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Trends in graphic and web design for 2018

Published by Teresa Alba on January 18, 2018

tendencias diseño 2018

The beginning of a new year is the best time to review everything that happened in the last 12 months. It is essential to evaluate your strategies, to know the ones that worked correctly and the aspects that you will have to improve.

Only after reviewing the outcome of your digital marketing strategies, it will be possible to know which direction you should follow in 2018.

Are you ready to do that? How will you define your business goals for 2018?

Have you analyzed your strategy for this year? If you don’t know the trends for the next months, you will not be able to make the right decisions.

So, along with reviewing your achievements in 2017, you should take a look at what will be expected regarding design trends for this year. I’m sure that this will help you reorient your marketing strategies.

Once you have done a trend analysis for your industry in this article, I will give you information so you can understand:

  1. Trends in color, logos and business cards
  2. Evolution in the coming months in web page design
  3. Other aspects you should take into account in digital marketing for 2018.

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Design trends for 2018

As explained in this first section, we will start by analyzing many of the trends in graphic design that we will see in new web pages and other branding elements for 2018.

I always like to clarify that the fact that these are trends, doesn’t mean that you should follow all of them when planning your digital marketing strategy.

“Before you apply a design trend, you should look at it in details, make tests with your most loyal customers and identify how the change will adapt to your business.”

So here we will categorize these types of trends into two broad groups:

  1. Directions for graphic design and branding elements
  2. Specific trends for web page design

► Trends in graphic design

As you know, the graphic design represents all work related to the visual expression of a brand. Therefore, the most potent names or the most popular niches are the ones that help us identify certainly trends in corporate identity, both in color and informs and other visual aspects.

In this first part of the article, we are going to pay special attention to the details that we will see in the design of logos and the use of colors.

Subsequently, we will analyze the trends in business cards and use of design for printed materials.

Are you interested? Let’s get started.


If we are going to talk about logos, we should keep in mind that we are going through a moment of change. For several years, most logos were created using the same standards. However, if we search for new logos, we will see that many companies are not using these same rules.

So far, most logos were created using a simple, flat, minimalist design. In 2018, we will still see a bit of that kind of style, but the trends in design will be very different.

“We are at a time when many brands are returning to the past, and if there is a word that defines that time, it can be said that it is “volume.”

So the main trends will be:

  1. The 3D effect: getting away from the flat design, we will see more logos that reproduce the volume effect (which represent masses and non-plan designs).
  2. Vibrant colors: very saturated and flashy. Tones that will be accompanied by effects such as gloss or satin finish.
  3. Degraded: Many designers are starting to play with different color saturation in degraded, as it helps to create volume.

If you think about the trends that will be used during this transition period, they are:

  1. Geometric shapes: Geometric shapes will still be used in logos. The difference is that they will start combining other aspects to give more dimensions and not just be represented by flat design.
  2. The outlines and the freehand style: We will still see logos created with these techniques. Drawings of a single line, without any other shape.


The colors of the year are defined by a company called Pantone. This company is responsible for selecting the primary color that marketers will use for their projects.

In addition to the color of the year, there are specific stipulated guidelines for creating visual art for marketing campaigns for any sector. In 2018, Pantone selected these trends in design:

  1. Warm colors: when choosing a range of colors for a project, in 2018 the warm colors will be recommended.
  2. Bold combinations: Many professionals will not give as much
  3. Attention to the harmony between colors. Without making impossible combinations, we will see a more marked contrast and surprise in the use of colors.
  4. Saturation and intensity: if you choose a color, select it consciously, because in 2018 we will see the use of saturation, with designers capturing the color in all its splendor.

Business Cards

Finally, and as I have already announced, let’s do a little analysis on the style of business cards for this year. They can be used as a representation of the strategies for design in printed campaigns since the design of these cards will usually be replicated in other printed materials.

Many cards will be created in 2018 combining different materials, such as plastic with paper, or different types of the carton. This, combined with a fusion of colors, will create unique and very original pieces.

On the other hand, the card shape itself will be used to create new designs. I’m not referring to the clipping of the card (since it seems that the traditional rectangular or square card will be the most popular), but the card space will be used in different ways.

tendencias en diseño de páginas web

►  Trends in web design

After a quick review of everything related to graphic design, I want to talk a bit about trends in web page development.

Keep in mind that much of what we saw so far will be applied to web design as well. Still, many other trends will only be directed to this sector.


Microinteractions will be increasingly relevant for creating websites. That means that when planning a new site, designers will try to create interactive pages.

And what are micro interactions? They could be a link, button, icon, that are inviting the user to interact with the page and change it.

“Microinteractions in web design focus on offering a unique and homogeneous experience as well as promoting engagement with visitors.”

Some examples of micro-interactions are: a button to change a color image to black and white, an audible page, a survey with a single question, etc.

Combine fonts

Typographic design continues to be one of the most relevant factors for creating unique websites. When well chosen, the right font will allow the designer to use spaces efficiently, adapting the layout to any screen and device. In many  cases, the font will become part of the visual identity of a brand, so when users look to a font, they know where it comes from.

Using Cinemagraphs

This is one of the significant news for 2018. Although the cinemagraphs have been used on a smaller scale in 2017, it is expected that many other designers will use this option for the websites they create.

And what are cinema graphs? You are probably wondering. Well, they are animations that combine static image and video in the same design.

In other words, it can be said that it is an image that has other images that are continually moving. A kind of GIF where only one part was animated.

Therefore, this aspect marks the trend towards the importance of volume and depth so present on the latest web page designs. Moving pictures can give a sense of size, going up or down, moving away or approaching.

marketing digital

Other aspects of digital marketing you should consider for 2018

After talking about everything related to design trends, I would like to talk about digital marketing. I will talk about all those actions and strategies you should consider if you want to attract more visitors to your website on 2018.

So, I will briefly talk about:

  1. Everything you should work on to improve the visibility of your site.
  2. Other types of actions related to what users expect from your website.

► Projections in ranking

The critical factor regarding web ranking for the coming months will be the upload speed.

Google requires sites to load fast because users don’t like to have to wait a long time to access a page.

“The latest studies on web behavior indicate that users don’t wait more than 3 to 5 seconds for an eCommerce to be loaded.”

To improve these aspects, search engines are giving support for the open source AMP project, focused on improving user experience on mobile devices.

This differs from responsive HTML primarily in how it works. While a responsive design adapts the layout to other devices, AMP:

  1. Directly use a full version for all devices.
  2. It will review directly on mobile devices or tablets, aspects such as cache storage, loading speed, or usability.
  3. It is not focused on checking only the design, other elements of the page will also be reviewed.

We are publishing several articles on marketing trends for 2018, don’t forget to review our blog for more information.

► Other useful tips for this year


In online marketing, interaction with users is and will continue to be essential. For this reason, the way a brand can relate to the user over the Internet will be used.

For example, voice searches will be especially relevant because users are using voice features to search for content using their mobile devices. In fact, more webmasters will use audio on their digital marketing strategies, since it is indispensable for some micro-interactions, for these search I just mentioned, as well as for offering a complete experience to visitors.

On the other hand, don’t forget Growth hacking, which will also be relevant during 2018. If you don’t know what this technique is, it consists of finding the best options for a company to boost its digital strategy, and for that, everything that happens on the web should be analyzed.

Last but not least, we can’t forget my favorite area, content marketing! I can bet that we will see a lot of interactive content, (highly targeted to a niche), which means that micro-influencers will have a lot of work.


As you can see, in marketing everything evolves quickly. Every year brings new trends and if you work with marketing, you will have to be aware of them.

As explained at the beginning, you need to know all the trends, but you are not required to apply all of them since each niche is different, and what works for some sectors may not work for other businesses.

In any case, I’m sure that after reading this complete review of the trends in design, you will be able to hone your digital marketing strategy for 2018.

What trends do you think we will see in the coming months? What are you doing to adapt your strategy to these trends?

Teresa Alba

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