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Best Email Marketing Psychology Hacks To Boost Conversions

Published by on March 3, 2020

Will you believe me if I say that the difference between mediocre and magnificent email marketing campaign results is – psychology? I understand you’re reluctant to believe that because it sounds rather simplistic. After all, isn’t email marketing almost a science already! You’ve heard of email finders, branded email IDs, clickbait subject lines, eye-candy email […]


How to use Piesync to integrate Mailrelay with anything you want

Published by on February 26, 2020

Do you need to integrate Mailrelay into your CRM? Synchronize contacts between your eCommerce and Mailrelay? Well, you’re in luck, because now you can use Piesync (from Hubspot), to integrate or synchronize the email marketing software with hundreds of apps: And, therefore, up to 26 categories and hundreds of applications. You can work with SugarCRM, […]


Plan your email marketing campaigns to sell steadily

Published by on February 18, 2020

If you want to sell steadily, you will need to plan your email marketing campaigns. We don’t recommend sending only seasonal campaigns, as if you don’t send email marketing throughout the year, your subscribers will end up forgetting about you. However, before you start sending more emails, you need to answer this question: What exactly […]

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The future of virtual influencers and their potential for brands

Published by on January 28, 2020

As technology advances, the chances of improving the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies increase. It has already happened with the emergence of email marketing software, social network managers, CMS, bots. And now, it looks like it will happen again with the birth of virtual influencers. This role is not played only by celebrities, but by […]


4 newsletter templates for your next email marketing campaign

Published by on January 21, 2020

What a nightmare. Your new virtual store is almost ready, and you just want to send a newsletter to spread the word about your business. How is it possible that with the passage of time and the arrival of phenomena such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, SEO and such and such, email marketing remains one […]


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