How to send free email marketing? No advertising in your campaigns

Published by Mailrelay on October 17, 2019

If you need to send free email marketing, there is only one alternative we can safely recommend; Mailrelay. You can compare the email marketing services, and you will see for yourself.

Mailrelay’s free account allows you to:

  1. Send email marketing free; up to 75,000 emails each month
  2. And manage a list of up to 15,000 contacts
  3. No daily sending limit
  4. No advertising in your email campaigns
  5. And with technical support in your language

The rest of the competing tools that offer free accounts:

  1. Offer free accounts with much, much, much smaller packages
  2. With daily sending limits between 100 and 200 emails
  3. No technical support or reduced technical support
  4. And besides, most of them will insert a logo or advertising in your mailing list.

Can it be considered free if they include advertising in your email campaign? I think it’s quite debatable.

Anyway, at Mailrelay, the account is free.

Really free.

In some cases, you only discover that the service isn’t free when you see the charge on your credit card; Mailrelay doesn’t work like that.

1º  You will need to create a free email marketing account

There are no costs, no fine print, no payment method required. To get started, click on the following banner:¡Envía hasta 75.000 emails gratis!

This banner will take you to a landing page. We have several different designs, but all have a similar format to what you can see in the image:

Just enter an email from your corporate domain (your company website) and your name.

Nothing more.

You won’t have to fill any other field later, that’s all.

After clicking the button to create a new account, the system will send youan email with your login details and a unique password.

You already have everything you will need.

 Create a newsletter to send email marketing free

Once you create your account, you will be able to access it, and you will see the following screen:

Preparar y enviar email masivo

The system will display a wizard with three steps:

  1. Import your contacts
  2. Create your campaign
  3. Send a newsletter

And that is all. Yes, just that.

Well, let’s see in more detail.

2 – 1) Importing your contacts to send free email marketing

You have several options. You can copy and paste the emails to your account. Or upload them from a CSV or txt file.

If you have your contacts in a multi-column excel, it is easy to import  this mailing list.

importar contactos para mailing masivo

You can click the save option:

Then «save» as and select «other formats.»

Then “type” and “CSV (comma separated).

You just have to save the file, and you can import it into your account.

2 – 2) Prepare your newsletter design

This is super fast with the Mailrelay editor:

And you can now send free email marketing with just a few clicks:

2 – 3) How to send a newsletter

You just need to go to the “Campaigns” menu and click the “send” button.

And you are ready to send a newsletter.

3º Just two more tips

Once you create your free Mailrelay account, you can send:

  1. Up to 15,000 free emails every month
  2. Up to 3,000 contacts

And if you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, as indicated on your dashboard, we’ll increase your free account to:1 Up to 75,000 free emails every month 2 Up to 15,000 contacts

You don’t have to post anything on social media, nor will we post anything on your profiles. It’s just to encourage you to follow our work.

And finally.

To make your campaigns as efficient as possible, you should configure SPF, Dkim, and custom domain.

These are essential settings for sending free email marketing, and we recommend adding them to your DNS before you start working.

If you need any additional information, please contact our support team here.

Jose Argudo

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