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How to skyrocket your sales on Black Friday and Christmas? 2018 Edition

Published by Jonatan Botello on October 25, 2018

Black Friday

Do you want to increase your sales on Black Friday and Christmas, but you don’t know how to do it? In this post, I’m going to give you several tips to help you boost your sales.

Black Friday and Christmas are two very important dates for consumers and companies.

On the one hand, because on Black Friday, we can buy products or hire services with impressive discounts.

And at Christmas, because it’s the moment we meet our friends and relatives and we need to buy lots of presents.

However, both dates have something in common: shopping.

However, while on Black Friday prices are reduced, at Christmas, companies will increase them.

But oddly enough, even though most products or services are more expensive on Christmas, people are still buying them.

In fact, both concepts are very similar because these dates generate many sales. However, these concepts differ exponentially on this factor, because prices are totally different.

In short, we live in a society where consumerism is the norm and the large companies know how to take advantage of these dates to make more money.

And of course, regardless of whether you are a company or an entrepreneur, you also want to take advantage of these dates.

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· You’ve been through several Black Fridays and Christmas campaigns without getting positive results

You feel a lot of frustration in this regard because, while your competitors are making lots of money; you don’t get the expected results.

On some occasions, you can even increase your sales, but not that isn’t enough for paying for the bills.

Faced with this situation, you don’t know what to do, you feel confused and you probably are starting to get desperate.

Obviously you are looking for a solution, but you also want answers, because you don’t know what else to do.

Especially if we focus on this year because you have to start planning these two important events and create a strategy that works for you, because obviously you want to earn some money.

But you don’t know what to do. According to you, you’ve tried everything because:

  1. You interact in social networks, but can’t get results
  2. You frequently publish on your site, but you don’t get sales
  3. You have an attractive website, but you don’t get many visitors
  4. You send a weekly newsletter, but you don’t get many new subscribers

Do you feel identified? I’m sure you do.

So, what is happening? Why even following the advice of many marketers you still don’t get results?

Is this a farce? What they say is not true? Or simply the Internet, in fact, is not valid for business?

What’s more, according to you, you follow the advice of marketers. You are always reading articles on relevant blogs, but these tips don’t work for your online business.

Even if these questions have crossed your mind and you believe that marketing doesn’t work; you’re wrong.

It is not that the advice of marketers is a lie, nor is it that the Internet is a fraud or is not valid for business.

The point is that even if you follow the advice of these professionals, you are not doing everything you should, that is, you don’t exactly finish your strategy and, therefore, you can’t increase your sales.

So what are you doing wrong?

Redes sociales, email marketing y publicidad online

· Social networking, email marketing, and online advertising: the keys for increasing your sales on Black Friday and Christmas

As I just said a few moments ago, if you didn’t create a strategy, it will be impossible to achieve satisfactory results.

For the simple fact that most users don’t know you and they can’t guess that you have promotions that might be of interest for them.

On the other hand, even if you already have an audience or even subscribers, that also means nothing, because you are probably focusing on the wrong users.

And if you focus on the wrong users, even if they signed up for your newsletter, you will not have positive results.

However, interestingly, I insist that you interact in social networks and create an email marketing strategy.

What is the reason? Well, the truth is that this will be critical because these are the foundations so that later on with an online advertising strategy, you will be able to achieve your goals.

To do that, you should take these factors into account:

► Your content should add value

Leaving aside the strategy you should create, your site should add value to your visitors with relevant content. It’s what will make your audience trust you, and of course, decide to sign up for your newsletter.

Otherwise, the rest of the strategy will not work.

Conveying trust is the foundation of everything. You have to keep this in mind.

► Start interacting on Facebook and Instagram.

With this, I don’t mean that you should not share content on other social networks like Twitter or Pinterest.

But the strategy will be basically based on these two social networks.

To do that, you’ll need a Fan page and an Instagram account. Otherwise, this article would not make sense.

► Create online advertising campaigns with Facebook ADS

After creating your Fan page and your Instagram profile, you can create a campaign on Facebook ADS.

Currently, it is one of the cheapest platforms and with the best conversion rates for advertisers.

There are many cases that, with an investment of 1 euro per day, many companies and entrepreneurs had great results.

Among other things, because considering that Facebook and Instagram are actually the same company, you can capture many users, which is fantastic for creating a digital marketing strategy.

Once you understand these concepts and create a Fan page and your account on Instagram, we will work with a strategy that I call APC (Attraction, Persuasion, Conversion).

In this way, both Black Friday and Christmas can be your best allies in business.

¿Cómo planificar tu estrategia APC para que sea un éxito?

· How to plan your APC strategy?

For you to understand, APC’s strategy can be used by following these steps:

  1. Create a Facebook Ads campaign and take users to a landing page
  2. Encourage users to subscribe to your newsletter
  3. Start persuading your subscriber by email
  4. Complete the conversion

A priori, it seems very easy to create this strategy by following these steps. But, of course, it’s not like that.

Among other things, because you need to know your buyer persona or ideal customer, which is precisely who you are interested in finding.

There is nobody better than you to know your ideal client, we already have published many articles on this topic.

Now that you know all these concepts let’s see how to get more conversions for your online business on Black Friday and Christmas:

· Create a Facebook Ads campaign that attracts users’ attention

Let’s start with the first phase of APC: Attraction.

It is extremely important that you create an attractive Facebook campaign to catch the attention of visitors.

Basically because it is the foundation for the next step.

So you should:

  1. Know the gender and age of your ideal customers
  2. Know where they live
  3. Know their Concerns and Needs
  4. Offer exactly what they are looking for

► Choose eye-catching images

Once you know the needs of your buyer persona, you will have to work with this information when planning your campaign.

You should look for a striking and attractive image so that, at a minimum, visitors will want to get more information about your campaign.

I recommend you edit the image to your liking, but always thinking about what you can do to attract users.

► Create multiple videos if possible

Especially for Instagram because many users watch videos on this platform, although for a Fanpage it is also an exceptional alternative.

Videos have become one of the best allies of marketers.

Among other things, because users can see you, but especially because they can listen to what you are saying.

It’s one of the most extraordinary ways to attract new followers and generate more confidence. If your customers can trust you, they won’t be afraid of buying the products that you are selling.

In fact, you can make multiple videos in different campaigns to measure their effectiveness.

No doubt, I recommend working with videos, although each strategy has its own particularities.

► Learn to work with copywriting that is essential.

Within the Facebook Ads campaign, it will be essential to work with copywriting, not only to attract, but to persuade.

If the user decides to click on your campaign, you will have many options for convincing him to sign up for your site and therefore your Black Friday campaign will have much better results.

A good copywriting strategy should contain the appropriate words to convince visitors to seek more information about your promotion.

You don’t need spectacular words to persuade, but rather the necessary phrases for this to happen.

That is the art of copywriting.

You have two options: hire a copywriter or do it yourself.

You are always on time to make that decision. So, consider this seriously.

Now that you have this information, we can continue with the strategy.

landing page

· Create a flashy landing page to attract subscribers

It is useless to attract potential subscribers to a campaign on Facebook if the landing page doesn’t meet their expectations.

Here the important thing is to persuade the user to subscribe to your email list because you can increase your conversion rate with relevant newsletters.

The landing page, besides being remarkable, should be:

► A text that is informative, but that arouses positive emotions in future customers.

Here it is vital that you explain what you can offer to your users with your products or services.

They need to feel that the product is essential for their life and that if they don’t buy what you are selling, they will be disappointed.

The need is the secret, as it drives the decision making. And this is your mission.

► Offer another discount for those who subscribe to your newsletter.

I have an idea that might work. Let’s see what you think. Offer the product or service with an initial discount, but those who sign up will receive an additional discount.

That way, if the user is already convinced, he will prefer to pay less, don’t you think?

And what do you get out of it? Well, more subscribers and more sales.

Also, by having them as subscribers, you can offer other promotions in the future without the need to invest in Facebook ads.

You can do it your way, but that’s what I would do.

In online marketing, there are no magic potions, but successful tests that will become a new strategy.

Never forget that from now on, okay?

Convierte con el email marketing

· Increase your conversion rate with email marketing

You’ve gone through two phases of the three in the APC strategy. You can now use statistics to improve your results.

If the user got here, you’re on the right path.

However, I have to ask you a vital question now.

Was your subscriber list created correctly? I‘m asking this because it is one of the most important aspects of email marketing.

Not only because of this strategy, but because of future strategies.

Yes, we are talking about subscriber targeting. If you don’t have targeted your mailing list. Certainly this is one of the most serious mistakes that you are making.

Targeting subscribers is the key to everything.

It is what will allow you to generate sales by increasing your conversion rate.

I say this because it will be very important to add users who have signed up for your newsletter to the correct mailing list.

Now you’ll understand why, but before that:

Before you try to convince them to buy, you will need to persuade them.

Now is the time when you really need to persuade your subscribers and give our best. It is the time when you really need to connect with your possible customers because it is during this period that they  will be deciding whether or not to buy your products or hire your services.

If you make a mistake at this point, your work will be lost.

Now, in this case, the key is urgency. You have to make users understand that this promo is limited and time is running out.

That will force them to make quick decisions without hesitation, increasing your sales.

However, the first email may not be enough to entice them to buy from you.

Don’t worry. That is normal. It will happen more than once.

If you want to avoid that problem, you’ll need to separate the users who already bought from you from the ones who are still unsure about what to do.

In this case, you will have to create another subscriber group and add them to another mailing list and separate these users, to send them additional messages.

Often, to convince these types of users to buy, it is necessary to offer them a promotion with only a few hours of duration (example: 24h) For you to buy this product at a special discount.

In many cases, it works.

However, it is also important to note that it is probably impossible that all your subscribers will buy from you.

In fact, many of them will not; at least for now.

But the more subscribers you have, the more the conversion rate will increase. That should be very clear.

To give you an idea. Imagine that you have 40,000 subscribers and that only 1% will buy. We are talking about 400 people who would buy your product.

And my question is: Wouldn’t you make money selling to these customers? Of course you would!

We always want to sell to all of our subscribers, but that is almost impossible. I’m saying this, so you don’t get discouraged.

However, by following these steps, I’m sure that you’re Black Friday and Christmas campaigns will have much better results this year.

How do you plan to increase your sales on Black Friday and Christmas?

Jonatan Botello

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