How to identify and segment the market for your sales strategy

Published by Mailrelay on June 26, 2019

Segmenting the right market is very important as it consists on establishing the buyer persona for each product or service you are offering to boost your sales strategy.

Although there are general rules, you will need to consider several factors to identify your target audience. The first problem you will have to face is that every consumer is unique, and even companies competing for the same customers will have different strategies. Therefore, you will need to identify your niche market and customize your product more and more to attract the right customers, who particular will be interested in buying from you.

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 · The first step is to define your target market.

There are a thousand ways to segment and define the markets you will target.

As a consequence, it is advisable to do a previous study to analyze the customer journey of each one of your visitors to discover what the hottest spots on your page are.

You need to understand that tastes and preferences are extremely personal. You could have two customers interested in the same product for reasons totally diverse.

This process is very broad, meaning no one could set clear rules that we all could follow. The fact is that you are the captain of your ship. By this, I mean that there are several ways to segment the market: by age, by gender, by interests or based on the latest purchases. You decide which strategy works best for you.

Today, due to market saturation, it is increasingly difficult to compete and make money. There is a lot of supply, so you will need to fight to win and retain each customer (to survive you will need to set an inbound marketing strategy to differentiate yourself from your competitors during the buying process. You shouldn’t forget that not everything will end when you receive the money; you will need to create a lasting relationship with your customers to persuade them to buy again and recommend your brand).

El Email Marketing como refuerzo positivo

· Email marketing as positive reinforcement

If you understood the first part of this post, it’s time to implement email marketing as a means of contacting your subscribers.

As you already analyzed the behavior of your visitors, you’ve already targeted your business. Therefore, you already know who will be interested in the products or services you are promoting and most importantly: you know perfectly well how they interact with your products or services.

No one is better than you to convince your visitors that they are in the right place and that the purchase will not be as easy if they get the product on another store. That is, you should convince your visitors that they should buy from your site.

As you know them so well, you should separate them into different categories and send personalized newsletters for each segment. By this, I mean that each email will reinforce the contact and the relationship with your users. In the end, it doesn’t matter if they already bought or not; you should always leave the door open.

Of course, it’s useless to leave the door open if you don’t invite them to come back. For example, upselling, which we talked about on previous occasions, is a useful technique for convincing your customers to buy from you. In fact, this kind of strategy is extremely effective. And Amazon knows how to do that: you will always get a message on your inbox with an interesting deal that will fit your needs and your budget.

· More than a guaranteed purchase: the advantages of an efficient targeting strategy

We could highlight several advantages of this strategy. However, just the fact that you will offer the right product to the ideal customer already demonstrates that identifying and segmenting your niche market is vital for selling more.

Once you already know who is your ideal customer, you will be able to work with several tools to reach this buyer persona.

When you send a newsletter to a user with whom you already have an emotional connection, you know what he likes and what he doesn’t like, so it’s easier to direct him to the shopping cart and convince him to complete the conversion.

To do that, you will need to learn to manipulate emotions, to understand how your buyer persona thinks, his yearnings, his weaknesses, to guide him through the conversion funnel subtly so he doesn’t even realize he’s being manipulated.

· Clearly identify all segments.

It’s time to start working. Yes, the fight has begun, you, as a warrior, will have to convince this soldier to be part of your army.

You have been tracking and analyzing his behavior for a long time, so you know how your ideal customer fights. In other words, you have identified his weaknesses, the challenges he is trying to overcome, and the things that make him happy. If you know how to tailor your product to your buyer persona, you will know what you will have to do to convince him to buy from you.

It is a conquest game; you need to do your best to convince your buyer persona to trust you, or at least to give you a chance to prove that your product is the best solution to his problems. You will only succeed in this strategy if you really segmented the market and clearly understood what your ideal customer would expect from you.

Yes, you will need to be convincing, learn to be persuasive and confident to demonstrate that your customers are safe with you. They should feel proud to buy from you, happy to spend their money on something so fantastic.

You will always have to do your best to win every customer, whether before, during, and after the purchase. And you will only do that if you consider each user as the most relevant person for your business.

No pierdas el enfoque, quién la sigue la consigue

· Don’t lose focus, keep working to boost your sales strategy.

In Marketing, as in love, you always have to be alert to impress your target and convince him/her that you are his best choice. Therefore, your actions should always be focused on your buyer persona. If you forget that, you will start wasting effort on only part of your target, which means that you will start to lose your efficiency. In other words, you will achieve your goals only if you are 100% focused on the market you should be targeting.

Sending a sales newsletter with some related products and expecting that someone will want to buy something is not an effective strategy.

Your subscribers are certainly already saturated and no longer want to receive another sales email with a product list without any criteria. This is a strategy that each time brings less good results.

You are not the only one sending emails to this subscriber. If he isn’t happy with your messages, you will never be able to convince him to click on your call to action.

You need to water your flowers every day. If you forget about them for a week, no matter that you took care of them for months, all your work will be lost.

Every new day is an opportunity to build loyalty, so you should send them personalized content with sales messages from time to time. Yes, you can use your campaigns to try to sell, but you need to do it carefully and always send only the product you are sure will be relevant to each segment of your email list. You need to learn to say what they want to hear, with a unique message for each customer profile.

You need to be constant, persistent, but never overdo it. Your subscribers probably won’t buy after receiving your first email. You should keep trying, keep sending relevant content, and show them that they can trust you. You need to understand that earning a customer’s loyalty and trust is an arduous and time-consuming task.

Tienes que ser el motivo por el que compra

· The customer should decide to buy the product because of you.

If you have reached this point, your users already trust you enough and so they will feel comfortable buying the product or service you are promoting.

If you correctly identified the industry that you want to target, Your buyer persona will always check your site before buying because if you offer the product that he wants to buy, he will surely get it from you.

This sounds generic, but you certainly have a website or store that you always visit before buying a product. If they are selling this product, this company will always be your first choice.

Each person will have a particular reason for trusting a site and for purchasing products there and not on other pages. Maybe you always buy from them because the support service is fast, because they offer different delivery options, perhaps because they offer several payment methods, or for a multitude of reasons.

· Make your customer feel unique.

Running a business is not an easy task. We have so many problems to solve, so many challenges to face that sometimes we neglect some aspects that we don’t consider as relevant.

However, in such a competitive world, any detail can make the difference; something as basic as a page’s color scheme can attract or repel visitors. Therefore, you should ensure that the shopping experience will be perfect all the time, always thinking of the segment market you want to reach.

To do that, you will need to apply customization techniques. Consequently, you should always add the subscriber name to your messages. You can also use a different font, a striking color, and a catchy phrase.

You can only do that if you have studied the behavior of your visitors. You should work hard to identify which pages are most effective for each lead. For example, if you have observed that a visitor has accessed your landing page more than once, you could send him a personalized message to offer help, or with additional information about your product because a user who visited a page more than once will surely be interested in the product that you are selling. So your sales strategy should be different and  reflect this interest.If you can demonstrate that this customer is unique to you, it will be easier to earn his loyalty as we all like to receive preferential treatment.

Therefore, as you read in the previous paragraphs, it is critical to work with market segmentation to create a successful sales strategy.

Of course, just following this previous step is not enough, you will need to implement an Inbound strategy through Email Marketing to automate the conversion funnel.

Once you’ve established the funnel for each segment of your market, it’s time to get down to business and apply what you found out about your buyer persona. This all sounds very complicated, but it’s  actually much simpler than it looks. You just need to take time to understand your ideal customer, and once you have gathered enough information about him, you will have to customize the product or service you are selling.

If you can show that the product is perfect for that customer, he will want to buy it.

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    ¿la segmentación conductual es solo para empresas o negocios que ya tienen clientes?, porque ¿de donde vas a investigar si no tienes clientes actualmente?… En caso de querer hacer la segmentación de mercado para una idea nueva; ¿Cómo se debe aplicar el estudio de mercado o de donde se puede obtener la información para la segmentación conductual si no tienes clientes actuales?

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    • Mailrelay

      Hola Samantha, como técnicamente es casi imposible al 99% que tu producto sea algo totalmente nuevo y diferente a todo lo existente, te has de basar en las informaciones existentes para productos similares. Tan sencillo como eso 🙂

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