strategies we can apply could be similar or even the same, which is why this article will be useful for all these situations.

Are you creating special campaigns for these dates?

This is the best time to sell!

¡Envía hasta 75.000 emails gratis!

I didn’t have time to plan! Maybe I’ll send something next year.

Don’t panic.

You already have everything you need to send a newsletter; you just need To be willing to work and create a sales campaign. Essentially, we will work with:

  1. Our mailing list
  2. An Email Marketing Service
  3. A tool like Canva to handle the images we’re going to use
  4. And, optionally, a landing page tool such as Unbounce

And nothing more.

The rest is just about organizing and planning.

What is the first thing I recommend you do?

· Review the statistics of your previous email marketing campaigns


We will have to study the previous campaigns. Mailrelay offers advanced statistics with lots of information about open and click rates, best days for sending emails, etc. This way, we can check:

  1.  The subject lines that worked best for us in the past
  2.  the open and click rates we can expect
  3.  Best times and days of the week to send emails
  4.  And, in general, the status of our subscriber list

In fact, if you have a CRM or web store like Magento or Prestashop, you could also study information on the best buyers and even create segments to send discounts and exclusive promotions to your most loyal customers. Anyway, all this information can give us clues as to how we could prepare our next campaign.

·  And the status of your subscriber list.

As we want to create a newsletter to take advantage of these events and increase our sales, we would prefer to send the campaign to as many subscribers as possible. That is what most people believe should be done.

But actually that is not true. More subscribers won’t mean more sales; we should separate our email list into smaller segments and send our offering to the best customers only. We can work with different promos or strategies, but our inactive customers should never receive the same message our loyal users will get.

It’s true that we want to talk to as many people as possible about our deals, but inactive contacts could affect our strategy and our results.

We have talked about this topic on other occasions; you should always target your email list and send the appropriate newsletter for each buyer persona.

Yes, you should try selling to more customers as long as this doesn’t harm your digital marketing strategy.

As a minimum, you should separate your contacts between active subscribers and inactive customers. You can do that easily if you are working with an email marketing service like Mailrelay.

newsletter de oferta

·  Prepare the promotion

Events like Black Friday or World Shopping Day generate a lot of engagement and expectation, and we can take advantage of that in several ways:

  1. We can sell more products
  2. But we can also promote engagement
  3. Or we can promote our brand to more people

Any of these options could help us sell more.

However, there is one thing I would like to highlight:

You should make it clear that your promotions are real and the regular price is much higher.

The problem of using a discount as your primary strategy is that it could change the perception of the usual price of the product. If something is much cheaper, some customers might suspect the authenticity of the offer.

If your customers believe you are desperate to sell, they will always wait before buying from you to see if they can pay less for the products they want to buy.

What can we do then?

Well, in my opinion, we have several options for creating and advertising these promotions:

  1. Offer a very low price, but clearly show that the standard value of the product is much higher
  2. Or offer other advantages like free shipping
  3. Sell products in a bundle. When you create packages with similar products and fantastic discounts, you can create the perfect promotion, and it’s almost impossible to resist the offer.
  4. Offer exclusive discounts to those who buy more than one product.
  5. Sell a different version of the discounted product or service, with fewer extras, for example (I don’t like this strategy very much, but it could be a very effective option for some specific situations)
  6. Etc.

As you want to sell more, you can lower the price of your product. This is a legitimate sales strategy widely used by many companies. However, you can also take advantage of these newsletters to improve your branding strategy.

Newsletters de venta

· Triggers and Security

If you want to reach your customers during these special dates when people are being bombarded with promotions and products; you will have to find clever ways to “tinker” with the minds and emotions of  your customers:

The feeling of urgency

Add pressure to force your customers to act quickly. If you do it correctly, this could be very advantageous. They should buy:

  1. As soon as possible
  2. Without meditating too much
  3. And without comparing many offers

If you can convince your customers that they can’t wait because the deal will be available for a short time; they will have to decide quickly whether they will buy the product or not. Doing this can help improve your sales, as long as you don’t do the same thing every  time you create a new sales campaign.

But we can apply other techniques to encourage our customers to buy:

  1. Show the top benefit your customers will get if they buy from you
  2. Build trust by showing other customers who trusted the product and are satisfied with the results
  3. Compare your product with what your competitors are offering
  4. Customize the promotion for a specific customer profile
  5. Show that if he misses this opportunity, he will have to buy another product and spend more money

These are just some of the strategies we can use to sell more. In addition to that, you will need to build trust and show that the purchasing process is fast and safe:

  1. You should work with a professional, cleanly designed website. Pay special attention to creating sales pages with clear and well-structured information.
  2. Show that the buying process is secure, with SSL, etc.
  3. Clearly explain the delivery process and work only with reliable freight companies
  4. Set a safe return policy, so customers are not afraid to trust your online store.
  5. Whenever possible, offer longer-term return options (keep in mind that many customers will buy Christmas gifts in advance, for instance).

All of these elements have to help us show that our customers can trust us so that they won’t have too many questions about the purchase and together with the feeling of urgency we can convince them to buy it as soon as possible.

Visual Elements

diseñar la imagen de la newsletter de oferta

· Create a captivating image for your promotion

You could use software like Canva to handle your images because it has many free options. The header image should be especially beautiful.

Remember that we don’t have to add too many images in our newsletters.

That’s why we don’t need very advanced software. With Canva, we can prepare a header that will:

  1. Summarize the offer or promotion
  2. Add a call to action

We don’t need anything else; we shouldn’t complicate things.

Keep in mind that these promotions for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other special occasions are world-famous events, and so we don’t need to explain why we are sending a sales newsletter, the subscriber, and the potential customer knows that he’s receiving a sales email so that we can get right to the point.

At this point, if you already know what you will send, you have optimized the images that you will use and have already planned an attractive promotion, it’s time to start creating your email campaign.

·  A super simple newsletter design

You don’t have to worry about your campaign design either.

You should only create a clean layout with beautiful colors and relevant information, as your goal is to convince readers to visit your landing page.  You are creating a sales email; you don’t have to send an informative newsletter.

Before you start writing your newsletter, you should learn how to create an effective email marketing campaign. Remember you will be competing with many other companies, so you will have to be extremely careful.

If you can, we recommend reading some articles from our blog as we are always posting technical content about email marketing and sales strategies.

·  A/B testing and a plan B

You should not only worry about creating a newsletter; your landing page is equally important.

That’s why whenever possible we should use a tool like Unbounce that allows us to test various designs, texts, messages, calls to action, etc. That way, we can maximize our results without much effort.

And besides that, we can use the typical popup that will be displayed when visitors try to leave the page and show an even better offer or a different promotion, or emphasizing how long the offer will last.

Believe it or not, these pop-ups are very useful and can help us attract potential customers who are not yet convinced or who need more information.

It is not difficult to create one of them, and the results can be very positive. I would always recommend adding this setting to your landing pages.

·  When to submit these promotions?

According to ReasonWhy Google indicates that:

90% of searches related to Black Friday are done before this day. You should not forget this when planning your sales strategy.

Also, two out of three consumers report that they have not yet decided what they will buy when they started searching for products, although women are generally more clairvoyant than men.

Therefore, it would be better to send our emails a few days before these dates when our potential customers are searching for products, comparing options, and mainly trying to find deals and lower prices. Most customers will be happy to receive a sales email with a good deal.

The time is now!

· A final consideration

There are many important discount dates throughout the year:

  1. Black Friday
  2. Cyber Monday
  3. World shopping day
  4. Christmas
  5. Valentine’s Day
  6. Easter
  7. Mother’s Day / Father’s Day
  8. Summer Sale

And many other dates, which may vary depending on country, religion, and culture.

That’s why we have to plan our email marketing campaigns well.

We must understand our audience to know when we can send promotions, but without overdoing it, because, on the one hand, we can’t always be selling, this would annoy our subscribers, and they would stop reading our emails.

But on the other hand, we have to keep in mind that our competitors can take advantage of these occasions to advertise their deals and promotions.

And we don’t want our customers to opt for our competitors.

So we should find a waypoint and test things out, to make changes and, above all, study the statistics of our campaigns to see how things are evolving.

·  But don’t miss these occasions to create a newsletter.

We are all used to receiving more emails during these times, so as long as you target your mailing list, you will have no problem with dissatisfied subscribers.

So without exaggerating, we also have to take advantage of that.

You should always plan ahead and segment your mailing lists.

An interesting offer with a specific purpose (like selling, branding, etc.) and simple, clean newsletter design.

Of course, not forgetting to include the necessary calls to action, impactful phrases and optimized images.

Don’t complicate things, do your best and think about your subscribers first. If you are sure that you are offering a good deal, you will certainly sell more than if you had not sent any email.

Wait no more, start creating your newsletter right now!

The dates of these promotions are almost over, but we still have time to take advantage of them.


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