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How Facebook chatbot can improve your digital strategy

Published by Lucas Emma on October 18, 2018


The digital environment is facilitating business management at all levels.

Facebook is a great example of that, as it has become one of the most used platforms among consumers, offering numerous tools to facilitate business-to-customer contact.

One of their most recent improvements is their new virtual assistant. Also known as chatbot, this tool was created to improve the relationship with your customers.

An Oracle report has confirmed several aspects that marketers already suspected.

80% of users surveyed said they were using chatbots, or will probably use them by 2020.

A very high percentage will undoubtedly increase in the coming years.

But how can Facebook chatbot improve a digital strategy?

How to take advantage of this feature for your online business?

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· Reasons why using Facebook chatbot will improve your digital strategy

It is not a secret that social media facilitates direct communication with customers and potential followers.

When we post relevant content on our social profiles, our followers will receive valuable information about our business and the products or services we are offering. This interaction is vital for creating a relationship with users that could become our customers in the future.

That’s why Facebook chatbots are becoming a fast and profitable solution for improving the effectiveness of digital strategies. That is not the only reason for you to start using it. I would like to talk about other factors that will convince you to use this option in your digital strategy:

► Delivery Information

For consumers, the shopping experience has a great influence on how they value a company’s performance. With Facebook chatbots, you can customize the post-purchase process.

Once the customer has decided to buy from you, he will be able to track package delivery through this channel if you are managing an eCommerce.

Or he may request additional information about the product or service that he has paid for. All this information will be available on your Facebook page with this tool.

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► Higher open rates

This is the best way to talk to customers, as consumer habits are constantly changing. In fact, a publication by Planet Chatbot said the use of Facebook’s messaging system has increased from 2 to 8 billion over the past year.

What we mean is that the open rate is higher because the interaction is immediate.

This service provides an instant way of contact between companies and clients, without you having to have a customer support team working 24 hours a day.

►  Automate processes and tasks

As the business grows, it is difficult to help hundreds of customers at the same time quickly and seamlessly.

For companies that are in the process of expansion and growth, Facebook Chatbots offer an option for engaging with more customers, reducing the frustration level, as they don’t have to wait a long time to receive answers to their queries.

And that’s fantastic, as it will help improve their shopping experience.

You should start thinking about this option as chatbots, including Facebook, are prepared to process hundreds of requests in seconds automatically. That means your customers can ask questions directly  and the script will answer them for you.

Think about how many conversations you can have with your customers in a single day if you have a stable business. There can be many!

► Recovery of abandoned carts

Email marketing will not cease to be a good communication channel, mainly because the design of newsletters can catch the eye of Subscribers, but for the same reasons explained above, chatbots allow processes to be completed much more quickly, helping to solve the dilemma of how to monetize my facebook page.

You can also use this option in your e-commerce to recover abandoned carts because these customers who almost bought from you are an excellent source for generating more sales, you just need to understand the reasons why they didn’t complete the checkout. With this information, you can use Facebook chatbots to convince them to buy the product.

We know that Google’s algorithms are revising more and more organic content, and although it is always the cornerstone of any successful digital marketing strategy, Facebook’s chatbot is vital for boosting your conversion rate.

Find your magic formula to expose your brand with the help of organic methods and paid platforms, so you can create engagement with your customers and guide them through the sales funnel throughout the purchasing process.

Lucas Emma

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