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Email marketing: Gmail VS Mailrelay

Published by The Social Media Family on November 15, 2017

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According to the data extracted from the report “The Marketing Toolsand sales and the use of CRM in Spanish companies in 2016, prepared by a software comparator in Spain and Latin America called SoftDoit, 77% of Spanish companies use email campaigns as a tool to attract customers, including the use of social networks.

This and other studies demonstrate the importance of email marketing as the cornerstone of a successful digital marketing strategy, as it is relevant for attracting new customers, increase our sales and create engagement with our consumers.

In the market, we have dozens of options, some very good, that will allow us to send newsletters to our database. Some of these systems only have a paid version, but there are free options that can help us to start our email marketing campaigns. So you need to decide which path you want to follow and for doing that, you will have to answer some questions:

  1. How much money can you spend on email marketing?
  2. Is it worth saving money and opting for a free tool?
  3. Or, in the end, what is cheap doesn’t actually work?

In this post, we will try to help you with this decision and to do that; we will give you two very different options. First, we are going to explain how you could send commercial emails using Gmail, which is a webmail known by everyone and free, which means you will not have to spend any penny. However, we also will talk about the limitations and disadvantages of this option. Alternatively, we’ll teach you how to create the same campaign with Mailrelay.

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Testing Gmail for Bulk Email

How to create a mass mailing campaign with Gmail?

In early 2016, Google revealed that its e-mail service, Gmail, had more than one billion active users per month.

So even if you are one of those people who doesn’t have a Gmail account, surely you have heard about this system. Among its most important features, Gmail offers the option to send a message to a list of emails manually, an option that you can use even without advanced knowledge. However, this system has certain limitations you should keep in mind before you start working on it.

Before talking about these limitations, let’s explain how to create an email campaign using Gmail:

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click the “Write Message” button to create a new email.
  3. Click “To,” and Gmail will open a field where you can add the contacts that will receive your message. This is where you can choose who you want to send the email to, selecting the addresses in the drop-down menu, you can choose “All the contacts “and click” Select all “to automatically mark all.
  4. After the contacts that will receive the email are selected, you can write the message like any other, that is, add a subject line, the content, attachments if desired, etc., and send it.

As you can see, mass mailing with Gmail is really simple and anyone could do it in a few minutes.

However, as we have explained, this service has some limitations that will undermine your strategy if you don’t take them into account.

5 reasons not to use Gmail to send email marketing

Email marketing is a potent tool to add to your marketing strategies, as we saw in the SoftDoit report.

So it’s very difficult for a free personal tool like Gmail to offer all the advanced features you would need for creating professional email campaigns

The aspects we will describe below have a common reason: google is continually fighting against spammers, trying to block them as soon as they will try a new strategy.

The company doesn’t want any users to receive unwanted messages, so they have created a tool that can be used for personal emails, but which doesn’t allow the use of the system for mass commercial messages, by adding several reasons:

  1. Sending limitationFirst of all, you should be aware that Gmail is a webmail service, that is, it was created and designed for sending emails between users for “personal” use. Also, an account only can send 500 messages per day, or, what is the same thing, the same message for 500 different email addresses? You will need to take this limitation into account when scheduling your newsletter, as Gmail will allow you to send emails again only 24 hours after you spend your limit. That is, if you send 500 emails on Monday at 6 pm, until Tuesday, at 18:00 you will not be able to use Gmail.
  2. Low deliverabilityAfter sending the campaign, you will need to become familiar with the terms “open rate” and “CTOR (click to open rates),” which would be, in other words, the percentage of users who clicked the CTA within the email. However, to get these numbers, you will need to “guess” whether the user has received your message. One of the biggest problems in sending commercial emails with Gmail is that your email, sometimes, will not even arrive in the inbox of your users. It is estimated that if the message limit per day is 500 emails, only half of these contacts will be likely to receive your newsletter.
  3. Customizing the message.Ideally, you should send more personalized messages, for instance addressing people by their name. The problem is that Gmail doesn’t offer an option for customizing the emails, so you will have to send the same email for all your contacts. To work around this problem, you could use the extension “Yet Another Mail Merge. “With this tool, you can connect a worksheet with Gmail, where you can customize some fields, in function of the file cells (for example, first name, last name, products, companies, etc.). The disadvantage is that the free version allows you to work only with up to 50 contacts.
  4. Statistics and trackingDo you remember we talked about the Open Rate and CTOR metrics? Well, I am sorry to give you bad news, but using Gmail; you will not have this kind of information. Why? For the simple reason that, unlike  other email marketing platforms, Google will not provide the reports about your campaign. How to measure the effectiveness of your message? Unfortunately, if you use Gmail you will not be able to do that, so you will never know if your work was worth it or not.
  5. Unsubscribe requests and bounce ratesKeeping your database clean is essential. However, Gmail doesn’t offer an automatic system for managing unsubscribe requests and invalid email addresses. So if you don’t manage all these emails manually, updating

    your list whenever an email is not accepted or when a subscriber requests to be removed from your mailing list, you will continue to send your messages to these contacts, which will be terrible for your reputation and your brand image.

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Alternative: Testing Mailrelay for sending email marketing

Competitive advantages over Gmail

Gmail is still used by many people to send email marketing, however as we have seen so far, this option has some limitations and problems that can give you a lot of headaches, especially in the long run, as you start to get a large number of new contacts.

Why not invest in a tool designed precisely for sending email marketing?

To start, you only need to register on Mailrelay with your name and email address.

Once you’ve created your account (you’ll receive an access URL, a username, and a password), you can log in and find out more about the advanced features available on Mailrelay. As you can see in the following image, the first thing you will see is a dashboard with the report with your statistics.


We are emphasizing the statistics generation tool because this is one of the differentials that Gmail can’t offer you and that Mailrelay, as a software for professional email marketing will offer for  your newsletters.

Any action, not just email, but marketing and advertising on the Internet, should be measurable, so you can know if what you are doing is working, or if you should change your strategy. So in your online panel, you will find the “Statistics” section, which is divided into three submenus, “General Statistics,” “Compare Statistics “and” Package statistics.”

The first step, before you can review your campaign statistics, will be to create your newsletter and send it to your mailing list. An email marketing software like Mailrelay offers many customization options, which you could not use on a personal email client like Gmail.

Before you begin, please note that you will have to be creative. You also don’t have to work only with text in your emails.

How about using one of the templates available in your email marketing software?

Create a message with striking colors, eye-catching texts, an interesting subject line, images, icons, to improve your open rates.

What about subscriber management?

Mailrelay will classify your mailing list according to the status of each contact:

  1. Subscribers who are active (they will receive your emails)
  2. Inactive (Those who signed up, but didn’t confirm the subscription)
  3. Bounced
  4. Users who requested to unsubscribe from your newsletter
  5. Or deleted (those you removed from the list)

If you want to import your own database, you will have several options to do this in the Import menu.

These are just some of the advantages that Mailrelay will offer you when compared to a service like Gmail, but there is still much more:

  1. You can attach files to your emails
  2. Send test versions to make sure everything is working correctly
  3. Create automatic autoresponders
  4. In addition to advanced options such as creating A/B tests
  5. Find out which campaign works best for your mailing lists

Also, if you are searching for a tool to send your email marketing campaigns, we recommend asking for technical support.

Make sure they will help you with the information you need to configure your sender domain, so you don’t have delivery issues in the future.

If you work with Mailrelay, you can get support quickly, using the ticket service system, with fast average response time, or even better, using the online chat that is available on your dashboard. To  do that, just click the “Talk with us” button in the lower right corner and fill in your name and email to start the conversation.)

Tips on creating an email marketing campaign

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for achieving success in your email marketing campaigns. However, tools like Mailrelay will help you avoid being considered a spammer.

However, the delivery rate and results will depend primarily on your originality, creativity and good harmony with your subscribers. I also would like to give you other tips:

  1. Always update your database. You should not send to invalid emails, or worse, for subscribers who no longer want to receive your newsletters.
  2. Always include an unsubscribe link. To facilitate the management of your database, it is indispensable that if your users don’t want to receive your emails, they can (easily) request to be removed from your mail list. This will also help you work only with engaged contacts.
  3. Add links to your profiles on social networks. This is critical for brand image, but also for creating a long-lasting relationship with your subscribers.
  4. Relevant content. Working with email marketing doesn’t mean that you can send anything. Take care of the content, make it interactive, including photos, videos or infographics to make it more interesting to your subscribers.
  5. Pay attention to the tone of your message. It should be straightforward, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be formal. You should use the appropriate language for your target audience, because the more human your message, the more impact your campaigns will have. To determine the appropriate content for your subscribers, you will need to get to know them by studying some variables, such as gender, age or profession, as this information will tell you what they would like to receive.
  6. Review the results of all your actions. Reviewing the statistics and the impact of your campaigns is key to adjusting your digital marketing strategy.

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