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Low budget marketing: how to work with marketing without spending money

Published by on December 3, 2019

Yes, the reality of many small businesses and freelancers is that they have a low budget to invest in marketing and therefore have difficulty generating sales. Developing an effective marketing strategy when you have a low budget is a daunting task. However, if you are facing this problem, some solutions can help you, and some […]


How to sell more with email marketing without automated newsletters

Published by on October 3, 2019

You have probably read a lot about strategies for boosting your sales. However, we have written this article to help you work with email marketing in your sales strategy. Our goal is to give you tips to help you take advantage of this fantastic digital marketing technique. We want to help you sell more and […]

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Mailrelay v3 advanced statistics for your newsletters

Published by on September 11, 2019

We continue with the series of tutorials on the new Mailrelay version. Today, we will talk about newsletter statistics. As in the previous version, we worked hard to create an advanced reporting system because one of the main advantages of a professional email marketing software is the fact that you can work with advanced statistics […]

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Mailrelay v3 9 advantages of Mailrelay’s new newsletter editor

Published by on May 30, 2019

Mailrelay’s new version has many advantages for managing your email marketing campaigns, including a new newsletter editor. In this post, we’d like to talk about the benefits of this new editor. As well as some advanced features for sending targeted newsletters. Since we started working on the new version of our email marketing software, one […]


Mailrelay v3 and WP Subscribe Pro

Published by on April 25, 2019

After the release of the new Mailrelay version, our team started dedicating more time to adding new features to our email marketing software. If you have created a site, the first thing you should do is to add a subscription form to increase your email list. To help you with this task, we’ve published some […]


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