Neither social networks, nor SEO, nor Google Ads, your email list is your chance to succeed

Published by Mailrelay on October 11, 2018

lista de emails

Your email list, your most trusted marketing tool, is updated daily.

New strategies come up, ways to do things, tools, business plans.

And not only that.

Consumers change, society too and what works today, tomorrow may not work.

Today we will see some examples of these changes that can seriously affect our digital marketing strategy.

After all, if you are reading this post, surely you already think that your email List is your most secure and dependable asset for your marketing strategy.

It’s something yours, a tool for contacting your subscribers and potential customers.

However, some people insist that it is an obsolete method and that, nowadays, there are more effective tools for reaching our marketing goals.


Let’s see what we risk in each case.

Let’s get started!

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· Web ranking, algorithm changes

We all find it very interesting to work on SEO strategies to position our site on the first page of the search engines.

It is undeniable that it can have great benefits in the medium and long term, as with a little work, we can receive traffic constantly and therefore achieve our marketing goals.

But what happens if something changes suddenly?

If Google decides to make changes to its algorithm, these changes will affect us, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

See the following image, where we can see clearly:

mailchimp vs mailrelay

Here we can see the comparative visibility index (Sistrix data) of Mailrelay (blue) vs. Mailchimp (red).

Image numbers are changes in the Google algorithm.

As we can see, the latest changes have negatively affected MailChimp, its visibility has been reduced for several weeks.

This can be translated into:

  1. The descent of keyword positions in SERPS
  2. Loss of ranked keywords
  3. Reduction of traffic generated on the website

So we can see how, after making a strong investment in SEO, things may change unexpectedly. If Google changes its algorithm, this can mean tens of thousands of visits less on our site, even if it is a minor update.

We may think that if we create a good SEO strategy, it will not happen to us.

But unfortunately, this happens.

In the end, Google defines in its algorithm the parameters that are useful for its business, not for ours.

And, finally, it’s something about which we have no control.

This was an obvious example of something that could affect our digital marketing, let’s see another example:

redes sociales

·  Social networks that disappear or lose users

A few years ago, many people began to say that social networking would replace email marketing.

That we could throw away our mailing list because we were not going to need it in the future.

And that the young generation no longer used email, they only used social networks.

It’s a very interesting topic, and we’ve actually talked about it in this blog.

In the end, in my opinion, both tools are compatible, and in fact, they can work very well together.

But as in the previous point, we don’t have control over what happens with social networks. For example,  a few weeks ago Google announced a devastating news for many businesses:

Google decided to stop offering Google+ because of a security bug that affected half a million accounts.


google plus cierra

No matter that we have worked for years on our Google+ account. Suddenly, all this work will be lost.

Well, they will give you some time to download our data, but what can we do with this data, where are we going to use it?

For us, as a brand, what interests us is the traffic and the visibility we achieve with our work. And now, of course, we’re going to lose all this.

► Do you think It seems like an impossible situation?

The truth is that it is not the first social network that disappears, in the past, many other popular platforms eventually disappeared.

Also, alternatives to existing networks are constantly being created, such as Instagram, or Twitter’s lesser-known competitor, Mastodon:


This is terrible because if you base your marketing strategies on attracting followers on social networks, you could lose everything in the future if a new platform takes the place of the social network you are using today.

If this happens, your work will be lost.

Even if these social networks maintain their number of users, it may happen that:

cambio de algoritmo de facebook

·  Algorithm changes in social networks

This is not something new; we’ve all seen how Facebook has changed its algorithm on some occasions:

The changes on Facebook’s organic reach: Facebook made changes to its algorithm and these updates seriously affected commercial posts.

Affecting our online marketing strategies, which will require changes in our strategy to adapt to the new situation.

At this point, as in the previous ones, it is very possible that we have to increase our budget in online marketing to compensate for the changes.

And that is something we should take into account.

Well, we will not always have all the money we want to invest in marketing campaigns.

Speaking of money

Google Ads

·  Google ads can be very expensive.

I imagine that specialists in Google Ads, or Google AdWords, can argue that well-managed AdWords don’t have to be expensive because it should bring benefits in the form of sales and therefore the return on investment should be positive.

Although that is not always true.

The reality is that not all campaigns are well managed, and if they don’t work, you would lose money.

On the other hand, the cost per click varies and may not be cost-effective if we have a very small budget.

Maybe suddenly, for reasons unrelated to campaign management, our company can’t continue to invest in Google AdWords.

What can we do in these situations?

Maybe, and this is not as strange as we may think, we can advertise our product on Google Ads for several reasons, for instance, due to their terms of use.

With everything we’ve seen so far, I don’t want to say that all these tools are not useful, they are, of course, and in fact, they are key to the success of our digital marketing strategy.

But we can’t ignore our subscriber list, as we don’t have any guarantee that things will not change.

lista de emails

· A clean email list is a safe investment.

The reality is that many people, entrepreneurs, and  webmasters don’t invest in email marketing and their subscriber list, as they think that this strategy is very complicated, that it’s too much work.

While other techniques, such as social networking, content marketing, Google Ads, seem to be something easier with immediate results.

However, our mailing list is a safe investment, for several reasons:

1.- Our mailing list is not associated with any specific provider

Our subscriber list is, in a nutshell, ours.

Yes, it is possible to argue that it is the subscriber who really will decide to subscribe to our newsletter. However, if our work was done correctly, we will have their permission to send them commercial emails.

The good thing is that the list is not tied to a specific provider.

On the contrary, if we are not satisfied, we can transfer our mailing list to another provider and continue working without any problem.

We will not have lost our contacts or our investment.

We can change ISPs and keep working.

If the provider doesn’t work for you, you can go elsewhere with your list.

2.- Email marketing is cheap

Our company may not have a large budget for working with marketing, but if we have an email list, with Mailrelay we can continue to work with email marketing for free:

¡Envía hasta 75.000 emails gratis!

So regardless of what happens to our other communication channels, at least we can keep one, the email, which is also very effective regarding ROI.

Speaking of ROI

3.- Email Marketing Helps Improve ROI

If we think of all the strategies we have discussed so far, social networking, SEO, Google Ads, we can’t deny that they can generate a lot of traffic and visibility.

But as we know, most customers will not buy after the first visit, they will follow a buying process:

So if many customers will not buy after the first visit, what can we do?

The best strategy is to maintain permanent contact with these target customers, sending them emails:

  1. Add their email addresses to our database after the first visit.
  2. Send emails regularly until our leads are ready to buy
  3. Provide a channel where our customers can contact us

In this way, working with email marketing, we can make the most of the traffic generated with other digital marketing campaigns.

4.- Working with email marketing, we can talk to our subscribers at any time

As a final point, we have to comment on another interesting aspect of our email campaigns and our contact database.

The fact that we can contact our subscribers whenever we want and send them our message when we need them to read it.

While with other digital marketing strategies we have to find potential customers looking for us or viewing our ads, email marketing is a direct communication channel.

This can be very useful, don’t you think!

lista de emails

·  In short

When planning our digital marketing strategy, we can’t forget to build and take care of our mailing list, if we don’t want to be at the mercy of third parties who, of course, have their own commercial interests.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t need to use tools like the ones we discussed today since they are absolutely necessary.

But to be on the safe side, we should always have a replacement strategy, a solid and reliable tool in which we can trust without so many risks; this strategy is email marketing and our email list.

Of course, I’d love to hear from you!

José Argudo

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