Storytelling, Email Marketing Trends for 2019

Published by Ismael Ruiz on February 5, 2019

2019 has arrived, and Storytelling will be even more used in email campaigns during this year. This is not a new technique. On the contrary, it relies on the practice of storytelling as a method to convey knowledge.

However, for years, it has been one of the major resources of the largest companies in the world.

One of the reasons for its popularity, and perhaps you still didn’t know that, is because it can be used with email marketing and is already employed by many companies and brands all over the world.

With the rise of social networks, many have said email campaigns had their days counted.

But statistics (and reality) have shown that this is a feature that can still offer us many benefits.

I’m going to talk about all this and more today, on the Mailrelay Blog so please keep reading!

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· But what is Storytelling?

We can define “Storytelling” as: Telling stories to persuade. That is the best  definition of this concept, although its application is much more complex, due to other factors that we will examine later.

However, it’s not just about telling a story, what we need to do is try to stimulate the emotions of readers with persuasive texts.

That is, our story will become a means of awareness as effective as the attributes of the product or service that we are selling.

Seen in this way, it is not surprising that many marketers consider Storytelling has one of the best option for creating a successful strategy.

And thanks to this, marketing is no longer a cold and dehumanized process, but involves clients and becomes a tool that can be used for establishing a closer relationship with them.

Now, in theory, telling a story to someone is not difficult. After all, we do that every day when we talk to our friends about things we see. In this case, we just have to tell the story behind this product, explaining why we believe it is so important for the prospective buyer. And no one better than us to explain these reasons.

However, the goal is not just to tell a story, but to convey emotions and get people to understand and internalize the message.

This implies assuming this strategy as an art, which requires knowing how to inspire readers, the same way a writer does when writing a poem or romance.

If you apply Storytelling from this perspective, you can convert it to your best form of expression. You will convert this strategy into the primary resource for conveying the values of your brand, your best attributes, showing the values that make it unique, showing what distinguishes it from the rest of its competitors.

So you can differentiate yourself from the competition as well as show a more human side of your company. This is an element that customers appreciate and know very well how to value.

Claves para hacer un buen Storytelling

· Keys to working with Storytelling

An essential aspect of marketing strategies is that knowing how to put them into practice is not enough to get good results. Understanding the secrets to using them will not help if we don’t determine previously the objectives we want to achieve with these strategies.

That is, first of all, you will have to define a goal, asking yourself: What do I want to achieve with this strategy? Until you have answered this question, you will not be able to put it into practice effectively.

Once you have your goals well defined, you can start writing your story. This involves letting your imagination fly, exploring different ideas and test the results.

But you also need to take into account the following aspects:

► Define for whom your story is intended

This is the fundamental step in any marketing strategy, and storytelling can’t be an exception.

When you know who will be part of your audience, you can determine what they expect of you, but not only that.

If you know your audience, their interests, their fears, their concerns, their lifestyle, among other aspects, you will know what kind of story will attract their attention.

►  How do you want to be perceived?

This is another question you should ask yourself and is as important as the previous one.

You already know that Storytelling allows you to show your values and attributes, so take advantage to influence the opinion that your audience will have of you.

Turn your story into your best business card.

Crea un personaje

► Create a character

The goal of this strategy is to give a human touch to your marketing processes. Therefore, it is essential to add a “face” to your story, a character that embodies the values of your brand.

To do that, you can draw inspiration from some of the characters in the books that you like reading.

You should try to understand the facts that will help you connect with the readers.

Make sure that your protagonist is anonymous, empathic and that he is the hero who reflects the values of your brand.

Make him vulnerable, sensitive, but without exaggeration. In fact, the more genuine he seems, the better.

► Establish a sequence of events

All stories are composed of an introduction, plot, and ending. The order of these elements should not necessarily be so, but it is essential to create a linear history, or it will not make sense to your readers.

You can start at the end and tell them what happened.

It’s also possible to start with an intriguing plot and create engagement with the readers.

You will have to be creative.

What you should keep in mind is that your story should be intriguing enough to keep them reading your text.

You should create an event that creates suspense and serves as a motivation.

You can also talk about a problem or dramatic situation. In this case, you need to make sure there is a satisfactory resolution. Otherwise, your story will not have a positive effect.

You should keep in mind that your story will reflect the values of your brand. Therefore, the apex will not be the sale of products or services. A good Storyteller can convey an effective message without overwhelming readers with commercial messages.

You will have to be smart when creating your character. It should be the real protagonist and transform your brand into something more than just another company. The idea is to show readers something different, that they can relate to, as if they love your brand, they  will become loyal customers.

Also, create a story that is not about what you expect from your customers, but rather about what they expect of you and how you  can help them.

Telling a good story and gaining customers through it is not easy.

It takes time and practice to develop the necessary sensitivity to write texts that will attract your readers.

When writing your story, you will have to use the correct keywords, since you should not forget your SEO strategy. If you don’t add them, your customers will not be able to find you.

Therefore, companies that use this strategy hire the best professionals in the field to write engaging stories.

Storytelling y el caso Apple

· Storytelling and Apple

Many companies have already been able to take advantage of Storytelling techniques. Apple is one of the world’s leading companies and the perfect model for demonstrating the effectiveness of this strategy.

This company put Storytelling at the center of their advertising campaigns. Their products are the center of their story and their messages were created for telling their followers that Apple understands their needs and that these products were specifically designed to satisfy customers with different needs.

Thus, they created a story that focuses on explaining innovations and all the advantages of their products, to show customers that their priority is to offer them a product that meets their needs.

However, did this strategy work for them? No one could deny it did, but the success of Apple can’t be measured by the millions of customers they have.

Other companies like Facebook have more customers than Apple.

What distinguishes Apple’s stories (and shows the impressive success of their Storytelling campaigns) is that they really can build closer ties with their customers.

Yes, it is possible that other companies have more users, but it is almost impossible to find more loyal customers than users of Apple products.

This audience for which the company directs its message is willing to face long queues year after year to get their products. Only a few companies (or perhaps no other brand) can say the same thing.

This is a demonstration of all you can get if you start to work with this strategy.

But it is also a very clear example of the importance of having a clear objective. As you can see, in the case of Apple, they are not interested only in selling more, but in creating a group of loyal customers who will always prefer to buy their products.

You can also get good results if you know how to tell the correct story.

¿Cómo aplicar el Storytelling al email marketing?

· How to apply Storytelling to email marketing?

When you decide that Storytelling is a valuable strategy, you’ll probably wonder: Where can I apply this strategy? And it is normal to be worried, as you should tell the right story to the right audience.

We can think about many options for applying this technique, but few are as effective as email marketing.

When we combine Storytelling with email marketing, we can create even more engagement, as we are creating custom messages for each subscriber on our database. This option offers several advantages since we can talk directly to each user, offering them information that will be  relevant to a specific group of subscribers.

But that alone will not guarantee the success of your campaign. You will have to study your target audience and define the best approach to impact the people who are reading your story.

One way to do this is through success stories. If you decide to use this option, you will need to tell a customer’s satisfactory experience and show how the product or service you are selling has met his or her expectations.

Another method is called “reasons why.” This is the best option for working with promotions and discounts because you can detail the reasons why the product or service that you are offering will be fundamental  for the person who is reading your email.

And finally, you can choose the stories that convey the vision of your company. These are the most used, and through them, you can explain the values and goals that define your company.

It is the ideal technique to convey a captivating message, showing the best of your brand. If you create an engaging story, your readers will want to know more about your brand.

To implement these techniques effectively, your Storytelling should be fun, otherwise, your subscribers will stop reading your text before the ending. To avoid that, you will need to offer them useful information. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve your goals.

Ventajas de utilizar el Storytelling en tus campañas de email marketing

· Advantages of using Storytelling in your email marketing campaigns

At this point, you can see that applying Storytelling is a cost-effective solution for your business. But why do it using email marketing?

In principle, from what we said earlier: Email is a resource that allows you to transmit a more personalized message. Also, this option offers many other advantages that we will see next:

These are some of the most important ones:

  1. This is a feature that allows you to directly contact your subscribers. It is not generic as social media; an email will be delivered to each person immediately. If the content is relevant to them, your subscribers will read your email.
  2. It is a cheaper means of communication than other alternatives.
  3. Everyone has an email. The number of emails is greater than the number of Facebook users.
  4. It is a means of measuring results quickly and easily.
  5. Email marketing is an excellent resource for sending more traffic to your website. And because it is customized and contains a message that will talk about the products or services you are offering, the conversion rate will be higher than with other options.

· Conclusions

Have you thought of all the advantages that email marketing can offer for your company? Now that you know it’s a powerful medium to tell your story, you should not waste time.

Start giving free rein to your ideas, decide to who, how and when you will tell your story. Tell your audience why your company is the one who best understands them and talk about your services through this ingenious strategy.

Ismael Ruiz

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