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Transversality, the art of achieving maximum performance by investing wisely

Published by Diana Martin on June 6, 2018


The word transversality reminds me of “adventure.”

It is a term with subjective connotations since everything depends on the prism with which the situation is being analyzed.

This word will not have the same meaning for someone who has training in marketing than to a professional specialized in marketing  and communication.

If you only need to work with social network management, you don’t have to create the same strategy that a company working with blogging, shooting and editing videos, capturing stunning images, creating and managing social media would have to create.

Working in a single field is not the same as having the luck of being able to do different jobs both online and offline, because when you have several options, you can give free rein to creativity, and this will be reflected in the results of your projects.

The final result will be different if the professional knows the sector of different areas that need to be documented based on opinions of third parties.

The strategies, the content, the final product will always be different, depending on the knowledge of the professional who is creating it (or the creative team).

Maybe a professional with a lot of experience can achieve better results than a professional with many degrees and diplomas, but with little real work experience.

Choosing correctly who will make your message known to the world is vital for achieving great results.

Time is also a quantifiable parameter.

And, as time is money, it is a factor that must be considered. It is highly recommended to hire the services of someone who already knows what to do, the steps to be followed and the best options for each situation. At first glance, it may seem more expensive.

But the long-term investment will certainly pay off.

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· Agency, administration, entity

As a marketing and communications agency, I think, first and foremost, that I must be honest with myself, saying no, when through ignorance, some customers want me to start a project that I know will  not bring positive results.

Even today, many decision-making positions are filled by executives without knowledge in digital marketing, so many of their projects are not suitable for the goals the company wants to achieve.

Educating the client supposes many hours of free work, of transmission of knowledge, but in the end, this work will be converted into contracts based on a greater understanding of what should be done,  how and when to invest to get much better results.

For me, a strategy that interrelates all the tools that the customers have at their disposal so that the resources are used together, creating differentiated content for each of them, but integrating them into an overall strategy will bring fantastic results in the long run.

Diana Martín

Otherwise, we would be only wasting resources.

I’ll give you an example:

If a customer asks you to create a strategy and manage his social networks, as he is interested in selling online, but when you start planning the best actions, you discover that he has an obsolete site with a terrible UX and you start working, without explaining  to him about the problem, wouldn’t you feel comfortable in charging him for your services, even knowing that he will never increase his sales?

How will you cross transversality between rrss and the web interface if the product and its contact forms are horrible?

It is essential to devise a customized strategy with the correct budget, allocating human resources, as well as selecting the best tools for each customer.

Marketing and communication should be an investment and not an expense.

For the product or service to be released to the target audience, you should know the right channels where you are going to invest, and this is what a professional can offer you.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t value creativity and study, because they don’t understand that planning is the crucial factor in adding value to a project.

When you hire a professional, you are investing in his ideas, in his creativity and imagination.

You are buying their training, their contacts, their knowledge.

Talent is inherent in every person.

The attitude too.

If you don’t understand that when hiring a team (or a professional) instead of another one, you are opting for different results, it is better to invest in bots.

But for this article to be more complete and not just about what I think, I asked my colleagues about their views on the concept of transversality, having into account that years ago some people believed that email marketing was dead:

Laura, from UNDATIA, with whom we are working on the communication strategy for a tourism congress for tourism agencies

Max, as a communication view of the administration (Ajuntament de Sitges)

And Ivan, as a professional in an organization that according to their message can even help to save lives (Federació d’entitats excursionistes de Catalunya)

They will explain to you how they work every day creating strategies that willmeet the needs of customers from various sectors, investing in the right too ls to maximize the result of their actions.

· Laura: Transversality in newsletters

The digital world offers us a large number of platforms that can become tools with their own functions, which work in separate, but at the same time together, to help us in achieving the global goals of communication.

The strategic combination of using these individual tools, focused on a common goal is what is known as transversality.

Laura Fernàndez
Laura Fernández, responsible for digital strategy UNDATIA Andorra

We could say that the art of transversality is in creating a network of interactions between the different platforms offered by the digital universe.

The website, social networks, online sales platforms, etc.

Everything must be interlinked to provide feedback and boost growth.

And in this scenario, email marketing is reaffirmed as one of the most useful tools for achieving all the goals in a communication plan.

To get the most out of a newsletter, it is essential to create a message that offers personalized content to potential customers.

Only then will we increase their interest in visiting our site and if they are reading our content, we will expand the possibilities of selling our products.

A visit to our site can be translated into a purchase, a query about our services, a contact or a subscription to our newsletter. If we can’t convert the customer now, at least we will be creating a brand image, which is fundamental to the success of any digital marketing strategy.

By our objectives, we will guide our visitor through the conversion funnel, to make sure that he will access the pages we want him to read.

Among the most critical elements for an email marketing strategy, we could list the subscription forms, which allow you to increase the list of emails, and the sharing options that will enable you to increase the reach of the message.

Of course, social networks should also be present in our newsletter to get new followers on our corporate profiles.

Also, it will be essential to include in the article a button to share the content on social networks or to resend it to a friend, as this will help to spread the word about the brand. These icons must be in prime locations on all our pages.

In the case of UNDATIA, the newsletter can also help us to advertise our actions on offline media, as our marketing strategy encompasses many aspects.

· Max: Political communication

The newsletter is the most invasive channel.

Its ability is in the ease of entering the devices, the pockets of the users.

Subscribers don’t have to search for the newsletter: email marketing is a bridge between users and companies, creating a more passive channel, although it is possible to generate conversions, which means that it is one of the best strategies for creating engagement with your subscribers.

Max Castro

Max Castro, communication Ajuntament Sitges

If you are working with link building and branding strategies, you should consider the newsletter as a point of reference..

Many marketers are ignoring email marketing when creating a new campaign, but I don’t know anyone who has stopped using the email as a reliable form of communication.

The transversality would consist of creating differentiated content for each tool.

This differentiated content must be created according to the interests of each user. And to understand what each user would like to receive, you would have to start creating different profiles.

Why would your users be interested in signing up for multiple channels, if you always publish the same content on all of them?

We have to explore the different values around the same product in a different way.

The transversality would consist in generating a narrative that the public would decode as consumption increased.

In political communication, email marketing can be a potent tool to publicize government action, especially in small places where there are no other means of mass communication.

· Ivan: email marketing for 10,000 readers

At FEEC, we have 3 channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

On each channel, we work the information differently.

Facebook has a differentiated line of communication from Twitter.

It is the first channel, in which we work the traffic that we redirect to our website.

On Instagram, we share images that are not necessarily related to the sports or social news of the organization.


Ivan Torres, communication in Federació d’entitats excursionists Catalonia. Foto: ©Manu Prats

The ultimate intention of any action is to increase visits to the website, to make advertising space available to third parties.

At FEEC, we are a team of 3 people.

This team is responsible for generating a weekly newsletter, which includes the organization’s featured news in the last 7 days, related to sports and social information. This email is sent to about 10,000 subscribers, on a base of 40,000 federated.

We also create circulars for the associations associated with the federation, where we inform our affiliates about topics that we consider useful, and this information is also sent by email.

Also, FEEC has a paper magazine: Vèrtex, which is printed in paper and that, at the moment, works independently, without being part of our digital marketing strategy.

And you, what is your concept of transversality?

What strategies do you use?

What success stories do you know?

Diana Martin i Gamisans

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