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Target Market: Everything You Need to Know for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Published by Max Camuñas on May 31, 2018

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Developing a marketing strategy is a complex process that requires careful planning. You will have to define some key points, or you’ll never be able to attract the right customers.

It is crucial to understand who your business will be created, or your project will be doomed before you start it.

One of these key points of any marketing strategy is to define your target market, the subject I want to focus on in this article, to clarify any doubts that may arise in this regard.

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What does the target market mean?

The concept of target market refers to the group of people for whom the activity of your company, business or brand is directed, as well as the targets of your marketing and advertising campaigns in the different channels that you will use to attract your customers.

Another closely related concept is that of Ideal Buyer, which makes reference to a representation of your potential customer or ideal consumer of your products or services.

The concept of the target market is also known by other terms, such as target audience or buyer.

How to define your target market?

As I mentioned earlier, defining your audience correctly or target market isn’t a simple task. It requires planning, and you’ll have to thoroughly study your potential customers.

To properly define your target market, I recommend that you respond to some of these questions:

In short, it’s all those questions that will let you know in depth the group of people to whom your activity will be directed.

The Importance of Defining Your Target Market Properly

As I mentioned above, understanding your target Market is fundamental, since the first cycle of life of your project, so you can attract your ideal customers.

Why is it so important to get to know your target market?

  1. This will give you the clues you need to know what tone and style you should use at all times, both in your messages and in the diferente communication channels (blog, social networks, email marketing, etc.).
  2. This information will allow you to create the correct messages: Calls to action, slogans or email subjects, for example.
  3. You will have more data to create discounts and promotions because you will know what your customers need right now.
  4. You will be able to develop new products or services (or improve the ones you already have) using all the information about your ideal customers.
  5. You will be able to create even more personalized products or services to offer to your target.


Mistakes you should not make while setting your target market.

Now that you have understood the importance of setting your target correctly and knowing the correct definition of this concept, I would like to talk a little about a series of mistakes that are common and that you should never make. The main errors you should avoid are:

  1. Non-specialization of your content, products or services. In a competitive market, to succeed, it is vital to think about your ideal customers before spending money on a new project. Remember, if you don’t know to whom you are selling, it doesn’t matter how good your product is, you will be in trouble before you even started.
  2. If you don’t properly understand the behavior of your market, you will run the risk of sending the wrong messages.
  3. If you don’t set your target correctly, you will not impact the right audience, which would be a problem because even if your message is creative, if you address it to the wrong people, it will be less  impacting.
  4. Also, you run the risk of not capturing your potential customers and losing them to your competitors. With this, you will lose money, something you obviously don’t want to happen.
  5. Another consequence of not making a correct definition of your target is that the users you attract will have the wrong image of your brand. This is a big problem because this first impression is the most difficult to erase.

Define your target market through surveys

There are several strategies you can employ to define your target market, such as conducting an exhausting study before starting your business activity.

Another very interesting option to outline the audience for which you should direct your efforts is the use of Email Marketing. This way, you can get all the information you need to tailor your strategy.

How? Through surveys that will help you understand your Market and evaluate your consumers correctly: their tastes, habits, preferences, products they would like to purchase, etc.

How to create these surveys?

On the Internet, several tools allow you to create a survey, to better understand your target audience.

The most common is Google Forms, a platform with which you can create custom surveys.

Google Forms

With Google Forms, you can include all the questions you would like to ask your subscribers, to understand their behavior. You can also upload images and videos, add multiple alternatives and sections, customize the colors of the text, in addition to previewing the form while you are still editing it.

It also allows you to track the responses obtained in real time.

After creating your survey, Google Forms will automatically generate a link that you can add in your emails and send to your subscribers, inviting them to answer your questions.

How to create a survey using Mailrelay?

Even if the email marketing software doesn’t have an internal tool for the creation of a survey, I’ll show you a trick to create them without any other system.

To do that, you can create a newsletter and include links with various options, such as adding all the categories of products or services that you offer.

encuestas con Mairelay

encuestas Mailrelay

All that the subscriber will need to do is click on the desired option.

Once the email is sent, I recommend that you wait a reasonable time. (one week, for example) before you start reviewing the results.

After this period, you can review the results of your survey in the Statistics section, clicking on General statistics on your Mailrelay panel.

encuestas con Mailrelay

To see the results, you must select the newsletter with the survey and click the “generate” button.

encuestas con Mailrelay

After that, you should click on the “clickers in the newsletter” tab, and a graphic like this will be displayed:

encuestas Mailrelay

As you can see, the graph displayed on this tab shows all the results of your survey, with the separate answers so that you will be able to identify the results of the campaign.

To make your work easier, you should click on different URLs, as this way you can get the data you will use in your future marketing actions.

To create different URLs, you can use parameters like for example:


Also, below the chart, you can see the results ordered by links.

encuestas Mailrelay

And if you keep going down, you’ll see a representation of the newsletter, with other information about the URLs, its ranking position, the clicks that each link received and the number of people (in case there are more clicks than people).

encuestas Mailrelay

So with all this data, you’ll get an idea of what your subscribers would like to receive from you.

Finally, I have to say that you can export this data to analyze it andstudy it calmly without having to access Mailrelay every time you want to view this information.

It will be important to review this information to better plan the content that you will publish.

Social Networks according to your target market

Like Email Marketing, social networks are another fundamental channel of communication in an online marketing strategy.

They have become a key tool for brands  for two reasons. On the one hand, they are perfect for amplifying your message and sharing your content. On the other hand, they allow you to contact your community and followers directly.

In this sense, I recommend that you concentrate all your efforts on the networks where your target audience is truly present.

That is, you don’t need to be on all platforms. On the contrary, you should select the social networks most used by your consumers, because it is where they will be able to receive your messages and where you can talk to them.

Some examples of the best social networks for each target:

  1. Facebook. It is an essential social network today for any brand. I recommend using it pretty much for any project.
  2. Twitter. Although in the last months (even years) it has lost momentum among younger people (millennials), it is still a significant channel for a more mature audience.
  3. Instagram. It is essential for young customers, as this is a very cool and dynamic social network. It is also a great choice for sectors such as restoration, fashion or beauty, as well as for improving your personal brand.
  4. Pinterest. It is a very interesting social network to promote your Products, if you have an online store.

How to talk to your target market

Depending on the characteristics of your target market, you will have to establish a more formal or personal communication method.

To do that, you should refine some elements, such as:

  1. Set the tone that you will use in your messages: Corporate, fun, personal, etc.
  2. Decide the style of your messages: descriptive, exaggerated, formal, etc.
  3. Language is also relevant, especially considering the age of your target audience. For example, for a younger audience, the style will be more carefree than for a group of people over 45.
  4. Also, you must define the type of content that you will publish in each of your channels: articles, videos, infographics, memes, gifs, Etc.
  5. You should also take into account your complimentary materials, such as e-books, infographics, brochures, press dossiers, etc.

Mailrelay statistics to know your target market.

In the last section of this article, I will review the statistics that you can extract from Mailrelay, to better understand your target, to track and predict the behavior of your potential customers.

  1. Geographic statistics. This option will give you a very clear idea about the location of the subscribers who interacted with your newsletter.
  2. Technology that your subscribers are using, such as their browser, operating system, and screen resolution.
  3. General statistics. This screen will show information about the campaign, as the number of clicks, emails opened, deleted emails, users requesting to unsubscribe from your newsletter, etc. With this,  you will be able to evaluate what are the topics that most interest your subscribers.

The more you plan, the better your results will be. Always do everything you can to predict the behavior of your customers, because this way you always will be able to offer them the best you have.

Satisfied customers will buy from you again, but they will also help you reach even more customers in the future.

Max Camuñas

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