When should you send email marketing to all your email list without targeting?

Published by Mailrelay on March 20, 2018

We have commented on many occasions how important it is to target our email list before sending email marketing, but, should we always do that? Is it possible that there are situations where it is better not to segment our mailing list?

In my opinion, it is possible to imagine a few circumstances where we should send email marketing to all our subscribers.

And we will have to analyze it thoroughly to assess the situation of our list of emails and if it is better to send email marketing to all our subscribers or segment our databases regularly.

We will evaluate the possible options in this article, and see when it is better to send a newsletter to all our contacts.

Are you ready?

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· Brief definition of sending email marketing

Email marketing is a form of online marketing that uses email as a means of communication between a sending domain (the sender) and 2 or more receivers (subscribers). The email is used to send a message to the recipients. You could send email marketing with:

  1. Promotional or sales messages
  2. Informative newsletters
  3. Contact email
  4. Etc.

In other words, we can use email marketing as a means of direct communication between us, our company, and a list of subscribers, customers, or contacts, who will receive our message (email).

In short, it is a communication tool that will allow us to deliver our message, whatever the type, to our intended audience.

That is a simplified definition, but I think it can help us as a basis to understand the advantages that we will comment in today’s article.

· Why assess whether it is better to segment the email list or not?

That decision may be more important than it seems.

On the one hand, we can think that it will be better to send email marketing to all our subscribers, because we will have more opportunities, more leads, more clicks, more sales.

It seems like a win-win situation, right? If you send more emails,  you would get more sales.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Just now, I can think of two possible reasons for not doing that, but we should evaluate the strategy before sending email marketing to all our subscribers:

  1. It is possible that not all our subscribers will be interested in what we are going to send, so sending more doesn’t have to result in more sales opportunities.
  2. We should also think of engagement if fewer users are interested in the emails, this could affect the deliverability rates of our next campaigns, and our emails would not even reach the interested contacts.

The second point is vital.

Think of most ISPs like Gmail, Hotmail (Outlook), Yahoo! And other filters. They value the interaction of the users before deciding if the emails will go to the inbox, or will be considered as spam.

In fact, ISPs increasingly are adding stricter rules and filters that will check the emails and decide whether the messages will go to spam or not. And they are offering more tools that will allow their users to mark unwanted emails as SPAM.

We just have to think about the latest changes regarding deliverability made by Microsoft.

Given these difficulties, is it worth sending email marketing to all our subscribers without targeting?

Maybe, read on.

enviar correo masivo

· Promotional or sales emails

Let’s review the first point if it’s a sales email, and we want to know whether or not to segment the contacts before sending the campaign, we will have to evaluate:

  1. The homogeneity of the contact list, that is, we should know if the interests of all the subscribers are very diverse or similar.
  2. If our products are very different or belong to the same category.
  3. Are utilitarian or can be #collectible

Let’s see a couple of examples.

If we have a multi-category e-commerce and we want to send a newsletter with a few products, the campaign will be more efficient if we target our message, because not all contacts will be interested in all the products in our store.

However, if our product range is quite small, or similar, it probably would be better to send email marketing to all our subscribers at once.

Think for example of brands like Moleskine, the type of products is very similar (notebooks, diaries, etc.) and they also could be considered collectible, so it is likely that all the people subscribed to that newsletter would be interested in receiving emails with information about that kind of products.


If we want to send email marketing to all our subscribers, we will have to know if most of our contacts would be interested in receiving that kind of message.

An exception could be for campaign sent on promotional dates, such as Christmas, Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, etc.

On these dates, people will give and receive different gifts, so the subscribers could be interested in receiving emails with discounts, because of these messages could give them ideas for things they could buy for their friends or loved ones.

These are the most important aspects that I think you should value.

But, what if we are not trying to sell anything?

· Important notification emails

Any meaningful change in our products or service, such as our terms of use, rules for buying a product, if the price was changed, if we added new features, etc.

When we have to send protocol emails as congratulations, Christmas messages, New Year campaign, etc. Or if we only want to thank the users for their trust.

All these are important situations, which means that we would have to notify all our customers and contacts.

We should contact our subscribers as well, people who are interested in the company, so that they would be warned before becoming our customers.

We can send an email marketing campaign to all our subscribers, so that they receive all the necessary information about the changes.

This would be one of the cases when we wouldn’t have to decide if we should send the newsletter to the whole list or not.

But there are other situations:

enviar correo masivo

· Newsletters with the contents of our blog

That is another situation when many people believe that sending the content to all subscribers would result in more visits to the article.

And hopefully, those visits would leave comments or share the content on their social networks.

Just what we want, right?

Yes, but as we mentioned above, not at risk of damaging our delivery rates, or the engagement with our subscriber list.

Since that would damage the sender reputation.

If we are only sending content, in some situations, we could send the newsletter to all our contacts, when we always publish similar content, that would be relevant to all our subscribers.

Although here another exciting aspect would come into play, as we should understand the engagement level of our readers.

In an email marketing software like Mailrelay, it is possible to filter the contacts by engagement.

Using that option, we could work with different strategies.

An option would be to send only the most relevant emails to all our contacts, messages that we are sure most of them would open, to try to create engagement with our subscribers.

We could also send the campaign first to our best contacts. With that, these users would help us to improve our sender reputation and “tell” spam filters that they can trust the email.

In this way, we will maximize the results in both situations.

· Always pay attention to the statistics on your blog.

Before sending email marketing to our entire subscriber list, we should check the statistics of the previous newsletters, available on our email marketing software, to know what worked and what we can change for the next campaign.

If the previous campaigns didn’t obtain the expected results, it would be better to change the strategy, perhaps filter the databases and not send it to all our contacts.

And instead, we should try to send a message to the contacts with the best engagement, with the aim of improving our sender score reputation.

When the metrics show again that things are on track, we can re-evaluate sending email marketing to the whole list.

Important reminder
If we are sending our first newsletter, or we have not sent a campaign for a long time; it will be better to “not.” send the email to all our contacts at once.

The best strategies, in this case, would be to send it to a few contacts and increase the number of subscribers slowly. In any case, if you are not sure about the status of your mailing list, you should create smaller subscriber groups and work with parts of your list.

· If in the first campaigns we damage our sender reputation, it will be much more challenging and expensive to improve it later.

How does Mailrelay help you if you decide to send email marketing to all your email list?

There are many ways in which Mailrelay helps you to send email marketing.

But precisely when you want to send newsletters to all your subscribers, the Smartdelivery algorithm (created by Mailrelay), allows you to send the emails first to your best contacts so that you don’t have to do it manually.

That is an advantage when we talk about large volumes of emails.

I recommend you try Mailrelay to see how this useful feature works, for free:

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· In summary, we can send email marketing to all our subscribers.

But it will depend on previous analysis.

We should value the pros and cons before starting to send email marketing to large databases at once.

If we do it, we will be able to reach more people, to try to increase the results of our marketing activities.

But on the other hand, that could affect our delivery rates, reducing engagement, increasing spam complaints, unsubscribe requests, etc.

That means that we have to know what we are doing.

Don’t forget to leave your opinion on this topic!

Or if you think there is another situation that should be added to this list!


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