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Tips for increasing conversions from your email marketing campaigns

Published by on June 1, 2016
Cómo aumentar las conversiones

Increasing the conversion rate of your email marketing campaigns can be a constant challenge, in this post, you will find some tips to increase your conversion rate and achieve your goals.


SEO and copywriting: The perfect combination to sell more

Published by on May 30, 2016

You have many visitors on your online store, but it is not selling as much as you expected? Or, perhaps you have worked hard in the content of your ecommerce, but you receive few visitors? If you find yourself in one of these situations, even if you believe it or not, you could be making […]


How to plan promotions and special discounts?

Published by on May 25, 2016
Cómo ganar dinero con email marketing

Today we will focus on special offers and discounts. You already have your product portfolio and you know how much you can charge for what you are offering. As we mentioned in other posts, you will have to set the prices carefully so as not to make mistakes that could affect your profit margin.

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Why the featured image is not displayed in some newsletters generated by RSS?

Published by on May 18, 2016

  There is a common problem that can affect some newsletters, in some campaigns, the featured image is not displayed correctly, for newsletters created using an RSS feed. Many users contact our customer support department to learn why the featured image is not displayed. Why this happens? Let’s see, when creating a post, you usually […]


How to Build Your Subscriber Base Without Paying for an Email List

Published by on May 10, 2016

Everyone keeps telling you, “don’t spend money on an email list – that’s not the way to do email marketing!” And as you might know, there are a lot of reasons you shouldn’t be buying email lists. But where does that leave you, the email marketer who wants to reach more customers? It’s all very […]


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