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How to choose the best email marketing software? What large companies are looking for?

Published by Mailrelay on November 14, 2017

software para envío masivo de email

Choosing the best email marketing software is not always easy. That is why today I would like to publish a post that brings together what big companies value, when it comes to getting a new email marketing software.

Big companies have very demanding requirements for their campaigns so that we can extract very good advice from their experiences and evaluations.

At Mailrelay we have many successful cases from companies working with email marketing, with means we can learn a lot from them.

You should read this article before you start working with an email marketing software.

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► Upgrading the features of a software

Many companies use their own internal infrastructure to send their newsletters, servers, network, IPs, etc.

Although in many cases this seems to be cheaper, the truth is that it can become a problem.

As is the case of the British Hospital Montevideo:

Mailrelay has been a great help to us since the beginning. We started using the software for communications with our affiliates, and now we also use the system for many other purposes. Internal communication, newsletters, as well as for sending other emails.

Therefore, when choosing an email marketing tool, we should value well, our current needs.

But we should also keep in mind which processes we can optimize or develop, as internal communication in the case of the previous example.

Availability and speed of technical support

This is another critical aspect we should consider when choosing an email marketing software.

We need technical support.

It should be fast and efficient; this is very important.

As you can see with the example from Tucumán Turismo:

The service is great as well as the immediate attention when we need help, this is critical. This helped make our work more effective and by using Mailrelay we achieved our goals.

We have no problem managing the software, but it’s never too much to have a good support team that can help us at any given moment.

software para envío masivo de email

► Ease of use

We have commented before, but the ease of use is another factor that big companies and NGOs value a lot.

Despite having enough staff, they can’t spend months learning how to use the software; they want an online solution that any person can manage using an updated browser.

As indicated by the Cooperazione Internazionale:

· “Thanks to Mailrelay we were able to create and send attractive and personalized newsletters to all our employees, subscribers, and people interested in working with our organization in the Central African Republic.”.

Thanks to an easy-to-use tool, which has a good technical support, the company can dedicate itself to carry out its activity, and the marketing department can promote the NGO without having to worry about complicated technical questions.

► Strategic Assistance

In addition to the quality of email marketing software, most large companies appreciate that the technical team can help with their email marketing strategy.

This is something that directly influences the results.

As stated by DIT Gestión:

DIT Gestión stopped sending mass mailing campaigns and started to send email marketing, with all that this implies. It is essential to know your clients, to give them what they are looking for. And it is exactly at this point that Mailrelay was phenomenal.

This type of support specialized in email marketing strategy, positively affects the results of the campaigns, reducing costs and improving the results.

► Autoresponders

Creating unlimited autoresponders is a crucial resource for businesses of all sizes, as these emails are useful in many situations, but mainly to send an initial presentation or welcome message for new customers.

In this way, companies get communication that improves engagement and helps to generate conversations with subscribers. In addition to delivering what was promised in exchange for the subscription, with  a lead magnet, link or any content that will be relevant to the new subscriber.

This is the case of the Jason Floyd Golf Academy:

Our time is priceless. Working with Mailrelay, we can schedule emails at all times, offering more personalized support to all our customers, without having to worry about sending these messages manually.


►Help to get certifications

For very large sending volumes, it may be interesting to get certifications such as the one offered by Return Path.

However, that is not as simple as it sounds.

But a good technical support team, who knows all aspects related to email marketing and its requirements, can help a big company to get this and other certifications, as in the case of emotion:

Working with Mailrelay, we were able to get the Return Path certification, a renowned certifying entity, which required some very exhaustive work, but Mailrelay helped us to set up our account and improve  security and email delivery.

Without hesitation, I would recommend using Mailrelay.

This type of certification can be very useful for improving the delivery rate and reaching our goals.

Hence the importance of being able to obtain them when we need to send a massive number of emails each month.

► Detailed Reports

Campaign statistics help us make decisions, as well as know our customers and subscribers, to understand what they want to receive, as that will help us to adapt our email marketing strategy.

Lassart Media Group has positively rated the statistics offered by Mailrelay:

After switching to Mailrelay, we were able to gain time in creating and sending email marketing campaigns, as well as more control over our strategy, as we have detailed reports generated by the email marketing software.

Undoubtedly it is one of the things we have to look for and consider when choosing an email marketing software.

► High delivery rate

This is undoubtedly something essential, one of the most desirable features of any email marketing software. That is why it is vital to run the necessary tests, until you find the best email marketing system for your newsletters.

As we said before, a good technical support team with the knowledge to recommend the necessary settings will also be essential.

The Embassy of Uruguay in Mexico commented:

We work with the guarantee that the emails sent by our embassy will be received on time and securely to all intended recipients. Also, the technical support service is very agile.

► Smarthost and SMTP

Sometimes big companies don’t want to change their entire infrastructure, as they just want to set up an SMTP service or Smarthost, so they can continue working as before, but avoiding problems and sending queues.

This is the case of Tata Motors:

We use Mailrelay’s SmartHost service to avoid blocking the output connections. Also, we were able to save a lot of costs on servers and IPs. With Mailrelay the emails are sent without delays and securely.

software mailing

► What do large companies want to find in an email marketing software?

We can summarize that most marketing managers are looking for these points:

  1. Improve and optimize current resources
  2. Have fast and competent technical support
  3. Ease of use
  4. Strategic assistance
  5. Autoresponders
  6. Help to get certifications
  7. Detailed reports and statistics
  8. Good deliverability
  9. Smarthost and SMTP

These requirements are also valid for small and medium businesses, as well as entrepreneurs and startups, so I hope you have all the information you need to choose your email marketing software.


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  1. Precio

    Excelente articulos. Por supuesto que estas mismas ventajas que encuentran las grandes empresas son válidas para las empresas pequeñas como las nuestras.

    16/11/2017 - 07:05:31 Publicar una respuesta
    • Mailrelay

      ¡Gracias por el comentario! Efectivamente son ventajas que todas las empresas pueden aprovechar 🙂

      16/11/2017 - 08:29:48 Publicar una respuesta
  2. Juan

    Llevo utilizando Mailrelay unos meses con algunos clientes y están muy satisfechos del funcionamiento y yo también porque si a ellos les funciona, menos problemas para mi.

    15/11/2017 - 14:36:18 Publicar una respuesta
  3. Posicionamiento Web Salamanca

    Solo conozco Mairelay para el envío de emails a suscriptores, así que no puedo hablar de otros servicios similares.
    Mi experiencia con Mailrelay es positiva.

    14/11/2017 - 10:43:06 Publicar una respuesta

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