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Super 5 digital marketing tips for small and medium businesses

Published by Micheli on November 9, 2017

Would you like your company to grow with the help of the Internet?

If your answer is yes; you can’t miss the digital marketing tips for small and medium businesses that we prepared to help in the growth of your business.

The Internet offers opportunities for all types of companies, either to find new markets, new customers or search for new suppliers.

Digital marketing is not just an extravagant term in the business world. In fact, it is a perfect strategy to be implemented every day in small and medium enterprises, so you have a profitable and competitive business.

The idea of digital marketing is to allow your company, and also your brand, to be known and remembered in the market. Also, it is a useful method for capturing leads and customers, allowing your website to be found by who matters: People who are interested in the products or services that your company offers.

Digital marketing has gained relevance with the growth of social networks and with the possibility that small and medium companies have to create their page quickly,  where they can talk about their brand, either through a blog or corporate website. And more: creating a viable option to get in touch with their audience through email marketing, for example, has helped many companies to retain their customers, establishing a more personal relationship with these users.

To better understand how you can use these strategies, we have separated 5 digital marketing tips for small and medium businesses that will surely make the difference and will help your business to conquer the market and, consequently, get new customers.

5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small and Medium Businesses

Email Marketing

An efficient  email marketing strategy is a  fundamental step for the creation of a corporate image and a strong brand, which means you should think about the message you want to send, how you will write it, and what you expect from your target audience.

Also called newsletter, email marketing is a strategy to awaken in the subscribers and customers, on a daily basis, the desire to consume the products and services offered by the company.

When used correctly, an email marketing strategy can make a difference in your business.

However, when creating an email marketing strategy, you should remember some aspects, such as:

  • You should know the best frequency to send your newsletters. If you are still starting, obviously you will not have sufficient data to determine the number of newsletters per month you should create, so it will be fundamental to work with an email marketing platform that offers statistics to measure the results of your campaigns.
  • Avoid extremes: Mainly while you have no conclusive data to determine the best frequency, it is best not to exaggerate, never send several newsletters per week. On the other hand, if you send just a few emails per year, many subscribers will end up forgetting your brand.
  • You should never buy mailing lists, mainly of dubious origin, such as lists sold with millions of subscribers you can find on the internet at very low prices. These databases may adversely affect the reputation of the sender domain and your brand in the market, which can cause your messages to be blocked by spam filters.

In addition, you should always add these elements in your email marketing campaigns:

  • A promotion that catches the attention of your subscribers.
  • The price of your product should be as competitive as possible and it is always best to add a direct and visible call to action.
  • Information on payment methods and return policy.
  • Easy-to-understand and professional design, with a responsive template.
  • Whenever possible, try to include gifts or special discounts for some products.

This direct contact with potential clients through the sending of newsletters will certainly differentiate your small or medium-sized business from other businesses.

Creating a Blog as a Digital Marketing Strategy for Small and Medium Businesses

It doesn’t matter if you already have a business website, creating a blog is essential for showing your products and services, and also to create a link between your company and your subscribers, to attract new customers.

The idea is to create exciting and informative content, that can be indexed by Google. But, to succeed with content creation, you should know thoroughly your subscribers, discovering what they are thinking and what they are looking for.

With this information, you will need to create exciting and relevant articles, for these subscribers, with advice and information that is related to products and services offered by your small or medium-sized company.

Your articles should be relevant in helping your customers to solve their problems, answer their doubts and questions and help your readers to grow. If your blog has purely promotional content, you will have fewer visits and even less interaction with these visitors.

To find out what your target audience wants to read, you can do a simple search, using Google tools, which can give you many answers.

Participation in Social Networks

If you want your company to be recognized and have a good relationship with customers, a digital marketing advice for small and medium businesses is to actively participate in social networks. You should use the ones where you can find your audience.

Today there are several existing social networks, some examples of success are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Linkedin
  • Wechat
  • QQ
  • Google+

Before this wide range of social networks and the possibility of approaching the target public, every small and medium company should have at least one profile in any of those platforms. With this simple action, your business will expand, attracting new customers.

But it is important to note that there is no magic, you will have to offer relevant information on your social networks, to create engagement. Depending on your free time, you could even think about the possibility of hiring a professional to manage your social network profiles.

It is essential to devote time to this, since if you just create a profile and don’t work actively to update it, you could get negative results, which would affect the image of your brand, as your potential customers would ask questions, and not receiving the answers they need, they would probably have a negative perception about your company.

Using AdWords

An interesting suggestion to add to the marketing strategy for small and medium businesses is the use of Google AdWords, for the creation of campaigns with paid links. These links are the ones you can see in the first few pages of Google.

Being in a prime location, you can get a lot more visits, but they are not organic visits, which means you could end up spending a lot of money if you only use  this option to get leads.

The amount you will pay will depend on several factors such as the quality of the ads, the keywords used and the regionalization of the campaigns, among many other rules defined by Google.

There are other platforms for creating paid campaigns, such as Facebook Ads, which offers the possibility to develop campaigns with a very low budget, but Google Adwords is among the best systems for increasing the number of customers in your company.

Accompany and measure results

The last super tip, but not less relevant, is to measure the results of your marketing campaigns and analyze what was the ROI of each action.

For this, you can use a business management software, the statistics of your email marketing software and Google Analytics.

Google offers other tools to manage your marketing strategy, but Analytics is the best option so you can understand if your subscribers are interested in the content you have published.

Did you like our article with the super digital marketing tips for small and medium businesses? If you have more suggestions; you can write them in the comments and help more entrepreneurs to improve their business.

Gabriela is a marketing analyst and copywriter at Gestaoclick, a business management software that helps thousands of companies in Brazil to organize and increase their sales daily. She has already won several student awards for her dedication and commitment.

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