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6 tips to help you boost your sales with email marketing

Published by on January 7, 2020

Do you have questions about how to sell by email? In this article, we’ll show you a quick and simple guide so you can harness the power of email effectively. Over the years, email marketing has proven to be a tool that delivers results.  In other words, the vast majority of companies that invest money […]

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What is a Press Release and how to use it to improve domain authority

Published by on December 31, 2019

Sending and publishing press releases is a widely applied practice for companies that want to make a special announcement of any news they consider relevant, such as an improvement of their services, a new product, infrastructure improvements, ETC. Traditionally this was done through print or other media such as radio or television. But for several […]

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How to spot errors in your marketing strategy and discover if you spent your money wisely?

Published by on December 24, 2019

Investing in marketing is something every entrepreneur should do periodically. In fact, only those who do that get the best results from their strategies, regardless of their industry. To keep growing, you’ll have to reinvest some of the resources to further optimize your strategy or apply new techniques such as link building or targeted email marketing […]


Socially responsible marketing trends for 2020

Published by on December 19, 2019

Socially responsible marketing has been a trend, and so we hope it will be one of the trends we will see over the next year. The reason is obvious; customers demand that their favorite brands engage in some way with social causes that are important to them. When we talk about socially responsible communication or […]

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Low budget marketing: how to work with marketing without spending money

Published by on December 3, 2019

Yes, the reality of many small businesses and freelancers is that they have a low budget to invest in marketing and therefore have difficulty generating sales. Developing an effective marketing strategy when you have a low budget is a daunting task. However, if you are facing this problem, some solutions can help you, and some […]


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