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Ingenious ideas for when you have to send a newsletter

Published by The Social Media Family on June 25, 2019

In the web environment, there is a wide variety of companies, groups and organizations struggling to publicize their activities, attract more customers and sell their products or services.

In this sense, designing a digital advertising strategy is fundamental for boosting your presence on the internet, creating a brand image and establishing lasting relationships with your customers.

So email marketing could become an ideal option for building loyalty, keeping your customers informed and create engagement with your leads.

Strengthening the ties between your company and your customers is something more uncomplicated than it may seem at first.

At Mailrelay, we specialize in providing support for email campaigns and we put at your disposal all our services so you can send a newsletter and get positive results without spending money.

Before we even begin, we need to explain that it will be crucial to plan all the steps that you will follow before sending the newsletter because, without a clear strategy, you will probably have problems  in the future. Everything is important, the message you want to convey, the subject line and the product or service that you are offering.

In this post, we will analyze the importance of defining a strategy before sending a newsletter.

To do that, we are going to talk about different sectors and analyze, one by one, the objectives of varying email campaigns.

With these real-life references, you’ll find that the best alternative to get good results is to create a detailed strategy of your actions, planning the process right from the first contact with your leads to your first email marketing campaign.

If you plan your campaign correctly, without forgetting the basics, as a catchy call to action, an intriguing subject line, you will see that you could get fantastic results without spending your money.

Seeing what others are doing is not a waste of your time; on the contrary, with these examples, you can draw fantastic ideas and apply them to your email marketing strategy. Take a look and judge by yourself.

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· The importance of creating a strategy before sending a newsletter

Depending on the goal you want to achieve with your email marketing campaigns, you will have to choose to work on one strategy or another.

In any case, you always have to target the subscribers, define your audience and create a calendar.

This type of previous infrastructure is the common denominator of all the campaigns; what really changes are the goals you want to achieve. While all are linked to ultimate profitability and sales, you can create email advertising initiatives with different objectives.

You could send a newsletter to attract leads, sell a product, to invite your subscribers to an event, to a demonstration, to participate in a contest, an online seminar, or to share useful content with your contacts. These are just a few primary goals; we could mention many others.

Once you’ve set your campaign goal, you’ll need to think about other aspects such as the type of message you want to send, the design of the newsletters, the campaign target and the number of emails you want to send to get what you want. At this point, we can give you some examples:

► For your most loyal customers

You can create loyalty campaigns by sending customized content as birthday greetings, discounts, or prizes.

It is also interesting to give them an exclusive gift to reward them for their loyalty. Consumers like to see that you care about them.

Remember to target to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns and try to surprise your subscribers with something different, don’t copy what others are doing.

► Creating engagement

You should send a newsletter frequently to your subscribers. However, you can automate this task using an email marketing software that will allow you to schedule several campaigns in advance. This will be vital for keeping in touch with your leads, direct visitors to your website, and improve your conversion rate.

Ideally, you should send these emails regularly, once a week or every 15 days depending on your strategy (we recommend that you always use the same frequency) so that your subscribers will get used to your email marketing campaigns.

It is not necessary to emphasize that sharing information is fundamental for creating a lasting relationship with your subscribers.

► Seasonal and special dates, such as Christmas campaigns

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Black Friday or Cyber Monday are dates that you should use for boosting your sales. So you should take advantage of them to launch special campaigns with discounts, gifts, promotions, and unbeatable prices.

Remember to segment again; it makes no sense to send advertising to a user who is not interested in your product or doesn’t want to receive your newsletters.

For example, don’t send a newsletter selling reading glasses to people who don’t have vision problems.

► You can also use informational messages.

To post new content on your blog or launch a new product line.

If you send a newsletter to advertise new products, you will have to be very careful about how you will present your message because if your users realize that you just want to sell, they will probably ignore your email.

To resolve this issue, you should send a newsletter that focuses on your subscribers, not on your product, showing how this product can help them solve a real problem.

► Email marketing sales campaigns

You can make money working with email marketing, but you should do things properly, carefully, and above all, you should plan your actions before you start working.

If you could sell something at a very competitive price, your campaign would receive many clicks, recommendations, sales, or signatures.

For positive results, you will need to pay attention to several aspects such as the subject line of the newsletter, the images of the products, and the commercial texts.

Be sure to include sharing buttons on social networks so that your subscribers can help you reach more people. You should also create a landing page to sell more.

And, above all, remember to pay special attention to your mailing list and target your subscribers.

El email marketing también vende: ejemplos de campañas

· You can also work with email marketing for selling products: Examples of campaigns.

You may have noticed that email marketing campaigns reinforce the company’s reputation and are very useful if you use the correct approach.

In this sense, we should define a strategy and establish a series of real, measurable, and achievable goals.

To make all this clearer, we have selected Seventeen newsletters that can give you fantastic ideas for your next email marketing campaign.

► The Greenpeace Snake Campaign

La campaña Snake de Greenpeace

It was created with two goals: To denounce the use of snakeskin in the textile industry and to raise awareness about climate change.

The protagonist of this low-budget initiative is “Lala,” an albino python that lives in the forests of Southeast Asia.

This newsletter invites subscribers to play with the reptile to learn more about deforestation of the last remaining primary forests of the planet and the species that inhabit it.

► FNAC electronics and books store

La tienda de electrónica y libros FNAC

This campaign was created for their partners.

To do that, they started to send effective newsletters with sweepstakes, discounts and special offers for the subscribers registered in their member club.

They also worked with features like a wish list and calls to action.

► Ryanair

They do that very well and are investing just over $ 0.12 per passenger in advertising.

This low-cost budget allows them to develop an effective email marketing strategy with personalized content for their customers

– about 1,000 different pieces according to CMO (Direct Marketing) with personalized messages about flights offered by the company.

► UNICEF uses email marketing

UNICEF utiliza el email marketing 

To retain their employees and create engagement through different messages, focused on the emotions of the subscribers.

They work with emotions because they send emails about malnourished children and other serious social problems.

In these shocking campaigns, they use graphic material and videos of real and sad situations to try to persuade users to help them and change the world.

They also use email marketing to thank their donors and remind them that they are making a difference in the lives of many people.

► Just Eat, home-based food delivery company.

Just Eat utiliza la experiencia de la comida a domicilio

Without forgetting their customers, this company sends newsletters about food, cooking, and other information with special designs for mobile users.

With that, they can differentiate themselves from their competitors, because they are not sending the typical conventional campaigns of discounts and promotions.

► PayPal

PayPal ha optado un diseño limpio y equilibrado

As they wanted to use a professional call to action and maintain a direct relationship with their customers, they opted for a cleaner design.

If you still don’t work with Paypal, this is one of the most relevant payment platforms of the world, with options for digital businesses from all niches. They also offer a button you can add to your emails. This way, when you send a newsletter, your users can buy directly without having to visit other sites.

►  Uber

This company creates campaigns with geolocation, offering its application for a specific group of users on special occasions such as events, festivals, or matches. As they separated their subscribers correctly, they will never send campaigns to people from other regions who certainly wouldn’t be interested in receiving these emails.

They can only do that because the mailing lists have been previously segmented.

► Product images and targeting

Las imágenes de producto y la segmentación

Nike works with two techniques in their email campaigns.

In 2017, the multinational sportswear created a digital advertising strategy with direct messages, offering personalized discounts to different customers.

Design is one of the pillars of the campaigns: a simple image, a few lines of text, and a button with a call to action to invite customers to sign up. Nothing more elaborate than that!

► E-commerce and email marketing are inseparable.

El comercio electrónico y el email marketing son inseparables

And Amazon’s marketing managers know that very well. Their developers created a platform that analyzes each customer’s purchase history to offer similar products and customized offers based on what the user bought in the past.

They also send related products with buttons to take the user directly to the Amazon account where he can complete the purchase.

It is, in short, a system created with several triggers that will send messages depending on what the user is doing.

► Whirlpool Appliance Company

They were able to increase their open rates and analyze audience segmentation performance by creating a calendar of promotions with calls to action and attractive discounts.

This initiative resulted in numbers such as a 42% increase in the click-through rate.

► Cinesa uses email marketing constantly

La cadena Cinesa utiliza el email marketing constantemente

They use email marketing software primarily to retain customers. Although they have a loyalty card specially designed for this purpose, the company uses its email list to congratulate customers or send reminders, promotions, contests, and purchase bonuses at reduced prices. They also invite subscribers to share that information on their social profiles.

► The Village Game

The creators of this online game work with email marketing to create brand awareness, along with Vimeo videos and awesome images.

The results of the strategy were positive: click-through rate increased by 22%

► The French retailer Lacoste

La empresa minorista francesa Lacoste

They have created a commercial strategy to sell high-quality clothing, using email marketing for branding, and showcasing new products. One of their most recent initiatives was the Spring Bay collection.

► Estée Lauder cosmetics

They offer creams samples for free through email marketing campaigns as the one created with the number four.

For that campaign, they opted for a funny word game represented with the number of products they were offering combined with the word “To.”

► Content is the protagonist.

From the email marketing campaigns of Rolling Stone’s music magazine Australia.

They send a weekly newsletter with the most recent articles to drive traffic to the website and convince their subscribers to click to read the full story.

These newsletters are also an advertising vehicle: They use the emails to update subscribers about new songs or upcoming tours. This addition also generates extra income from the sale of tickets.

► Rip Curl

They use their email marketing campaigns for sharing useful content.

To do that, they created custom campaigns based on filters such as gender, country of residence, or language.

They created a campaign to promote Search GPS, a watch with monitoring features for surfers.

Jack Daniels presented a new product.

► Jack Daniels apresentou seu novo produto

Jack Daniels presentó su nuevo producto

Tennessee Honey Whiskey, with a funny email campaign with a promotion on their Facebook page inviting subscribers to share comments about this new drink.

Los tres aliados del email marketing

· The three allies of email marketing

With all the examples we have mentioned so far, we can establish three indispensable elements for creating effective email campaigns.

The first one refers to the segmentation and customization of newsletters. We should also create a responsive design and use a catchy CTA. We also need to look at other aspects:

► Publish valuable information

For users, it is the key to any email marketing initiative.

Therefore, it is important to share personalized and valuable content. If you want to keep your customers engaged, attract the attention of leads or enhance brand image; you should offer interesting content.

To achieve that, you’ll have to segment your email list and understand your buyer persona.

► 70% of people consult their email

Remember that you will need to think about the layout of emails and consider that your messages will be read through multiple email clients.

If you don’t, you will lose a significant portion of your sales. You should take care of aspects like design, minimize loading time and think of the way you will interact with your contacts.

► Calls to action

Phrases like “Click to discover,” “don’t miss this deal,” “buy now” or “more information ” are vital elements in email advertising campaigns. Remember to incorporate them into your messages when you send a newsletter.

· Conclusion

With these fantastic ideas for your email marketing campaigns, we wanted to explain the importance of creating an email advertising strategy, of defining an action plan and the steps you will follow.

If you want to send a newsletter, Mailrelay is the best option for several reasons, but mainly because you can create a free account and you can start working with email marketing without spending money.

Remember that our support team will be available to assist you, with specialized consultants and cutting-edge technology (with algorithms such as Smartdelivery) to optimize your email marketing campaigns. Take advantage of our software to sell more and create engagement with your mailing list.

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