How to build customer loyalty for your eCommerce email marketing?

Published by Ismael Ruiz on March 12, 2019

We can’t deny that it is essential to selling. After all, if you don’t sell, your business will break. However, more than trying to sell, we need to win the loyalty of our customers, so that they return to our website and buy from us again. But how can we persuade them to come back?

How can we retain our customers? While there are many ways to do that, email marketing campaigns are a fantastic option for creating a relationship with our customers.

If you think that working with email marketing is a waste of time because you can get customers using social media, you are wrong. These communication channels play an essential role in your digital marketing  strategy, but email marketing is your best ally when it comes to building customer loyalty.

In fact, even with the broad potential of social media, many experts still recommend using Newsletters as an efficient way to communicate with your customers, being especially efficient to work in tandem with a Content Marketing strategy.

Of course, email marketing could also adversely affect your results, if you don’t use this strategy correctly. After all, don’t you hate when you receive unwanted emails in your inbox?

Therefore, you should know how to work with email marketing and what you can and can’t do.

After all, it’s not just about using the correct techniques or tools, but how you will adapt them to your needs.

But don’t worry, in this article I’ll give you some tips and teach you some tricks, so you learn how to work with email marketing. If you use newsletters correctly, you will see your e-commerce grow more each day.

Before learning how to foster loyalty with email marketing, we need to learn how this strategy works.

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· What is the newsletter?

You can say that Newsletters are a type of digital publication distributed to a mailing list by email. That is, marketing campaigns sent by email.

Basically, it’s like a kind of digital magazine sent by email with information about a topic or about a product or service. These emails are sent regularly, depending on the email marketing strategy the company is using.

In terms of content, usually a newsletter will offer relevant information to a niche of people. Although this may change depending on the sector and the preferences of each sender, these messages follow  a pattern and are sent only to registered users; otherwise, the email would be considered spam.

Do you know those emails you receive from the store where you purchased a product or those messages you receive from your favorite fashion blog? That is a newsletter. We send these messages with a goal in mind, as part of a marketing campaign.

¿Qué diferencia a las Newsletter de otros medios de comunicación como las redes sociales?

· What is the difference between email marketing and social media?

Many people believe that email marketing has the same function as social media sites; because it is a digital communication channel.

If that is the case, why invest time and money in email marketing and not only on social media?

It may seem old-fashioned to use email as your primary means of communication, but the truth is that it offers many advantages that we can’t find in any other form of contact. If you don’t believe me, don’t worry, you’ll see:

1. . It is the oldest online communication medium and remains one of its main pillars

Email is the oldest form of digital communication.

It was the first option to communicate with anyone in the world in seconds, and to this day it is used massively by most of us. Do you think this is a simple coincidence?

It is estimated that more than 80% of Internet users check their email account at least once a day. In addition to that, email is a standard application on smartphones and many other mobile devices, so users of this type of devices have easy and direct access to their email account, turning this option in a powerful digital marketing tool.

2. Your messages will reach an audience that is predisposed and previously interested in your content

Before they receive your email marketing campaigns, your customers or leads will have to subscribe to your newsletter.

If they have voluntarily signed up, this means that they are interested in what you can offer them, or they want more information about your products or services.

But why is this fact relevant?

If they are already interested, it will be much easier to convince them to take the next step. It is easier to sell to someone already interested in your brand than trying to convince a user who has never  heard of your company to buy from you.

Your ROI in campaigns to users who have already demonstrated an interest in your brand will be much higher than in campaigns created for users who probably don’t want to know anything about you.

3. The return on investment will be higher as the cost will be much lower

Before investing money in advertising, you’ll need to set your goals and the channel you will use to reach them.

This information is known as ROI or Return On Investment, or in other words how much you can make with the money you have spent.

And yes, when we talk about ROI, email has a very high ROI, because it allows you to achieve good results with little money.

It is estimated that for every euro you invest in an email campaign, your profits can be multiplied, of course, if the campaign is segmented correctly and focused on the specific audience that would potentially be interested in these products or services.

This doesn’t mean that you should ignore other advertising channels. However, with such a high ROI, you should take advantage of the use of Newsletters in your digital marketing campaigns. But obviously, this should be done correctly.

3+1. Other advantages:

  1. It will help you to influence your customers to purchase from you and not from your competitors.
  2. You can strengthen your brand identity and help your customers to learn more about you and your products or services.
  3. It will help build more confidence and establish your brand in the niche you are working in.
  4. It is an excellent means of fostering customer loyalty.
  5. It is also an excellent source of organic traffic to your blog, website or eCommerce.
  6. It offers better conversion rate compared to other options.

Consejos a la hora de implementar un Newsletter en tu eCommerce

· Tips for working with email marketing in your eCommerce

It is vital to work with email marketing in your e-commerce if you want to foster customer loyalty. But you can do that only if you are doing your work correctly, and that’s why I’m going to give you some tips for retaining customers with your newsletters.

» Don’t be a digital robot and treat your subscribers as human beings.

They have already taken the initiative to sign up for your newsletter, now “the ball is in your hands”.

That is, you need to work on a targeting strategy and not just send the same message to all of them without any criteria.

They signed up because they are interested in your content, but this doesn’t authorize you to send them messages they don’t want to receive.

If you don’t target your subscribers, you’ll just be another annoying company on the Internet; your subscribers will ignore your messages and will likely unsubscribe from your newsletter in the future.

We usually pay more attention when we receive an email addressed to us nominally, for example:

“Hello John, I would like to tell you a secret that will help you sell more.”

This is precisely the kind of email your subscribers will love to receive. Forget those annoying sales emails:

“10% discount on the whole site.”

If you target your mailing list, it will be easier to create a successful digital marketing strategy and foster customer loyalty. This will make a difference in your results since you will become a reference to your subscribers.

If you want to create a targeted mailing list, you’ll need to create advanced subscription forms, to get more information about your subscribers. The more data you have about your leads, the easier it will be to plan your next newsletter campaign.

» Offer exclusive content to your subscribers.

If your goal is to sell, you should not send the same information that your subscribers can find on your site.

If you are going to use Newsletters in your sales strategy, you should offer exclusive content that your subscribers will not find anywhere else; not just a weekly summary of your blog or a catalog of  your products.

People like to feel part of an exclusive community, and you can do that by offering unique content in your email campaigns. You need to convince your visitors to sign up for your newsletter; they will only agree to do so if you offer them an attractive reward.

When they start receiving your unique content, they will not want to lose any messages from you, so it will be easier to convince them to trust you.

The next step will be to create the appropriate structure to receive your customers, paying for a professional hosting service, with a virtual store created using a friendly interface and a secure website  for your customers.

Hazlos sentir especiales y para ello aprovecha las fechas importantes

» Make them feel special, taking advantage of special dates.

Earlier, we talked about the importance of personalizing your emails, but you can go beyond that.

Every important date for your customers is a chance for you to impress them. Here, we are not just referring to Halloween, Christmas or Mother’s Day. You could also send a birthday email to each subscriber with exclusive content.

You have to take advantage of all the information about your subscribers that you have at your disposal, and you have collected the date of birth of your customers, so why aren’t you using this information in your email marketing campaigns?

There is no better feeling than waking up on your birthday and seeing that one of your favorite brands just sent an email congratulating you. And what would you think if they sent you an email with an  exclusive offer for you on this special day?

Okay, it may not be your favorite brand, but if you get a personal email, you will certainly think more fondly about this brand.

» Try to make your content as relevant as possible.

This is a very important point. Your Newsletters should not be the typical spam emails that we get on a daily basis and that we hate so much.

You have to offer relevant content that makes a difference, not just to try to sell. You can offer tips on new fashion trends in your Newsletters, or teach your subscribers to take advantage of one of the products you are selling.

You can get leads and sales through calls to action that will generate clicks, but selling should not be the primary goal of your email marketing strategy.

Always focus on creating content that you believe will be interesting to your subscribers because if they know that your newsletters always offer relevant content, they will open your messages and visit your site.

» Create recurring sections in your newsletter

A recurring section doesn’t necessarily mean repeating the same content over and over again. When you create a recurring section, you can generate expectation in your readers. If they already know what kind of content you will send them, they will be looking forward to receiving your newsletters.

What do I mean by recurring sections? For instance, if you are selling smartphones, you could always include a subtitle with a tip for your subscribers to take the most of their devices.

Another example: Imagine that you have an online clothing store, you could create a monthly section in your newsletter to write about the trend of the month, what do you think?

I’m sure that subscribers who like fashion will be waiting for your next email to read about the new trends. You would end up creating a mailing list of people interested in fashion, who love your messages and will recommend your brand to their friends.

This is one of the best ways to retain customers with newsletters, because when they receive relevant information, they will always remember your brand.

And the best part is that you don’t have to create just one section, if for instance, you send a weekly newsletter, you can even create four sections per month or add extra monthly sections.

You should try to surprise your subscribers, but at the same time, you need to send a newsletter within a quality standard, as if they know that your newsletter will offer them unique content, they will  be searching for your messages in their inbox.

Breves aspectos que debes tomar en cuenta a la hora de crear una Newsletter

· Other things to keep in mind when creating a newsletter

Finally, I will briefly discuss some aspects that you should consider when creating a newsletter to avoid problems when planning your marketing strategy:

  1. Always maintain an impeccable and professional style; You don’t want to damage your image. If you don’t pay attention to what you are sending, your subscribers could end up having a bad impression of  you.
  2. Be concise, don’t send long newsletters. Remember that the idea is not to send a blog article to your customers.
  3. If you want to foster loyalty, you should work based on your buyer persona and create content related to your niche market.
  4. Use a striking but concise subject line, remember that many people will open your newsletter from a smartphone and these devices will display up to 70 characters of your subject line.
  5. Avoid generic phrases on subjects such as “lowest price” or “free.” If you use a generic subject line, your messages will end up in the spam folder, and this will not help you build loyalty with your  customers.

So what are you waiting for to test the power of Newsletters?

Take advantage of this powerful marketing tool and start working with your email list.

Ismael Ruíz González

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