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The Science behind Writing a Winning First B2B Message

Published by on January 7, 2021

Delving into B2B marketing can always prove beneficial for your brand. However, writing a powerful B2B message which will appeal to your target audience is another matter entirely. According to Smart Insights, 36% of B2B professionals lack a concrete marketing plan and go for ad hoc marketing instead of planning their content strategy. Additionally, 84% […]

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Drip Email Marketing: The Definitive Guide For eCommerce

Published by on December 24, 2020

The vast majority of modern marketers always emphasize the importance of building a good email list. Your list can make or break your whole email strategy so the importance of email lists is unquestionable. However, what should you do to make your email list actually work for you? Newsletters are a great solution if you […]


How to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy in 10 Steps

Published by on December 17, 2020

To achieve your marketing goals online, you need an effective email marketing strategy. It allows you to reach existing clients to ensure repeat business and find new, potential clients that can grow your sales. Distribution of content is an essential digital marketing function to obtain maximum benefit from it. Creating and crafting emails can be […]

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Best Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Published by on October 21, 2020

As a small business owner, your focus is entirely on boosting brand awareness, finding leads, converting prospects, and boosting website traffic. This is where the role of marketing tools becomes crucial. Marketing tools help you to achieve all your small business goals in a budget-friendly manner. However, selecting the best tool depending on your exact […]

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How to Protect Your Online Store, so You Don’t Lose Sales and Money

Published by on October 8, 2020

Many customers today are choosing to shop online instead of the traditional brick and mortar shopping methods. This new trend, unfortunately, is also promoting a steady rise in online eCommerce transactions meaning more security violations from hackers. You must protect your online store and customers against the many dangers posed by fraudsters and hackers.  Why? […]

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